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High maintenance. That was the word that most students and teachers at Missions Creek High School would call Ally Anderson. Either that or diva. Because she was pretty and her family was fairly rich, Ally was in the popular crowd, but they were getting a little sick of her attitude. The popular group consisted of;

Ally Anderson- high maintenance, diva, egotistical, only child, annoying, rude, cheerleader

Tammy Davis- captain of the cheerleading squad, sometimes rude, only child, dating Quinn

Claire Smith- cheerleader, slightly boy crazy, flirty, always looking for a boyfriend

Brittney Richards- cheerleader, twin sister of Tiffany, smartest girl popular, fashionista, dating Shane

Tiffany Richards- cheerleader, twin sister of Brittney, dumbest popular, fashionista, dating Logan

Danielle Wright- cheerleader, drama geek, only child, dating Liam

Dylan Miller- football player, only child, total player

Liam Davidson- younger brother of Logan, hockey player, dating Danielle

Logan Davidson- older brother of Liam, football quarterback, dating Tiffany

Shane Jacobson- star basketball player, only child, dating Brittney

Quinn Lamington- student body president, overall smartest popular, captain of the debate team, dating Tammy

It was currently lunch and Ally was in the middle of complaining that she didn't get voted 'Most Beautiful' on the school yearbook page on Facebook.

"I mean, how could Christina Donald win over me? Everybody thinks I'm the prettiest, and do you want to know why they think that? BECAUSE I AM!" Half of the people at the table rolled their eyes, and the other half had to bite their tongues to keep from saying anything. They all knew that if they said their true thoughts Ally would scream, yell, threaten, insult, and torment until that person was either cut from the popular list or moved away. Each had happened numerous times before. It was like this almost every day. She either complained or talked about herself, and everyone else had to hold back their thoughts. The populars were sick of it. Sure, they loved talking about themselves and were sometimes mean to their fellow students, but Ally was WAY over the top. She talked about herself more than anything and said more rude things to other students in a week than the rest of the populars did in a year. It wasn't just the populars who didn't like Ally, it was pretty much the entire student body. Ally thought that she was perfect with her long and straight light brown hair, her small button nose, blue green eyes, her five foot five height, and slim figure, where as everybody else thought that she just had hair extensions, got a nose job, nothing was special about her eyes, she was short for a tenth grader, and she was anorexic. Nobody liked Ally very much.

Smart was the word that every student and teacher would use to describe Chase Davenport. He was in a group that didn't really have a title. The group consisted of his brother, sister, step-brother, and himself. Don't get me wrong, he wasn't some kind of loner that just stuck with his relatives at all times, his family was just super close. He was kind of secretive, like the rest of his family. They were pretty weird, always being in places where they shouldn't be and making up crazy excuses, but in the end, no matter how far-fetched they may seem everyone believes those excuses. The entire student body had actually created a list on who in their family was the most normal. Chase won that by a landslide, though he was still a little peculiar. His sister, Bree, was voted second most normal, then his brother Adam, and his step-brother Leo was voted most weird. During the vote people had said what they found weird about each of them, and most people said the same thing.

Chase Davenport- freakishly smart and always flinches when the bell rings

Bree Davenport- really peppy and almost seems to vanish when she's nervous

Adam Davenport- the dumbest person who will ever meet and is always pulling off locker doors

Leo Dooley- every girl has complained about him creeping them out and he just put everyone on edge

Despite the weird family, Chase had unknowingly created a pretty good reputation for himself. Chase could only find one good quality about himself, his brain. Other people thought differently. Quite a few girls found him very attractive with his spiked golden brown hair, slightly tanned skin, face clear of acne, million dollar smile, and short, yet muscular build. But his looks weren't the only reason that Chase was well liked within the school. He was also very kind and considerate, and he didn't do too badly in the humor department either. He was the type of person who helped you pick up your books when you dropped them, or offered you a hand when you fell. Right now, he was sitting in the cafeteria with his siblings and listening to Adam as he told them the story of what had happened to him in gym class that morning. Everyone at the table seemed oblivious to the girls who were not so subtly sneaking glances at Chase. He was without a doubt the most oblivious, which was maybe why so many people liked him. And almost everybody liked Chase.

Now, these two groups never really interacted with each other, but that changed when Chase was recruited for the debate team the week before by the captain himself, Quinn Lamington. Sure enough, after school, Chase was standing in the auditorium watching the debate team practise and trying to decide if he should join or not. Quinn hopped off the stage and strode toward Chase.

"So, what do you think?" he asked, gesturing to the rest of the team who were still arguing back and forth.

"I have to admit, you guys are pretty convincing," Chase replied with a grin.

"Ha ha, like I never heard that one before. But I'm willing to forget about it if you join," Quinn half joked half begged. Despite how good they may seem in practise, they just didn't do very good in competitions, and he knew that Chase could help him turn the team around. Chase was having a mental debate with himself about whether or not he should agree.

"You have yourself another debater," Chase said. Quinn made a noise that he would describe as happiness, but really sounded more like a wounded animal.

"Are you okay!?" a concerned female voice rang through the large room.