Princes Tutu Fanfiction chapter 1

Summary: What if episode 10, Cinderella, happened before episode six, Dreaming Aurora? How would that have changed the plot line? Fakir x Duck!

IMPORTANT: Duck, Fakir, Mytho, Rue, est. are all sixteen years old. The girls all look physically mature and the guys have a bit more mussel and are taller.

Duck's POV

"That's right, I am a crow." Rue- no Kraehe said "And I am the TRUE and ONLY prima ballerina, Princess Kraehe. I'll take what I desire by force if need be."

Kraehe began to fade away in a whirl of black crow's feathers. Oh Rue.

"Princess Tutu" Fakir summoned my attention "You have no intention of stopping the restoration of Mytho's heart do you? Just stop, you'll only bring him suffering."

"No, the prince has requested me to help him. Until the day he relinquishes me from that honor than I will continue what I have been doing." I responded in an even tone. "Are you going to shatter his heart again? If so, I won't allow you to shatter his heart."

"Would you kill me then? Will you kill me if I try?" He asks as he approaches with a glass shard in his hand. He swipes right beside my neck with the shard. Mytho hugs him and asks him to stop. The prince tells me to run and I do so.

As soon as I am out of the building I continue to run until I reach the pond. As my transformation undoes I look into the water. I see my duck form. A flashback of Fakir and the shard runs through my head. Dang, of all people why does he have to have my most precious locket; that necklace is the only reason I am here today.

I begin skewering the school for it and fall from exhaustion.

"I just hope Mr. Cat doesn't find me, I don't want to be vat food." I mumble as I fall into a dream.

"Hey, it's you, the duck from the other day." I hear a smooth yet slightly deep male voice say. I open my eyes to see Fakir smiling at me, well my duck form. I see my locket in his hand and try to pull it from his hand.

"I see you've taken a liking to this." He said with a chuckle. A light blush came to my face and I tugged harder to dismiss the image of his smile. Fakir's smile was wonderful as well was his laugh so free. I didn't ever really think I'd see him so happy. He gently removed the pendant from my mouth and with one last part of my head he walked into a building. I guess Fakir has a soft side for the weaker things in life.

For the rest of the day I follow Fakir around I even watch him in class through the window. Mr. Cat was talking about love and what not, silly cat. I noticed something about Fakir, he was wearing my necklace, I'm assuming for safe keeping. Even as I follow him into his dorm, he was wearing when he went to take a shower. I, of course, didn't follow him in, but I just hope he took it off first. He came out shirtless and, thankfully, in boxer shorts. He sat on the chair I was hiding under. I saw a scar- no a birth mark on his chest as if he were mostly ripped in two.

A colossal crow came to the window and threw in an envelope. Fakir opened it and threw it on the floor.

"That damned Kraehe, does she not see me as a threat?!" He said. I read the note.

Mytho and Kraehe are wedding with Fakir as a witness at our midnight wedding at the church.

Wow, she doesn't see him as a threat to say that. Fakir got dressed quickly and went out the door. I follow him all the way to an antique shop. I barely flutter through the closing doors with a soft 'Quack'.

"Koran" A man holding an axe turned around,


"Where's the sword?" Fakir asks as he walks towards the man

"You haven't been home in ages and not even a greeting?" The man says "There are plenty of swords in the shop."

"No, THAT sword, the Lohengrin Sword, I need the Lohengrin Sword." Fakir argues "I have to protect Mytho from the crows."

"No, that sword is meant for the knight to wield." The man, Koran I think it was, responds

"You promised you'd let me have it!"

"That was when you were a child."

"Mytho has been regaining his heart and Princess Tut and Princess Kraehe have made their appearances. The legend you told me about is coming true. I know I am the knight."

Fakir is a knight? He has the loyalty for it.

"If I am the knight, it should be all right for me to use the Lohengrin Sword."

"Why can't you let Mytho be? It'd be better if you didn't involve him with your little tale."

"It's too late for that! Remember the day you took me in after my parents died? You told me this tale on that exact day. I remember it vividly. You said "This mark of yours is exactly like the one in the legend that has been passed down among our people. I'm sure you'll grow to be strong. It's a sigh that you are the new brave knight that will protect the prince." In time, it became a source of pride for me. I always liked one verse in specific "If it was to protect the people, the prince never feared being injured himself." And then, my destiny was suddenly set in motion when I found Mytho on the floor. His heart wasn't beating, but he opened his eyes and looked at us. You said "The prince who has lost his heart, Mythos." One day when Mytho and I went for a walk and I explained the meaning of Mythos and gave him the name Mytho. He had no emotions or any judgment, besides helping fragile things. If it was weak, he'd risk everything to save it, even his own safety. Remember the time he went into a burning building to save him? He fell out of the building and was out cold for a week. From then on, I've sworn to protect him. He's like my brother; I need to protect him, even if it's with my life. All these years I have been true to it, I'm not letting you or anyone else gets in the way."

