Facing The Past

Summary: When someone from Steve's past comes back into his life needing help, he must put aside their past in order to focus on solving a case.

Set in late season two before the season finale.

A/N: This story is currently a WIP though I am a fair way into it at this point. I really wanted to get the first chapter posted before the season three première aired as this has to be set in S2 for most of it to fit in with the show's storyline.

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The silver Camaro glistened in the afternoon sunshine as it pulled up in the parking space by the Five-0 taskforce's headquarters and its two occupants exited the vehicle. The two men continued the animated discussion they had been having in the car as they entered the building heading in the direction of their office.

Danny Williams seemed to be in a state of disbelief as he continued. "Let me get this straight; you're asking your injured partner - who you almost got killed today because you are too impatient to wait two minutes for Chin and Kono to arrive before storming a building - to do your paperwork for you? Should I have asked the doctors to give you a CAT scan while we were in the ER?"

Steve McGarrett chose to ignore his partner's comment about needing a CAT scan. "Well it's the least you could do. After all, I was the one who just saved your life."

"Saved my life?" Danny threw his arms wide. "The only reason it needed saving was because we were raiding a dangerous suspects' house without back up! If we'd waited like I told you McGuire wouldn't have been able to get the drop on me, almost break my wrist and hold a gun to my head, and not just any gun, but my own damn gun!"

"It's just a sprain," Steve countered, "and it still doesn't change the fact that I saved your life. Filling out the paperwork is the least you could do."

Danny shook his head, not prepared to give in and add to his own workload that accompanied the closing of a case. "I swear at least once a month you're trying to palm off your paperwork onto someone else. Sometimes I wonder if you even know how to fill out a report."

"You're right, Danny, because as an officer with Naval Intelligence I never had to fill out any paperwork," Steve rolled his eyes.

"Well, you could've had me fooled. There is no way I owe you a penny let alone a whole case worth of paperwork after the events of today."

"I saved your life," Steve frowned and gave Danny an incredulous look as they pushed through the glass doors and into the main office space of Five-0 Headquarters, making a beeline for Steve's office.

"I repeat; it wouldn't have needed saving if you had just waited for back up like I told you to!" Danny countered with an equally incredulous look.

"I drove you back from the hospital," Steve contested.

"Well it's not like I had a choice in the matter anyway seeing as how you're always driving my car even when I'm not suffering some sort of debilitating injury," Danny displayed the pristine bandage on his wrist for good measure as he followed his partner towards his office, "which, I might add, you were the cause of! I'm just lucky I didn't end up shot again like our first jaunt together when you refused to wait for back up."

The pair had been too focused on their conversation to notice the aging man seated on the couch located in Steve's office. As Steve pushed the door open and crossed the threshold into his office the old man raised himself from his seated position, catching them off-guard and caused them to stop suddenly in the doorway.

Steve frowned as he took in the appearance of the stranger before them and noticing the man's obvious old age decided it best to keep the hostile tone from his voice as he asked, "Who are you? How did you get in here?"

The man gripped his hands nervously in front of him and tried to smile slightly as he kept his gaze oddly focused on Steve's face. "I'm sorry to barge in like this, one of your co-workers let me in before she had to step out," he explained and both Steve and Danny could sense the awkwardness that seemed to hang in the air.

"What can we do for you?" Steve asked softly with a nod, the man didn't seem to be able to relax and Steve kept himself wary of what might follow.

At his words, the man broke his gaze and looked at his hands which he continued to grasp in front of him. "You don't recognise me then." It was a statement, not a question but the man raised his eyes once more to Steve's face as though waiting for a reaction.

Steve frowned in surprise at the man's statement, yet even as he answered there was something familiar about the face before him that was nagging at him. "I'm sorry, do I know you?"

"I shouldn't be surprised," the man tried to smile again but instead he merely appeared sad. "After all, twenty years is a long time."

Danny frowned at the exchange going on before him, not understanding it in the least. He glanced over at his partner to see if any of this was making any sense to him.

Steve's frown had deepened at the response he'd received and he found himself looking closer at the man's features; his slight stoop from age though there was no sign of a walking cane to be seen, thin, white hair that did nothing to cover the top of the man's tanned head and his eyes, those eyes. Steve continued to gaze at the man before him, those deep blue eyes so familiar to him. The air seemed to rush around him as the old man's words echoed in his head, 'twenty years is a long time'. Then it clicked. The wrinkled face held more lines than the last time he had seen him, his hair was now thinner and whiter and he no longer stood tall, instead he was stooped in old age but there was no mistaking his mouth, his jaw and his eyes.

Danny watched as his partner's frown disappeared slightly and his eyebrows rose, a look of recognition covering his face as he stared at the old man. "Steve," he got his partner's attention, though the former SEAL kept his stare focused on the man in front of him. "You know this man?"

Steve allowed his eyes to flick briefly to his partner as he nodded once before his focus went back to the man and the emotion seemed to fade from his face as he put his emotional barriers in place, a point Danny didn't fail to notice.

Steve looked at the man a moment longer before he spoke, keeping his voice even. "Jacob Hayes."

The old man almost flinched as Steve said his name and his sad smile made another appearance as he replied softly, "So you do recognise me."

Danny had a hard time reading his partner's face but it seemed to resemble the look Steve had worn for days after he had found out his mother had been murdered; anguish, anger, repression all rolled into one hard exterior in an attempt to hide it. "Steve, who is this man?"

Steve remained focused on Jacob Hayes as he answered Danny's question. "He's my Grandfather."



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