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Chapter One -

The great village of Konohagakure (Village Hidden in the Leaves), was one of peace and of tranquility. Considered one of the strongest of the five Great Shinobi Villages also helped in that matter, yet for one child named Naruto Uzumaki the village could be better.

Much better.

Now, Naruto Uzumaki wasn't a bad kid for being twelve. He did all the things that any kid his age did, yet anything he did seemed to be ignored. It was only until recently that he began to get attention from the villagers once he entered the Shinobi Academy and it wasn't the sort of attention that any kid would want. Wherever he went he began to hear whispers of all sorts of nasty things about him, the most notable of those whisperings would be, 'The demon child shouldn't be able to train as a Shinobi.' Now, the villagers weren't exactly the smartest, but they knew when to be quiet about saying anything involving the so called 'demon child' lest the become an example of the law imposed by the Sandaime Hokage (Third Fire Shadow) to not speak a word about anything demon-related that could tie to the Kyuubi.

Those same whisperings then turned into small physical things, like a shove in the street or a trip when he was running on the ground.

That lasted until he was eleven.

From there, beatings would begin here and there. When he would fight back and even escape, the same villagers would come with their families in increasing numbers nearly every other week eventually getting to the point where two separate Anbu members had to be assigned to his protection from the shadows, Inu (Dog) and Neko (Cat). Now, they were two of the smartest and strongest of the Anbu, totally devoted to their work and to their charge so when he would get attacked, they would always intervene and save him from the villagers.

Those same villagers keep going at it, eventually becoming smarter, fiercer and even desperate as when Naruto became a genin they could be locked up -despite already being thrown into prison already- or even be charged with treason for trying to attack a working member of the Shinobi and Kunoichi ranks. And the punishment meant for treason was death.

So, they began to wait until one or both were out of the village with tip-offs from the Civilian part of the Konoha Council as the Shinobi clan heads were mainly neutral or for helping the boy.

One of those times was occurring right now.

"Gahh! Leave me alone!" Naruto yelled at the crowd that was currently chasing him through the streets. They seemed to be at every point that he attempted to jump onto the rooftops and they slowly began corralling him. Naruto's eyes darted from left to right, up and down, trying to desperately find one of his escapes that he used for pranking only to find the hold in the ground filled in, his smoke bomb trap disarmed. He was trapped and there was no getting around it.

The villagers slowly advanced, rage over the loved ones lost to this, this... thing! "Your time has finally come demon! But first," a man sadistically grinned, pulling out a rusty kunai, "I'll be enjoying this revenge for my dead son." He slowly approached the now frightened Naruto, taking the lead of the group, "You know, this kunai was my son's favorite ever since he was a genin. And you killed him when he valiantly defended the village! You will suffer!" the man hissed in rage, his eyes narrowing as he lunged towards Naruto. He quickly overpowered the struggling Naruto and stabbed him in the shoulder before the rest of the villagers joined in.

From there, it wasn't pretty in any way shape or form.

They were brutally efficient; breaking bones with blunts objects in one strike, hitting sensitive parts with their own limbs, peeling parts of his skin off with sharp objects. Within two minutes they had already critically injured him and was about to finish the so-called 'demon' off before an Anbu with a cat mask appeared in front of the man who led the charge earlier was about to finish what he had started. She swung her blade, decapitating him and took a lingering glance at Naruto, "Hang in there Naruto-kun, Neko-onee-chan is here to help you..." He whimpered once he heard her voice, barely conscious through the burning pain he felt from virtually every inch of his body.

Neko brought her masked gaze onto the villagers, "So what is going on right now? Beating an innocent child again?"

"He's not an innocent child, but a demon in disguise!" one of the men yelled in response, forgetting the Sandaime's law. Neko seemingly vanished in thin air, confusing the villagers before his own head rolled off of his neck, blood spurting into the air.

"You all are under arrest for child abuse, and for some of you, death for break the Sandaime's law. Resist and you will die regardless." Neko stated in a monotone voice despite the growing rage inside of her.

