Princess Tutu fanfic chapter 3

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IMPORTANT: I skipped episode 7 because they know it's Rue who is Kraehe because they are identical in personality and looks. As in the last episode, seven, Mytho isn't around Duck because of Fakir.

Now on with the story!

Duck's POV

I search around for Mytho all over the town, with no luck. Where could he be? I walk back to the academy and throw pebbles at his window. Again, I have no luck and I begin walking away with my head bowed.

Fakir's POV

I hear tapping on the window and pear out through a small break in the curtains. It's that girl who transformed into Princess Tutu, Duck I think it was. After a while, she gives up and walks away with her head bowed.

"Persistent one isn't she?" I mumble as I watch her walk away. I hear my name being called and I turn around to see Mytho looking at me.

"Where's Tutu?" He asks

"Don't worry, she's not around anymore. What happened?"

"Tutu tried to help me restore a chard of my heart. Then Kraehe came and took that shard. Tell me, Fakir, would it be better if I didn't regain my heart?" He asks me.

"Forget about it, just go back to sleep." I say while leaning him back down on the bed.

"But" He tried to say

"Look, I brought you back here because I thought it'd be safer with people around. Forget about your worries and sleep." I say. He nods his head and obediently closes his eyes.

Rue's POV

I toss and turn in my bed then stare at the box glowing on my dresser. I stole Mytho's heart shard last night

"Why did you bring me back with you?" The shard said.

"I brought you here because you will be serving me a very important purpose in the future, my shard." I say while putting my hand on its face.

"What purpose is that, Kraehe? I must know for I am the desire for knowledge."

"That is for me to know and you and everybody else to find out in the future." I say with a smirk.

Duck's POV

I walk down the hall to my room with my head bowed. I wonder where Mytho could be.

"I saw you!" I hear Pike say as she pokes her head through her door.

"I saw you too!" I hear Lilie say as she does the same.

The two began tackling me down the hall into my room. They knock me down into my room's floor right before the stairs to walk up into my sleeping area and land on me.

"Confessing your love at the window?! Duck, you're so bold! Which one did you confess to, or was it both?! You've got to tell us, we're dying here!" Pike exclaims excitedly.

"It's like a reverse Romeo and Juliet, except there are two boys and you're sure to get rejected by both because it's a one-sided love!" Lilie chirps.

"That's not what I was doing, Mytho disappeared and I wanted to make sure he was ok!" I defend while sitting up.

"That's right, I forgot about that, but it does hurt that Fakir is in the same room nursing him to heal, as always!" Pike says while giving me a suggestive nudge.

"You just couldn't contain your love and confess, right?" Lilie says in a dreamy tone

"No it's not like that!" I whine. When will these two ever listen to me?

"Take this chance to attack!" Pike says while shoving me out of the door and leads me out of the dorm area.

"You have absolutely one hundred percent no hope of having Mytho because of the wonderful Rue." Lilie chirps.

"I keep telling you guys, it's not like that!" I yell

"Go for it and take your losses!" Pike says

"Lose and be crushed! I'll be there to catch you when you fall into the pits of depression!" Lilie says joyfully.

"But I was just-" I try to say

"He might just show up to class today!" Pike says

"You think so?" I ask

"You're so hopeful, it's so cute! I can't wait until you get rejected, you'll be even cuter!" Lilie beams. How can she be so perkily sadistic?

We get to the academy and hid behind some bushes.

"Do you really think he'll come today?" I ask

"If he does, you'll have to say it properly and clearly, okay?" Pike says.

"Say what?" I ask.

"Oh come on Duck, what else besides your love for them!" They chorus with sparkling eyes.

"What, I can't tell him that! Because…" I begin to say. If I tell him that I love him, who I'm not even fully sure if I fully do love, I'll disappear.

"Oh you coward!" Lilie says. She gives me a shove and I go tumbling down the small hill behind us and land on my stomach. She exclaims 'how did this happen?' and Pike smacks her on the back of the head saying that it's her fault, which it is.

I'm still momentarily dizzy until I hear a voice call me name. I look up to see Mytho looking at me. He asks me what I'm doing on the floor and I stupidly just say his name. I get up and grab his hand exclaiming that I'm glad he's alright.

After hearing two shrieks in the distance from my friends I realize that I just held his hand. I let go in haste and apologize.

"I'm so sorry!" I said while spinning away from him. "I looked all over town and I couldn't find you, so I thought something happened to you and I was so relieved to see that you were okay that I held your hand! I'm sorry!"

"You were looking for me?" He says with a confused faces.

"Uh, yeah, oh!" I cover my mouth. I forgot he doesn't know that I'm princess Tutu, only Fakir does!

"Do you know about Tutu?" He asks.

