Hades Kids:

Aleah: Black hair, Blue eyes (Turn red when mad), Seems cold and emotionless to those she doesn't trust.

Tony: Dirty blond hair, Brown eyes, Loves to annoy Aleah, Can be calm and serous but is usually fun and peppy.

Zeus kids:

Zach: Black spiky hair, brown eyes (Turn gold when mad), Is sorta scared of Aleah in the beginning but warms up to her after they talk, Is very nice and usually happy, unless is in the middle of a fight, he is deadly then.

Evan: Dirty blond hair, blue eyes (Turn gold when mad), is Tony's best friend, is a little crazy, but funny.

Hara kids:

Rikki: Blond hair, green eyes with glasses, Is quiet but friends with a lot of the campers. Poseidon is trying to kill her because he doesn't like her family, Is Aleah's best friend.

Aphrodite kids:

Sarah: Red hair, Silver eyes, is fun, but sad and mean, and is Aleah's enemy.

Paige: Brown hair, brown eyes, very perky and is always judging the new campers.

Poseidon kids:

Lucus: Black hair, brown eyes, goes with the the flow and is calm, another of Aleah's best friends.

Apollo kids:

Will: Black shaggy hair, black eyes, calm and quiet and is another of Tony's and Evan's best friends.

Me: *Has evil look om face*

Zach: o.o She has something planned...

Aleah: *Raises eyebrow* What are you thinking Shadow?

Me: Heheheheheheheh, I have some plans for you. :3

Sarah: Is aleah gonna die? :3

Aleah: *Throws shadowball at Sarah and sends her flying out of the story* Hmp...

Me: *Shrugs* No, she isnt gonna die, but It will be interesting. :3

Tony: Oh can I help!

Me: Of course. :3

Tony: Yay!

Aleah and Zach: *Look at each other* Read and Review peoples...