The villagers all looked at themselves before five of the biggest and brawniest walked up, "I don't think so little miss. Now, how about you go and leave us to finish our wor-" Neko whipped her sword across the five of them who stood almost shoulder to shoulder and left a deep gash across their chest. They would definitely not make by the time the night ended. The rest of the group dropped their weapons, already knowing escape was futile as they had tried it before on numerous occasions and failed each time.

Neko summoned two Kage Bunshin (Shadow Clone) and had one go to the Anbu headquarters to help take the villagers in. The other she left to watch over the group and make sure they stayed put. "If you so much as move an inch, I will make sure you join your fellow fallen friends in the afterlife." she hissed, her emotions finally breaking the emotional mask that all Anbu had. Neko briskly walked towards Naruto whispering words of consolement as she gingerly picked him up, "It'll be okay Naruto-kun, just hang in there and everything will be okay..." The purple haired Anbu woman vanished in a Shunshin (Body Flicker) to the hospital where Naruto had a healer specifically for him from Sarutobi Hiruzen, Sandaime Hokage. She then went to the Hokage to report the incident officially.


Naruto's Mindscape, Sewers

Naruto opened his eyes, gasping for air. He gingerly brought his right arm up to his chest, half expecting it to be blood soaked but instead it was clean and the pain he was expecting was null and void. The blonde cautiously got up from a half flooded floor. Naruto was in a large cavernous room that slightly resembled the inside of a sewer, numerous pipes on the sides with blue chakra was flowing through and out of, actually knowing what it was due to Inu-onii-san and Neko-onee-chan teaching him the basics of chakra when they found out the teachers weren't as helpful with Naruto as the other children.

As his eyes took in everything while walking down the darkened sewer, he noticed a large gate door, easily the size of the sewer in length and width, with a single piece of paper on it with the Kanji for seal on it. As he was adjusting to his new surroundings his curious nature took hold and he slowly began the trek towards the gate, 'what could possible be on the other side that needs this big gate?'

Inching closer and closer to the gate he began to hear distinctly feminine voices yet he couldn't pick them out, nor could he see past the first few feet of the inside cage. As he approached to the gate he could tell the voices belonged to two different women. "Well, it can't hurt to take a look and I can always rush out quickly if I need to." Naruto made up his mind and crossed into the darkened area past the gate. As soon as he passed in-between the gate bars he was became aware of two of the most beautiful women that he had ever seen before and the area lit up to more or less the same appearance as the outside, but with only slightly less water and less grimy in a way.

The first one was had bright smooth red hair that went down to the small of her back. Her face was heart shaped and had bright piercing red eyes that radiated warmth that you could easily lose yourself in easily enough. She wore a deep red kimono with small foxes, almost kits, that ran from her side towards her stomach, that showed all of her curves that went down to her lower thighs before stopping. It showed off an ample amount of her cleavage, a full D-cup, and her silky smooth legs that seemed to go for miles with a simple pair of sandals that adorned her feet.

The second one had slivery lustrous hair that seemed to naturally curve around at the middle of her back, her face a heart shape with a warm silver look to them that you could make anyone who stared into them feel weak in the knees. Wearing a silver kimono with black flames going around on it and went down slightly lower than her companion, showing off her hourglass figure and DD-cup. Her legs were silky smooth but also did not seem to trail downwards forever like the first woman's. She stood at around 5'8'' whereas the red-head stood at 5'10''.

Almost as soon as he crossed, their heads turned towards him, their eyes studying him carefully as they approached him. He noticed both of their eyes held a burning rage only it wasn't set towards him, but towards something else yet they also held a sort of warmth towards him for an unfathomable reason that Naruto could not figure out. "Hello, Naruto-kun." the silver haired one said with a smile on her face.

"Um, who are you and what is this place?" Naruto asked, somewhat wary of the approaching women.