"Um, well" I start off, but I hear Fakir's voice.

"What are you two doing?" He says I look up to see Fakir jumping cleanly over the ledge on the second floor and land smoothly.

"Fakir," I say in shock.

"Mytho, go ahead, I'll be right there." Fakir ordered. Mytho gives him a nod and begins to walk away.

"You," He says

"Yes?" I yelp

"You're such an eyesore, Tutu" He says while walking next to me "Listen up carefully, stay away from Mytho. If you do, you'll regret it."

With that, he walks away, leaving my frightened to the point I drop to my knees. I know Fakir is just trying to help Mytho, but why does he have to be so freaking frightening?!

I give a sigh and walk back over to my friends. Lilie happily says it was a failure and Pike just pats my back and tells me they'll send a revenge match for me. What the heck is up with these girls and revenge?

XXxxxX…. Time skips …xXxxxX

I hear the bell ring in the distance and sigh. I just skipped all of my morning classes thinking of that look in Fakir's eyes. I can tell they held a lot of compassion for Mytho, but he always glares at people, shunning them away all from Mytho's sake. Fakir really is a knight, but he won't the other soldiers in this battle help him. He is pretty chivalrous, minus the part about being kind to women, but that's because they are the ones who bother Mytho the most.

I hear a familiar tune and look up to see green hair poking out behind a tree. I run over to see Ms. Edel with her tune box.

"Ms. Adel I need some advice." I say with a sigh. "Fakir is pretty intimidating and I want help them, but I can't seem to get near him!"

She shows me a gem that is split in half and tells me the value of team effort. I think I have an idea. I might find a way to make him like me if I force him to get to know me! Now that I think of it, it kind of annoys me that he immediately discarded me, I guess he'll be the one friend that you'll randomly need to hit for past occurrences.

"What is Fakir to you, duck?" Ms. Adel asks me.

"Someone I want to like me." I reply.

"For what reasons do you want him to like you?"

"Because I want to be his friend and ally," I answer all too quickly

"What is Mytho to you?"

"A friend, a friend I want to help protect" I reply with wide eyes. For once, I haven't referenced Mytho as the guy I'm in love with.

"Then do what you must to protect the ones close to you." Ms. Adel says. I blink my eyes for a second and she magically disappears. Seriously, she needs to teach me how to do that.

I let a sigh out of my lips and stand up. I begin running towards the school. I come to the class that I skipped and burst in through the doors. All eyes are on me and I take a breath.

"Mr. Cat," I exclaim without much breath, "Ms. Goat says she is on her way to accept her offer to marry you! She said a lot of things that I can't repeat, and I'm a teenager! Hurry while you can, I think you'd prefer to remain a cat with fur, not one of those creepy hairless cats; I'll cover for you!"

Mr. Cat scurries to collect his things and before he leaves he engulfs me in a tight hug and says he is giving me extra credit for saving his life. Then, he sprints out of the class like a dog was chasing him.

I drop my façade of being extremely out of breath and in a panic with a slight flip of my head to get my bangs out of the way of my now glaring blue eyes. Once I see Mr. Cat run out of the school gates with, surprisingly, Ms. Goat running after him surprisingly fast I decide to speak. (A/N: Sorry I forgot if it was a goat or a sloth.)

"Fakir," I say, promptly gaining his attention, "you're coming with me. I have a problem with you."

"And what problem would that be, Duck?" He inquires with his arms crossed and an eyebrow arched.

"You, my enemy-like friend are a jerk." I say while poking his chest with every word. "I don't want to embarrass you by telling you off in a few different languages in front of the whole class."

This seemed to surprise everyone (except my two cheering friends), especially Fakir. To my surprise, he agrees to come with me in front of the school gates in thirty minutes. I nod in compliance and storm out just as I entered the room.

As soon as I am out of the room and down the hall a smirk graced my lips. Screw being a ballerina, I can be an actress!

Fakir's POV

Mid way through a lecture about love, Mr. Cat is (thankfully) interrupted by Duck bursting through the doors of the classroom. For once, I'm happy to see Duck; she just saved me from being bored to death.

"Mr. Cat," Duck exclaims without a breath in her lungs, "Ms. Goat says she is on her way to accept her offer to marry you! She said a lot of things that I can't repeat, and I'm a teenager! Hurry while you can, I think you'd prefer to remain a cat with fur, not one of those creepy hairless cats; I'll cover for you!"

Mr. Cat scurries to collect his things and before he leaves he engulfs her in a tight hug and says he is giving her extra credit for saving his life. Dang, is he grateful or what? He sprints out of the class like a dog was chasing him.

As soon as Mr. Cat is out of the gates, Duck's whole demeanor is changed. With a flip of her red hair, her eyes are revealed in very shockingly scary glare.

