Danny's voice shook as he spoke, "Is he alive?"
"Yes but….they had a hard time getting him back Danny"
"How long was he gone?"
"Almost four minutes. They had to give him an epinephrine injection. Where are you?"
"I've got a lot to tell you partner…."
Danny gave Chin a quick rundown of everything that had transpired over the last hour.

Chin spoke quietly, "Oh God Danny, is everyone okay?"
"Kono's going to be fine. The EMT's are working on her now. Gracie and Rachel aren't physically hurt but they're shook up. Are you with Steve now?"

"Yes. They ran some tests and the Doctor will be here in about an hour"
"We'll all be at there soon brother"
After getting Steve's room information from Chin, Danny hung up and turned to face Duke Lukela.

Duke placed a hand on his shoulder, "McGarrett?"
"Yeah….he's fighting Duke, he's fighting"
"Are you certain that these were only the two men after you?"
"As certain as I can be. Duke…can you please have a squad check up on Amy and Billy Hanamoa. I'm sure they're fine but…"
"This had something to do with Meka?"
"Yeah, someone we put away" He briefly told Duke about Martinsen and where he could find his body, and of his collaberation with Rejon.

"Danny, I'm going to need to talk to Rachel later. They're ready to transport Kono, so you go. I'll take care of things here and I'll call you or Chin at the hospital later. Go now, I'll call Amy right away"
"Thank You" Shaking hands with Duke, Danny then made his way back to Kono's side.

They had her on a stretcher, her shoulder and hand bandaged. He stroked her cheek, "Hey, how you doing?"
"I'm fine Danny. What's happening?"
"Chin called…..Steve went into cardiac arrest and stopped breathing"
"Oh God, No…"
"Listen to me Kono, he's alive and he's going to pull through. We have to believe that…he's a strong son-of-a-bitch"
"I know….."

He wiped a tear from her eye, "Gracie and Rachel are out in my car. I need to drive them in so the Doctor's can check them out, just to be safe. You do what these guys tell you and I'll be right behind you okay?"
"Take care of them Danny, I'm fine" She smiled weakly at him and he leaned down and kissed her forehead gently.

He raced up the staris and grabbed a doll, 'Chloe' for Gracie. Moments later he was back in the car and they were following the ambulance towards the hospital.

Once at the hospital, he carried Gracie and walked hand-in-hand with Rachel into the emergency room.
They all moved to the stretcher as Kono was being wheeled in. Rachel took hold of the young detectives hand, "Kono…thank you. You saved our lives"

Kono smiled at the trio in front of her, "I'm so happy you're both okay"
Gracie's head was laying against her Daddy's shoulder as she said quietly, "Does it hurt Auntie Kono?"
"Just a little but sweetheart, I'm fine though I promise" She turned her gaze, "Danny…..you need to be with Steve, I'm fine"
Danny smiled, "We'll be here when you get out Kono"

As they wheeled her away Danny and Rachel took seats to wait for a room. Danny set Gracie down and Rachel grabbed his arm saying quietly, "Did something happen to Steve?"

"His heart stopped, but they were able to revive him. The Doctor should be back in to see him soon, I need to be there"
She felt his body shake beneath her hands, "We're fine here, go to him Danny"
He hugged her and then knelt next to Gracie, "Monkey, Uncle Steve needs to see me right now. Are you okay here with Mommy and Chloe?"

The little girl shook her head in understanding, "Daddy can I go see Uncle Steve now?"
"Not yet honey, he's still very sick and the Doctors won't let little munchkins in the room yet" He grinned at her, touching her cheek.
"Will you tell him I love him and…..I miss him"
"Of course I will baby. He misses you too and you know how much he loves you right?"
"Uhh huh"
Danny kissed her and said, "You stay with Mommy and I'll be back soon"

He then turned and moved down the hallway towards the elevators.


He entered the room and his eyes fell on his still partner. Chin was standing at his side, holding his hand and talking to him softly.
Danny moved to the other side of the bed. He tenderly touched the SEAL's bruised and battered face. His eyes glancing at the monitors and at the movement of his chest, up and down….. He placed a hand on Steve's chest as he leaned in close to his ear.
"Steve, it's Danny…..I'm here partner….you keep fighting Superman, we need you back"
Tears slipped down Danny's cheeks. He was comforted at the feel of the steady beat of his friend's heart under his hand.

The two men stood faithfully at his side talking to him soothingly until the Doctor arrived about half an hour later.
After briefly examining Steve, Doctor Kalanni asked the men to step out into the hallway with him.
Danny's voice was shaking as he addressed the Doctor, "Doc…remember, no bullshit now…..how is he really?"
"He's in a coma"
'Coma….Coma….' the word hit Danny like a blow to the gut…he closed his eyes and struggled to breathe. He felt a hand grab his arm supportively and opened his eyes to meet the comforting gaze of his dear friend, Chin Ho Kelly.

He turned back to the Doctor, "Is this temporary? Is he going to wake up?"
"I hope so, but it's just too soon to know. I'm sure Chin has told you that we had a difficult time reviving him. His brain went without oxygen for almost four minutes. That fact along with the head injury he suffered is very problematic but the test results on his heart are positive, the beat is strong and steady. However there is increased swelling on his brain and we need to monitor that very closely. We may need to operate again to relieve the pressure"

"Is he strong enough for that?"
"Danny…..he's weak, his body has sustained great trauma but with every hour that passes his odds of surviving increase. His condition is grave but from what I've seen from this young man over the last twenty hours I remain optimistic. It's going to take time, he has a very difficult road to recovery ahead of him. He's going to need both of you"

"He's got us Doc. Thank you for all you've done and all you're doing for him"
They shook hands with the Doctor and before moving back to their leaders' side, Danny filled Chin in on everything that had happened.
"It's over now Danny. We need to concentrate on the healing now brother"
"This is all my fault Chin. Steve….could die, Kono is hurt…I put Rachel in danger and my daughter…she's terrified"
"This isn't your fault, you know that! These things happen when you're a cop, you know that and Steve and Kono know that!"
"Maybe it's time for me to get out of this line of work then…."
Not giving Chin a chance to respond, Danny brushed past him moving back to Steve's side.
Chin stood in the doorway watching the tough Jersey detective for several minutes before deciding to go outside and grab a breath of fresh air.

Danny held Steve's hand as he spoke through his tears, "I'm sorry Steve…oh God I'm so sorry"


Chin returned about twenty minutes later. Placing a hand on Danny's shoulder he said softly, "Hey, come with me a minute"
Placing Steve's hand gently onto the bed the men moved a few feet away to the room's window.
"I called Duke. There were three officers on guard, they're all dead. A twelve year old boy was across the street and he witnessed what happened. Officer Berenger was leaning against the other officers' squad talking to them when Martinsen and Rejon came around the corner firing. Danny they used machine guns and with the heavy brush on corner of the property they were undetected. Buddy, they were ambushed, they didn't have a chance"

"Jesus Christ. Who were the other cops?"
"Paul Kekoa and Darren Marsh…three damn good men"
"Marsh's wife just had twins…..oh God Chin, why?"
"I don't have an answer man. I'll stay with the boss, do you want to go check on the girls?"
"Yeah, thanks brother"
The friends embraced briefly and then Danny headed back down to the ER.

******** MORE TO FOLLOW *********