The red-head seemed to hold a hint of sadness, "You're in your mindscape, or your inner mind, escaping the pain from the villagers did to you. And for who we are-" She looked towards the silver haired woman and grinned despite the other woman's sigh and shake of her head, "My name is Saiku, but I'm better known as the Kyuubi no Kitsune to you." The newly dubbed 'Saiku' pride fully said, her head held high.

Naruto looked at her in confusion. How could someone like her say she was the Kyuubi no Kitsune? Was there something wrong with her? "Um, how could you be the Kyuubi no Kitsune? It was killed twelve years ago and how could someone so pretty be something that's evil?" he asked, confused at her dejected look and laughter coming from the other woman.

"I told you that would happen if you did it like that Saiku-chan." she said with another shake of her head with a small smile growing on her face.

"Okay then Naruto-kun, stand back and I'll prove it. Just don't freak out." Saiku said, sighing that her 'friend' was right. Naruto complied, backing up towards the gate cautiously, "This is my true form." Her form morphed, hazing out slightly. It turned into a small blood red fox at first, and then grew, several tails sprouting every growth spurt until she reached a good five-story height with nine red tails whipping around behind her. "Believe me know Naruto-kun?"

The blonde stared at her with his jaw hitting the floor at the fox nodding slowly at her as she morphed back to her human form. "O-okay... S-sooo... Who are y-you? The Shi-Shinigami?" he asked to the other woman, trying to make a small joke yet he didn't think so when he saw the look of shock run past her face, "W-wait, you're the Shinigami?!" She nodded a small smile growing on her face again, "Prove it!" Naruto exclaimed crossing his hands across his chest trying not to look at Saiku.

"As you wish Naruto-kun." She complied, creating an Oni Mask (Demon Mask) and setting it atop her face. When she just created the mask a feeling of dread and fear wafted across the room, filling it entirely with a coldness settling along with it. Putting on the mask multiplied that feeling almost tenfold, and a sight beheld him as he stared into the now entirely black eyes with silver flames flowing in them, that squeezed him, filling his entire being with fear and dread.

However, almost as soon as she put it on she took it off and briskly strode towards Naruto with Saiku trailing behind. The blonde was quivering with fear, feeling as if there was nothing good left in the world at all. His legs were rooted to the ground despite the feeling of every inch of his body screaming at him to run, he couldn't. She quickly brought him into an embrace, Saiku following her motion, wrapping her arms around him as well and whispered words on consolement and apology, "I'm sorry you had to feel that. I tried to hold back as far as I could despite my large limitations being in this seal. It isn't a power I normally show to mortals, I am sorry." Naruto slowly stopped shaking, warmth slowly filling him back up.

"S-so, wh-what is your name a-and what're y-you two d-doing here?" Naruto mumbled, trying to forget the feeling that she had created however unintentional it was.

She let out a small, small laugh despite feeling guilty for causing a breakdown in the blonde, "My name's Kanatsu." Kanatsu shared a look with Saiku, nodding at the important look they shared, "We'll tell you what happened when you've calmed down some." Naruto numbly nodded, enjoying the warmth of the two women even though one was the fabled Kyuubi no Kitsune and the other known as the Shinigami.

After a few minutes he finally calmed down enough to properly listen to the story they were going to say, "A-alright."

"Very well." Kanatsu nodded, "Do you know about the night where the Yondaime Hokage supposedly killed the Kyuubi no Kitsune, or as we know her, Saiku?" Naruto nodded slowly, "That is mostly a lie." When Kanatsu said that, she thought she would have to calm down an enraged Naruto but surprisingly, he didn't jump up in outrage but merely raised his head with a questioning expression on his face.

