Takes place about a month before Dax rescues him. SUMMARY: A WHOLE DIFFERENT UNIVERSE! I'm talking about- plot twist, unseen foes, more interactions! This is going to scope over EVERAHTHANG! How could one thing drastically change another? AKA- what happens if Jak can physically see his Dark form, befriended it, AND he isn't the emotionally awkward angry guy we saw in Jak 2, 3? But more calm and collected, dare I say- a brother figure?

"Get up, 12!" A loud booming voice awaked Jak from his nightmare filled sleep. Something growled from the back of his mind, and Jak had to pause from standing up to send out a message to the growling voice.

'I'm okay.'

Now standing fully up, Jak turned to the steel door to see who was calling him. There was a screeching noise, one that grated Jak's overly sensitive ears. The slit in the door opened, and a tray of grey glob was pushed inside of his cell.

"Here's your food!" The booming voice called out, and the loud retreating steps indicated the person outside of his door had left.

Jak stretched out, a grimace marring his tanned face as his joints popped, and muscles spammed from the movement. He took a tentative step forward, realizing the cuts from yesterday were starting to scab over.

Reaching the door was a hard task, as his body was screaming for him to stop. His world became woozy, and Jak had to press a hand against the wall to keep from falling over.

A body materialized in front of him, its hands reaching out to steady him. Jak flashed a quick smile up to the teen supporting him. Slowly, the pair walked over to the door, before sitting down non-too gracefully as they reached it. Jak raised the mush to his mouth, his eyes looking over to the teen sitting opposite of him.

The teen had light purple- grey skin and dark grey lips, which were currently pulled into an upside down smile. Large, elf ears were partly hidden by a wild white main which framed the teens face, two bits of hair fell into the center of his forehead, giving the teen an innocent -with a tad of wild-look. Said look was ruined by two dark purple horns that started a bit pass his hair line, running about seven inches before curling slightly up. The teens eyes were pitch black, sans the under tone of violet. Pearl white canines poked out from the teen's mouth, adding to the dark look the horns were giving off, but clashing with the porcelain complexion of his face.

A whine escaped the teen's mouth, echoing off of the walls. Jak smiled.

"I told you to speak with your voice; you'll need it in the future." Jak's own voice was deep and intimidating, but was also slightly raspy- a testimony to his injures. The grey mush was half done by now, Jak being a multi-tasker and all. The teen looked at him as if saying 'I don't want to.' A stern stare from Jak and the teen sighed in defeat.

"I don't like them" The voice came out dark, and disembodied. Jak finished the grey mush and put it down.

"I don't either, but we can't worry about them, we need to focus on survival." The teen let out a feral growl.

"But they hurt you!" Jak unconsciously rubbed his shoulders, with were bruised from the KG. Pain shot down his arms, and planted itself in the middle of his stomach. The teen reached out and cradled Jak's face in his hands. 2 1/2 inch claws that were razor sharp carefully settled themselves on his hair.

"Are you alright?" Jak tried to reassure his friend, but his words came out in a strangled whimper. Pain continued to rack up and down his body, and Jak could feel the edges of his vision starting to blur.

"Jak." He heard from his fading conscious. A hand found its way to his shoulder and Jak let out a low moan in pain. The hand was snatched back, but lightly gripped his wrist. Jak forced his legs to move into a standing position. Two hands rested firmly on his ribs, steadying him as his knees buckled.

"Bed… Please." His voice was low in pain. Jak tried to see where he was in his small room, but his vision swam again. Before he knew it, cloth was under him, and he felt himself lay down on his dingy bed.

The teens face found his way into his sight, and words seemed o jumble together. The teen sensed his confusion and tried again, at a slower pace.

"Lie down, and rest." The words were said with barely concealed panic, and a spark of dark eco stretched through the air.

"Please… Stay, Dark." Jak rasped out, his vision flickering slightly. Dark nodded and kneeled by Jak, his head bowed.

Jak coughed violently, his back arching off of the bed. Dark's eyes widened when Jak's hands flew towards his chest, scratching at his shirt. Short, pained gasped came from Jak as his lungs refused to give him oxygen.

Dark bolted up and grabbed Jak's hand with one of his owns, sure- Jak might have been injured and tired, but it was proving to be difficult to restrain him from furthering hurting himself. Dark's free hand gripped Jak's chest, and dark eco became to wrap itself around Jak's lungs. The eco jump started the cells, and healed the strained and bruised organ.

Jak's breaths became steadier, and his hand fell from the bone crushing grip he had on Dark. Jak looked up at Dark, his eyes holding relief and gratefulness. Soon, Jak was out, his head lolling slightly off to the side.

Dark breathed deeply. The days were getting harder, along with the treatments. They started mixing pure dark eco, along with muted, and the result weren't pretty. Jak's body wasn't used to the eco change, and started to repeal against it.

When Jak was near death, about 22 months ago, when the scientist realized he wouldn't change without a push and upped the treatments by six, Dark had materialized to help save him- consequently triggering the Dark form. That saved the scientist some trouble what with Jak's heart failing and all. At first, Jak was hysterical; thinking Dark was a hallucination. At the time, Dark could only growl- so that didn't help Jak's case.

It took some time, but finally, Jak realized he wasn't a threat, and started talking to Dark. Dark himself was a fragment of Jak, with a mindset from Sandover. Sure, he didn't like the scientist or KG- hated Errol and Baron Praxis, but other than that his mind was still of an early teenager's.

