Charlie's scream, Toby's wail, and Teddy's video diary. Ahh, a quiet day at the Duncan house. Hi, I'm Gabe Duncan and I'm 13 years old. And I will never fall in love.

"Gabe! Honey time for school!" Mom yelled. "Coming Mom." I hop up and get dressed. I peek at my alarm clock brother who is crying in his crib next to my bed. "Toby, please calm down. 'Hush little baby don't say a word, Gabe is gonna buy you a mockingbird.'" Toby stopped crying. I took him out of his crib. Toby in one arm, my backpack in the other, I walked down stairs. "Gabe! Stop right there!" Mom grabbed Toby and put him in his high chair. "What?" Mom grabbed hairspray and handed it to me along with a comb. "It's picture day Gabe." she says. "Oh yeah.. Thanks mom." I grab a doughnut and walk to the bus stop.

"Mr. Duncan, please move your books. We have a new student," a girl with dark brown hair walked in," Her name is Belle Chaberlin. She will be your science partner from now on since Mick moved." The girl came and sat next to me. She gave a little smile, and then turned towards Mr. Turner. " I will now assign partners for this year's Extreme Science Fair. Josh, you're with Ben, Darcy with Anna..," He finally got to the end of the list. " And Gabe, since there's no one else, you'll be with Belle." I gave a small groan, but immediately made it sound like a cough because I didn't want to hurt Belle's feelings. You never know who's a nice person, just to shy to say hi. But even if Belle was nice, one thing's for sure. I will never fall in love.