"That night I was ripped from my previous container, Kushina Uzumaki, and put under a strong Genjutsu that I couldn't fight off since I was still somewhat weakened after being released. The person who put me under the Genjutsu then ordered me to attack Konoha. I'm assuming that you know of the destruction that happened, so I'll just skip ahead to the part that you don't know. Your Yondaime teleported me away from the village but when he did the Genjutsu had already began to waver and I was trying to break free from it. By the time I did break it he had teleported away with a child that looked exactly like him despite a few differences. He had summoned the boss toad, Gamabunta, to hold me down for a few minor seconds. In those seconds he had managed to set up the requirements for a seal he would place on the baby along with another seal that would summon the Shinigami, or rather Kana-chan."Saiku let out a shaky sigh after she recounted her events of the fateful night that she was embarrassed and guilty about Kanatsu took over.

"After I was summoned, the Yondaime Hokage and his wife Kushina Uzumaki that he had brought to help him held down Saiku, used the Shiki Fuin (Corpse Demon Seal Exhaustion), sealing away a portion of Saiku's power and sealing Saiku inside of the baby. Now, here's where he had screwed up royally. After he had applied the Shiki Fuin he had overestimated the range of the Jutsu and sealed in me as well. The thing with this seal is that I help make it in conjunction with the user, so I always make it to be unbreakable from internal purposes, meaning once you start to get sucked in you cannot get out. He had assumed that I had just gone away so he put another seal on top of the Shiki Fuin known as Hakke no Fuin Shiki (Eight Trigrams Sealing Style). It further enhanced the seal making it harder to break, depending on the will of the recipient and also allows that same recipient to use the powers of the being(s) sealed inside of them. At the end of the night, I and Saiku-chan were sealed and the Yondaime Hokage and his wife were dead." Kanatsu explained, trying to make it somehwhat understandable for Naruto and it seemed that he had understood. The duo gave him some time to better take in the information.

Naruto widened his eyes after a minute of thinking about what really happened that day, he was that boy! Everything now made sense, why the villagers hated him, why he had no family. Despite those thoughts, he pushed them away only temporarily and asked another question he had in mind, "How did the seal break on Kushina in the first place?"

Saiku responded in a serious tone, "The man who put me under a Genjutsu did. Even though Kana-chan told you about how the seal could break, there is another way. The only way is for the woman to hold a demon and being pregnant. When the woman is in childbirth, her seal weakens to the point where it can be broken with outside help. That's what happened in this case." Naruto digested the information and began slowly piecing the information together:

A) The Yondaime Hokage and his wife was Kushina Uzumaki.

B) Kanatsu and Saiku were sealed inside of him when he was a baby that looked like the Yondaime Hokage.

C) The seal could only be broken in... Child... birth...

Naruto's eyes widened to cataclysmic proportions. If he was right then he could very well be the son of Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage! Saiku and Kanatsu both giggled slightly as they stared at his shocked expression. He just figured it out.

"A-A-Are m-my pa-parents K-Kushina and the Y-Yondaime Ho-Hokage?" Naruto stuttered out, his entire being taking another massive shock once again when Saiku nodded. Naruto, who was standing, plopped to the ground, shocked to his very core that his parents were such important people. He looked at Kanatsu and Saiku, his blue eyes begging, "Can you tell me about my par-parents, Saiku-chan, Kana-chan?"

Both Kanatsu and Saiku smiled genuinely, nodding at the same time with the two women telling him what they knew of the blonde's parents.


Yugao and Sarutobi Hiruzen, Hokage's Office

Sarutobi Hiruzen, Sandaime Hokage of the great Konohagakure, was currently in his office musing about the village when one of the Anbu appeared via Shunshin in his office. He momentarily looked at the Anbu to find that it was Neko, one of Naruto's watchers. Instantly Sarutobi straightened, already knowing something was wrong with Naruto as neither Inu nor Neko would come to the Hokage often, only for either reporting a mission or about Naruto and Sarutobi knew that Neko had just came back from a mission as she had just reported it only minutes beforehand.

"Hokage-sama," Neko kneeled down in front of the desk that Sarutobi sat at, "I have apprehended a group of villagers that were set on making Naruto suffer then kill him. I arrived only moments before they attempted to kill him as they already put him in a critical state. Several of the villagers are now dead as they broke your Law and the rest are in Anbu headquarters waiting to either be imprisoned or killed. Naruto is currently in the hospital with his private doctor, Hirameki."