Jak mumbled in his sleep, turning to face Dark. A pained look flashed across his face, and Dark reached out to pat his hair. Jak relaxed slightly, but was still tense. Dark frowned in worry, wondering what nightmare could be causing all this trouble.


Jak was running, from what- he didn't know. He looked around, frantic to get out of the darkness he was in.

Laughter resounded through the space, and suddenly everything was bathed in red. Jak turned to look over his shoulder.

Giant, red eyes looked down on him. Jak let out a yelp as the shadows wrapped them around him. More laughter ensued as he was dragged down into the dark.

Jay struggled against his restrains, screaming as the darkness seeped into his body. The laughter reached into his head, hammering against his eye lids.

Jak's body went lax, and the tentacles wrapped around him stopped pulling him deeper. They instead chose to let go of him, letting him sink deeper on his own accord.

Jak thrashed violently, but they heavy weight of the dark glum restricted his action. Suddenly, there was a hand reaching out, grasping his arm. Jak blindly looked around, searching for the holder.

Jak could feel himself being tugged upwards, the dark glum moving slowly out of his way.

His hand broke the surface, followed closely by his head. Jak took in deep breaths, and hauled his body up onto the ledge that separated the ooze from solid ground.

Jak looks up, trying to see his rescuer. The body is blurred, but he can clearly see the face.

Jak screams, Baron Praxis is towering above him, snidely smirking down at him.

"You're too valuable to lose."

The words echo around him, just like the laughter. The Baron smirks even more, if that was even possible, and pulled Jak up to his feet. Jak winces at the iron grip the Baron has on his arm, already sensing the bruises that are going to form.

The scenery changed and Jak found himself in front of a metal chair. The Baron shoved Jak forward, laughing when he fell to the ground.

"How about we roughen you up before the treatment?" Jak felt a shiver press through his spine along with a pang of pain.

Errol emerged from the shadows, carrying a bat with electrical barbs on it. Jak scrambled to get away, but an invisible force kept him from moving.

Jak looked up at Errol, fear and terror etched in his eyes.


Pain and agony was all he felt for what seemed like an eternity. The electrical barbed bat hit in certain places, ones that would hurt, but not kill him.

Finally, Errol stopped his assault just to look at him, taunting him.

"Not so big and bad now, eh?"

Jak gritted his teeth, the movement causing a bone deep ache to start up. His vision had spots in it, and Jak embrace sleep with every fiber of his being.

A kick stopped his quest for sleep, followed by someone picking him up, and throwing him on the metal chair.

A loud humming noise- one that was all too familiar rattled his head. He vaguely heard a flat voice in the background.

"Starting… 312…prepare for… Engage."

Needles punctured his skin, dark eco seeping into the wounds.

Jak let out an animalistic scream as the eco flowed through his bloodstream. Dark eco static crackled around him, lashing out to anyone near. His orange shirt quickly became a stained purple, and his hair was matted with the cursed eco.

His world was dimming, and Jak felt his life fading away. Frantic voices were above him, shouting, muttering, and yelling. Jak felt the eco drip into his mouth, choking him.

Pain course through him, and he saw a knife coming closer to his chest, and Jak thrashed, his eyes trained on the knife coming closer. In one last scream, he felt the tip of the knife sink into his flesh-

Jak bolted up, grasping his chest. The dream played on and on in his head, replaying his last moments. Jak felt a tear slide down his cheek. Was he going to die today? Tomorrow? A choked sob racket threw his body, his hands gripping his head.

Why hasn't Daxter came and saved him yet? Was he even looking?

No, he told himself. Daxter IS going to come for him, he's sure of it.

The air shifted next to him as Dark materialized by his side.

"You okay?" Jak felt a smile tug his lips.

"You're always worried about me." Jak's voice was raspy and deep, cutting through the air.

Dark sat by Jak's side, his face buried in his abdomen.

Jak sighed, and rested a hand on Darks mane. Petting it, he started talking.

"Are YOU okay?" He meant to sound gentle, he really did- but that was kind of hard when there was tears leaking out of his eyes, and his voice was not in the best of conditions. Dark shook, and it took Jak some time to realize he was crying.

Jak rubbed reassuring circles in Darks back, frowning when he realized he (they) were way underweight; so much to where their bones we sticking out.

"You shouldn't be crying, we are going to get out of here…" His own voice wavered at the end. He didn't know if they were going to get out, he didn't know if they were going to see the light of day…He didn't know.

Jak bit back a bitter laugh. He was Darks' protector- someone who was suppose to be strong- and here he was; crying alongside him.

Dark clutched his shirt harder, and Jak fought back a wince.

"It's going to be alright… It's going to be alright…" Jak repeated the phrase over and over, trying not only to reassure Dark, but himself.

Sure, Dark is the 'epitome of evil', and Jak is the 'hero who saved the world', but if you take a step back and looked at the big picture, they both were just prisoners, both hoping to get out- just hoping to escape.

Tears slid down his cheeks and a hiccup broke threw his lips. Dark looked up, confused why Jak had started to cry too.

Jak shook his head and hugged Dark, sobs racking through his body. Dark rested his head on Jak's chest, softly saying what Jak had not minutes before. Jak's breathing slowly became steadier, a sure sign of sleep.

Dark's eyes lowered, his ears trained on Jak's heartbeat. They would get out of here; all they needed was to survive. With that thought in mind, Dark let sleep take over him.