"Fakir," She says with a very pissed off look in her eyes, "you're coming with me. I have a problem with you."

"And what problem would that be, Duck?" Inquires with my arms crossed and an eyebrow arched. Even though this girl is pretty feisty looking right now, no way am I dropping my façade.

"You, my enemy-like friend are a jerk." She says while poking my chest with every word. "I don't want to embarrass you by telling you off in a few different languages in front of the whole class."

I nod my head and tell her I'll meet her in front of the school gates in a half hour. If she's this pissed off it must be important. Then again, why should I care? I don't hang out with her or even work with her to save Mytho.

Time skip, Duck's POV

I stand in front of the gate in one of my casual outfits. It's a simple outfit with jean shorts that end a little more than half way to my knees, a pink shoulder shirt that fits me in a fitting baggy way with a black ribbon tied around the bottom of my shirt just in case it flies up with a black wife beater t-shirt under the shoulder shirt, and black ballet flats. My hair is in its usual braid down my back.

I see Fakir walking towards me exactly on time too. He's wearing jeans, a fitting black shirt that lightly shows his abs, a jean jacket, and simple but taken care of black shoes.

I send Fakir a dirty look and gesture him to follow me. I like acting; this is really fun seeing him semi-freaked out! After a while of walking in a thick silence, I fall back next to Fakir with a scowl on my face.

"Excuse me young lady," I hear a voice to right say. I turn my head to see a man at least six years older than me with a rose in his hand.

"Yes?" I respond, unsure on what to say.

"Would you like to accompany me today?" He asks while basically shoving the red rose into my hand. "It's obvious your boyfriend here doesn't know how to treat a lady seeing how such a beauty as yourself has a scowl upon your perfect pink lips."

A light blush rose to my face, I'm not as pretty as he thinks I am.

"Ah, that pink hue on your face is much better my lady." He says while putting an arm around my waist and bringing me close to his side. I let the obvious discomfort arise to me face. I try inching away from him to no avail.

"Let go of her." Fakir says with a glare.

"Why?" The strange man asks. "You obviously weren't getting anywhere with her, I got a response from her that wasn't anger."

I feel myself being pulled from the man's grip and into Fakirs. He holds my waist lightly and tilts my chin towards him. My face instantly glows red. I stutter his name under my breath.

"If my eyes don't deceive me, that's a response that isn't anger. I think she's awestruck if anything. My grip is loose enough to get out of easily if she wanted to get away from me." Fakir says with a smirk. "You trapped her. Come on let's go."

With that, Fakir leads me away with his hands locked in mine. He whispers for me to rest my head on his shoulder because the man is still looking and he may stalk me if I don't as he puts his hand on my waist. I wrap my arms around his torso and rest my head on the crook of his neck.

We stay this way for a while until the man stops following his. I let go of Fakir as he lets go of me and I instantly miss the warmth as odd as that sounds.

"Thanks for saving me, Fakir." I say as we pass the pond.

"It's no big deal." He said while looking away from me.

"Ya know if the girls at school you were so knightly they'd be all over you." I tease. "You'd be much more popular than Mytho with your bad-ass style too. I think you'd make some girl very lucky one day."

"S-Shut up," He stutters with a light blush on his face, "w-what did you want to talk to me about that you were so mad at me all this time, not that I care, but I'm a bit curios."

"Oh I was never actually mad at you." I say while waving off the thought as I come towards the white gazebo I sat under earlier. "I just used that as an excuse to bail you out of class."

"Well you're one hell of an actress then, maybe you should transfer to the drama department." He says with a slight smirk. "Why did you get me out of class or did you just want to have a challenge?"

"I wanted to get to know you." I say with a shrug. "You know I'm Tutu and I know you're the knight. I want to work together to collect the shards of Mytho's heart. I'm not trying to gain all of his heart shards to take him over or something. I personally want to help him as a friend and get it over with so I don't have to have dance battles with Kraehe who uses needle like crow feathers. Those things hurt! If you just listen to me and become my ally I won't annoy you into doing as I want."

"Aren't you already doing that?" He mumbles.

"No I'm not, actually." I reply. "I can be quiet persuasive. If you don't want me to use my trump cards than just agree that you'll be my ally. Besides, you just saved me, so we're already friends."

"That doesn't mean anything." He says stubbornly. "I'll agree to your proposition if you tell me how you are able to transform into Tutu."

"That's easy; my necklace transforms me when a heart's shard is near." I reply while pointing to my necklace.

"That's it?" He asks.

"No." I reply. "There's a story behind this I don't even know, and I'm in it!"

And just like that, Fakir became my ally. The rest of the afternoon is spent on me bent on getting Fakir to laugh for more than three seconds (an epic fail, just to let you know).

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