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Hank checked his watch for the third time. Where on earth was this bathroom? They'd been gone nearly twenty minutes. He jumped as a loud bell rang out. What was going on?

He could hear people in the hallway and then someone running. Hank rose slowly, taking his medical bag with him. Something was wrong. He could feel it.

He approached the secretary's desk. She was talking urgently into the phone, but hung up when he came close. "Is there some sort of a problem?" he asked.

"The elevator is stuck between floors," she told him as she punched a number into the phone.

"Stuck?" Hank repeated.

"Yes, I need the fire department," the secretary said, clearly no longer paying attention to him.

He wandered out into the hallway. A janitor and a security guard were standing by the elevator, tools in hand. A panel on the wall was open, wires falling out. The smell of electricity and smoke permeated the air. Hank nodded hello and then started wandering down toward the bathroom. Where was Evan? Usually he was right in the middle of this kind of thing.

"There's someone in there," he heard the security guard say. "How else would the bell have rung?"

Hank froze. His phone chose that moment to ring and he looked at the caller ID before answering. Evan R. Lawson. Hank hit the button. "You're in the elevator aren't you?"

"Yeah what was your first clue?" Evan asked.

"Are you okay?"

"As fine as anyone can be sitting in a metal box. Is anybody going to get us out of here? It's been like half an hour and we really need to use the bathroom."

"I think they're working on it," Hank told him, looking back at the janitor and security guard.

"Think, Henry? Okay. Well as long as you think they're working on getting us out," Evan's voice dripped with sarcasm. "Maybe you could go, I don't know, ask somebody? I drank a lot of coffee!"

"Okay, give me a second," Hank said, approaching the two men by the elevator. "Excuse me?"

They looked up.

"Do you know what the problem is?" the doctor asked.

"Not yet. Probably something electrical from the smell of it," the janitor replied.

"Any idea how long it's going to take to fix it?" Hank asked. "We've got two people trapped in there."

"Fire department's on the way. We've called the elevator company too. Can't really do anything until one of them gets here," the security guard explained.

There was a big spark and a puff of smoke. "Whoa!" Hank backed up. "What was that?"

The janitor looked warily at the panel in the wall. "This could take a while."

"Henry!" Evan's voice came out of Hank's phone. "Why do we smell smoke?"

"I guess it's an electrical problem," Hank said, walking away from his new friends. "Don't worry, nothing's burning. The fire department and the elevator company are on the way. The two of you just relax. You're both okay, right?"

"Yeah, I mean it was kind of a rough landing, but we're all right for now."

"Okay, well just hang tight. I'll call you with an update in a little while."

"Thanks," Evan said. "Hank, do your best to move things along up there, okay?"

"You got it."

Evan was starting to sweat. The temperature inside the elevator continued to rise with every passing minute. They were both sitting on the floor of the elevator, having given up standing when they realized their rescue wasn't imminent. "I'm sure they'll get us out any second now," he told Mrs. Donnelly.

"I hope so," she replied, grimacing and shifting her position.

"Are you all right?" Evan asked in concern.

"Yes, I'm just-oh!" she put a hand on her stomach and sucked in a deep breath.

"Oh god, oh, ok, uh Mrs. Donnelly, what's happening?" Evan asked frantically. "Are you…you're not in labor are you?"

"No, no. I'm just having some contractions," she let out a breath. "That's better. They're probably just Braxton-Hicks."


"Braxton-Hicks. They're like false contractions. You're not actually in labor."

"Oh, thank god," Evan said in relief. "That would be a problem."

She smiled. "Tell me about it. Can you imagine having a baby in an elevator? That's like something out of a movie!"

Evan's phone buzzed. He touched his earpiece. "Hey."

"Hey, the fire department's here," Hank said. "They're going to try and come at you through the emergency hatch. Everybody okay in there?"

"Yeah we're fine. A little hot. And Mrs. Donnelly's having some contraction, but she think they're Braxton-Hicks."

Evan heard Mrs. Donnelly gasp. "Uh, Mr. Lawson?"

He turned around, his mouth falling open in horror. Mrs. Donnelly was sitting in a puddle. "My water just broke."

"Evan? What's going on?" Hank asked.

Evan swallowed. "Um, Hank? We've got a problem."

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