I would have never thought Fakir would care so much for Mytho to dedicate his life to him. He might not be that bad, but why is he trying to take is heart?

"That's not for his sake, it's for yours! The time to fight is nearing, are you sure you're not afraid you'll follow the same fate as the knight in the story? Are you sure you're not afraid of death? You kept calling him a good-for-nothing to make sure the prince's heart wouldn't be restored, so you enrolled him in the academy knowing his love of dance to put him out of the way because you don't want to fight!" The man argued


"With the way you are now you will never ever be able to protect Mytho!"

"Stop it!"

"Forget about this!"

"Enough, any sword will do!" He said while grabbing a sword and begins dashing for the door, but the man grabbed him and slapped him across the face. I flinched at the sound of his hand slapping across Fakir's face. Fakir is mean- not really since I know his reason, but he doesn't deserve to be slapped; especially for doing something noble.

"This ends now, do you understand?!" Koran yelled. Fakir put a hand over where the man slapped him.

"Yes… I may be scared of dying just as you think, but I want to protect him more than anything. Pure-hearted Mytho has always risking himself; I just want to help him."

I was so captivated this scene I barely noticed my necklace was glowing in his white pants pocket. Fakir got up and ran out of the building. Koran fell to his knees and let his head drop. I followed Fakir out and we ended up at a pond. I watched him from across the small area of water. He has his back against a tree and I hear sniffles. I don't know anymore, what's wrong or what's right. The only thing I can tell is Fakir isn't lying. I couldn't see it until know, but Fakir is the same as me, but he might care about Mytho even more than I do. I swim across the lake and walk to his feet. He looks down with a sad look in his eyes.

"You've caught me at a bad moment, little duck." He says. Tears roll down my face at the sight of his sadness and he smiles. "You'll cry for my sake? Thank you, little duck."

He kneels down and picks me up. He hugs me gently, yet firmly. I pull away slightly and give him a light peck on the cheek. I nuzzle him lightly and let him hug me once more. He puts me down and throws me the pendant. I cock my head to the side.

"You can have it since you've taking such a liking to it. By the way, thanks for the show of affection, maybe we'll meet again." He says and pats my head before walking away. Once he's fully gone I remember the shard at Koran's house. I put on the necklace and jump into the water. I find my clothes, and run straight to Koran's. I transform into Tutu and take the shard, taking the feeling of regret from him and give him the confidence in Fakir. He thanks me and I run out of the building.

I run straight to the church and see Mytho. I call out his name and give him his heart shard. He tells me he is going into the church to Kraehe, but she comes out to us.

"It doesn't matter if you do or don't recover the shards of my husband's heart, Tutu. The prince will become mine and mine only tonight." She says as she makes her appearance. "I will have you as a witness and then a sacrifice!" She said with a laugh she traps me in a cage and makes me watch them dance along with at least a hundred crows.

Suddenly, Fakir comes in on a horse with a sword in hand like a real knight. He looked very- well, brave.

"Back, you filthy raven!" Fakir said.

"Sp, the coward shows up." Kraehe says with a smirk.

"I won't let you have Mytho!" He says while running towards Kraehe with his sword drawn. He charges and she uses Mytho as a shield. Kraehe had a pained look on her face and she disappears with her crows.

"What is it? Leave or do you want to settle it right now!" Fakir yells

"I have no desire to fight you." I give him a caring smile, curtsy, and begin to run away. I undo my transformation and run like a bat out of hell. I have to hurry, or Fakir and Mytho will catch up to me. I have trouble jumping this huge gate. I am only 5'5 ft and this gate's like at least six times my height. I barely fall to the grass and the gate swings open. The prince and the knight walk out the gate. Unfortunately, Fakir sees me.

"Hey, you"

"Tehe" I responded with a nervous smile.

"Don't tehe me, what are you doing out this late?"

"Why am I out late?" I chuckle nervously "If I'm out this late, what else could I be doing but that?"


"You KNOW what "that" is. Well, see you."

"Hey, what's on your" my necklace shone

"What? Wait? That pendant" I jump.

"Good night Fakir!" I call as I run to my dorm building. I almost trip over a bush and scuttle into the building with a slam of the door. I barely hear him say 'Princess Tutu'.

"What'll I do? He's found out. He's not a bad person, but I don't think his reaction will be the best for me." I whisper as I go to my room on the top floor.

The story has been set in play, what will happen?

I hope you like it! I am trying to find a way for a universally happy ending, so bare with me. I hope you like it!