It was pretty much a quiet day with the former royals. Former Queen Charolette who is Elinor's mother spent her morning reading a book while former king Paul, who is Elinor's father, practice his sword fighting. Charolette put her book down and watch with joy as her husband tries to impress her with his swords skills but something was troubling her that she doesn't know why. Charolette wants to tell Paul about it right now but she feels it wan't the right time. So she decides that she will tell him during breakfast.

It was now time for breakfast. Charolette and Paul quietly took their seats at the table. Paul quietly dug in into the food on his plate. Charolette quietly took a few bites off from her plate but then just quietly stop eating. Paul took quick notice of this and stop eating. "What is wrong, Charolette?" Charolette look from her plate to Paul. She stare at him and said "I don't know dear but I think it's time for me to visit our daughter" "Now what makes ye want to see her all of a sudden?" Paul ask Charolette suspiciously. "it's because I haven't visit her in a long time" Charolette reply back to Paul. "Are ye sure?" Paul ask. Charolette became a little furious and said "because she's my daughter! Why would ye say that?!" "because sometimes ye don't really visit her ye just start an argument with the lass!" Paul said. "I do not argue with the lass! I just simple give her advice" Charolette said trying to back herself up on this. She no its true that she does argue with Elinor because she needs to understand how to rule the kingdom correctly. Paul just sigh and said "uh huh sure ye did" in an annoy voice. "okay fine! Aye, i do argue with Elinor but that was because she was so young and naive back then. But i think that since she is older she knows what to do now and I just wanted to stop by and visit her and her family and see how things are going over there. Also I know was not being a supporting mother back then and I just want to make it up to do ye believe me?" Charolette said as she confess all this to Paul. Paul stare at her for a minute and said "Aye, I do but ye better start packing" "I better do that" Charolette said as she began to leave the room "oh and make sure ye send her a letter knowing that ye are coming!" Paul shouted out to Charolette. "Let me do that right now!" Charolette said as she went to grab a paper and pen. Charolette almost made her way out to the door until Paul said "Oh and Charolette" "Aye" Charolette answer. Paul stare att her in silence then said "make sure ye stay by Elinor's side no matter what! Ye promise?" Charolette stare at him with wide eyes. Suddenly, a small smile appear on her face as she said "I promise" then she left the room.

Meanwhile, in the castle of DunBroch, Elinor was teaching an important lesson to Merida, who was drawing again. Elinor walk over to Merida and said "Merida! Ye know that a princess-" "Doesn't doodle! Aye, I know mum" Merida said plainly as she put away her drawings. She was starting to get irritated by her mum's repeat lecture even though she don't mean to do what her mum says not to so she quickly did what she had to do. Elinor sigh "why do ye have to make things so difficult for me?" "why do ye not make things much easier on me?" Merida said with a smirk. Elinor couldn't help but smile a little bit at Merida. She reminds her of herself when she ask her mum the same question. Suddenly, Maudie came in "excuse me my lady, I brought ye a letter" "thank ye Maudie" Elinor said as she took the letter from Maudie who quickly left the room. "now let's see who is this letter from?" Elinor said as she open up the letter and began to read it. Her eyes widen with surprise and worry "oh no" "mum! what's wrong?" Merida said as she got up and ran over to her mum. Elinor look at Merida with worry in her eyes "it's my mother! She wants to come visit us!" Merida's eyes widen in shock! "What!" Merida yell. One of the things Merida dislike is having her grandmother come visit.

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