The Hokage frowned at the villager's blatant disrespect to another that lived in the same village. They would not stop trying to get Naruto and the Civilian Council kept getting them out secretly, but at least in three days he would be out of their clutches when the Genin Exams came around. "Thank you Neko for reporting this. Go to Naruto-kun and protect him until he's in the Academy for the Genin Exams."

Yugao inclined her head, "Very well Hokage-sama. May I go as Yugao?" Sarutobi nodded with a smile. "Thank you Hokage-sama."

"You are welcome Neko. Now go and watch Naruto until Inu can come in to relieve you." Sarutobi dismissed her, watching her Shunshin away.

'Naruto-kun, I hope you don't hate me for not doing as much as I should have to stop this two years ago. Maybe then it would never have escalated this badly.'


Naruto's Mindscape, Sewer

"Thank you for telling me about my parents." Naruto grinned at Saiku and Kanatsu, his grin looking rather vulpine that made Saiku squeal a little. Nothing wrong with liking something that looks fox-like...

Kanatsu smiled at him, "Of course Naruto-kun, although most of that came from Saiku-chan."

Naruto thought for a moment before asking, "Is there anything I can do to repay you? I mean, being in here all day everyday has got to suck!"Kanatsu and Saiku both looked momentarily shocked at the blonde offering to do anything to help repay them. Usually anyone with a being sealed inside of them would just take what they wanted with force with no disregard to the being itself.

"I've been thinking about the seal myself for a long time and I think that by taking a small portion of the seal off, we can experience the outside world. There's also the possibility that we'd be able to come in and out of the seal as well but I doubt that could happen." Kanatsu said, watching Naruto cross the gates and look up at the seal. Both Saiku and Kanatsu strolled up to the gate and stopped, intent on seeing the results. The water began swirling around Naruto, picking him up and bringing him to the seal. Naruto looked nervously at the seal and grabbed a portion of the bottom right corner, ripping off a small portion that was no bigger than maybe 1/20th of the paper. Instantly the water began to become disturbed, dropped Naruto onto the roiling water that was now splashing against the rumbling walls. However, for Naruto, he didn't realize he was falling only aware of a burning sensation throughout his convulsing body.

Within a few minutes, the sensation had passed leaving the blonde passed out on the floor with mark on the back of his left shoulder, a curled up silver fox with ten tails with their tips red used as a blanket for itself. As the mark appeared on Naruto's shoulder, Kanatsu and Saiku both felt an itching sensation on their own left shoulders. They quickly took a look only to find the same mark Naruto had only slightly different. The fox was still the same, with the ten tails, only for Kanatsu the fox was black with silver tips and for Saiku the fox was red throughout with white tips.

Both of their eyes widened imperceptibly as they recognized the mark. The mark linked the trio for life!

"Well," Saiku dryly said, "I believe that taking off a portion of the seal had a very interesting side affect." She tried to lighten the mood, "But hey, at least it couldn't have been worse. I can already tell we can leave the seal, and we could've been bonded to someone a lot worse than Naruto-kun. Might as well make the most of our situation here and now." Kanatsu slowly nodded, agreeing with her friend. No reason to be hateful over a situation you had no control over, right?

"Let's hop out of the seal in a Henge (Transformation). We can't be freaking Naruto or anyone else out." Kanatsu said after thinking about it for a moment.

Saiku nodded before grinning, "Yeah, too fast." Saiku sighed, her friend was definitely a Kitsune (Fox) by heart, through and through.


Two Days Later (Night Time), Hospital Room

In the back of the hospital where Naruto's room was at, he was just beginning to stir. He opened his eyes and looked around noticing that he felt incredibly warm and that everything seemed sharper for some reason. The blonde saw a purple haired woman that somehow looked similar to him but for a reason he couldn't fathom. He then looked down to find there was a grey wolf curled up next to him on his right side along with a small white fox nestled in-between Naruto and the wolf.

The woman then began to awaken and the first thing she did after yawning was look at Naruto only to find that the Naruto she knew was... different than this one. This Naruto seemed to look older by a good two years. "Is that you Naruto-kun?"

"Yeah, who are you?" Naruto looked momentarily confused; his voice seemed to be deeper for some reason.

The woman leveled a hard gaze at him, "What two Anbu always saved you when the villagers attempted to beat you?"

"Inu-onii-san and Neko-onee-chan. Who are you lady?" Naruto replied, asking the same question again.

She frowned. He answered the same way the younger Naruto would have. Maybe something happened with his tenant to make him grow older? The purple haired woman shrugged, the Hokage could help figure this one out. The Kage Bunshin she sent would make sure he came over soon though. "I'm surprised you don't recognize me Naruto-kun," she smiled at him, "After all, I did help save you a few times." Then it clicked in his head, this woman was Neko-onee-chan!

"Neko-onee-chan!" Naruto happily exclaimed.

"It's Yugao Uzuki Naruto-kun." Yugao chidded Naruto, "That's my codename for Anbu and I can't have everyone know it."

"Sorry Yugao-chan." Naruto apologized, forgetting the 'onee' part in her name unconsciously.

Yugao laughed a bit at him, "It's fine Naruto-kun. Hokage-sama is coming soon and you have some explaining to do about your appearance change along with the fox and wolf." Just at that moment there was a knocking on the door before it slid open to reveal Sarutobi in his typical Hokage robes and hat.

"Jiji!" Naruto greeted the person he considered to be his grandfather.

"Naruto-kun?" Sarutobi's voice thick with shock. How did Naruto look older? What is there both a fox and wolf right next to him, asleep? "What happened to you?"

Naruto looked somewhat sheepish, "Has Yugao-chan told you about what happened last night?"

Sarutobi's shock slowly faded only to reveal a teasing smile, "Oh, so now she's Yugao-chan?" He let out a laugh at the reddening face of Naruto, missing Yugao's own faint flushing. "Well Naruto-kun," Sarutobi's smile dropped and his expression grew serious, "She has told me about what happened, only it was two nights ago." At that point both the wolf yawned, whining slightly and opened its intelligent eyes. Both Sarutobi and Yugao stiffened as the wolf got up and looked towards Naruto. It opened its mouth and licked him across the face before hopping down onto the ground.

'Naruto-kun, are these two trustworthy?' Kanatsu's voice rang in his head. His eyes darted around trying to find her. 'The wolf Naruto-kun, I'm Henge'd into the wolf.'

"Oh, hey Kana-chan!" Naruto adressed the wolf. "They're trustworthy Kana-chan, just why are you a wolf?"

'That way Saiku-chan and I did not frighten anyone who came into the room. She is the fox by the way.' Was Kanatsu's response before she morphed back into her human form. Sarutobi instantly had a kunai in his hand along with Yugao's nodachi drawn and ready to stike at a moment's notice. "Naruto-kun, who is this woman?" Sarutobi asked, his expression now turning hard, one that many knew as the face of the Kami no Shinobi (God of Shinobi).

"Oh, she's Kanatsu-chan." Naruto replied, "She's fine and really nice along with Saiku-chan!"

"Naruto-kun, who is Saiku?" Yugao asked, beginning to crouch down and attack the woman.

"Oh, she's the Kyuubi no Kitsune."

Both Yugao and Sarutobi dropped their respective weapons as a resulting -CLANG!- occured. Naruto knew the secret. Was this woman and the Kyuubi responsible for Naruto's new appearance? "Y-you know about the Kyuubi then?" Sarutobi hesitantly asked, still glancing warily towards the silver haired beauty that Naruto identified her as 'Kanatsu'.

"Yeah, why didn't you tell me earlier jiji?" Naruto asked, his face frowning.

"I'm guessing it's because he didn't want you thinking you were Saiku-chan. When you were younger you might have thought that Naruto-kun." Kanatsu answered his question.

Sarutobi glared at the woman, "And just who are you Kanatsu?"

Kanatsu just shrugged off the glare that could frighten so many others, "I am the Shinigami Sarutobi-san. Before you ask about my sanity, ask Naruto-kun. He can tell you himself that I am who I say I am."

"Is this true Naruto-kun?" Yugao asked, keeping her eyes locked on the woman. Naruto nodded once before looking at Kanatsu, Sarutobi and Yugao. Was this going to turn out to a fight?

"Yeah, she's the Shinigami. She was sealed into me along with Saiku-chan by tou-san." Naruto replied, trying to mollify the situation somewhat.

Sarutobi's shoulders fell and he turned around to make sure the door was locked. He activated the Privacy Seal in the room, "So you know who your parents are Naruto-kun?" Sarutobi's weary voice asked.

"Uh-huh. Saiku-chan told me about why she thought you didn't tell me. She said the reason was 'If you knew your dad was the yondaime hokage, I would have told everyone and eventually other Shinobi and Kunoichi would try to take me away or kill me'." Naruto said, his voice holding no negative emotions that Sarutobi thought he would have had.

"I'm sorry Naruto-kun, but I don't really mind too much that your tou-san was Minato as much as, the Shinigami was also sealed inside of you?" Yugao curiously asked, finally lowering her guard but still ready to fight if the moment called for it.

Instead of Naruto, Kanatsu answered that question, "Yes, I was. It was a mistake on Minato's part but it's in the past and we can't change it."

"Very well, but how are you outside of the seal and if you were sealed how come no one came to save you?" Sarutobi asked inquisitively.

"Naruto-kun tore off about 1/20th of the seal to allow me and Saiku-chan some freedom. Before you ask, we did not force him to do so. He did it of his own free will." Kanatsu said, mollifying their fears that the two powerful entities were forcing him to release them. It didn't totally release that fear, but it was reduced, "As for why no one has sent any help, there are laws preventing other gods from trying to intervene in human matters. If they do intervene then the penalty is the loss of their powers and then death. I am the only exception to this rule as there is a summoning technique for me but you know the penalty is your soul. Since we live forever, there isn't much reason to lose our powers for something that will resolve itself within a century." She shrugged off the fact there would be no help easily enough. "Thankfully my job mostly does itself so we're fine in the regard."

"What about Naruto's rather quick physical change? He changed nearly overnight!" Yugao pressed on the subject, wanting to find the answer.

Kanatsu looked at Naruto who was uncommonly serious now, "I'm guessing with the discharge of the seal, it aged his body a few years and probably did a few other things that we'll find out soon enough later on."

Sarutobi shook his head at his surrogate grandson and playfully said, "You always do find a way to shock us all in some way. Now, since there's the Genin exams tomorrow I want you to get some sleep. You should easily pass the ninjutsu part since you know the Kage Bunshin from Kakashi showing you it." Sarutobi strolled up to Naruto and brought his arms around the blonde patting his back. "Sleep well Naruto-kun." With that, Sarutobi left his grandson to sleep.

"Goodbye Naruto-kun, sleep well." Yugao said, wrapping her arms around the blonde tightly flushing lightly at the contact and broke away with a lingering glance back at Naruto. She waved her hand once before using a Shunshin to go home.

Kanatsu shook her head lightly, smiling all the while before getting back into the bed with Naruto. Saiku then took this opportunity to wake up, her tongue lolling heavily on the side of her mouth as she yawned. 'What'd I miss?' she asked.

The Shinigami shook her head at her friend and sighed before grasping Naruto, falling asleep next to him. Naruto, his face red from the contact slowly calmed down, amused at Saiku trying to figure out what happened. He slowly closed his eyes feeling another set of arms on his body before falling asleep.

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