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She was happy, just the way she was

"Tyler?" she stuttered. "You're here? I-in New York?"

He smiles

"A simple hug could have done it, Baby Girl."

She had good friends

"Happy Birthday!" the Pirates screamed when Moose flicked on the lights. Anala and Luke were each holding an end of a large cake that read 'Happy Birthday, Cammie!', the Ticks were blowing on noise makers, the Twins were standing on the table tapping their feet, and everybody was wearing party hats.

She couldn't have felt more loved.

Her boyfriend truly loved her

"You look absolutely Gorgeous, Camille." He whispered in her ear as the city lights danced in her eyes. He grabbed her waist, and pulled her close to his body. There was no where else where she wanted to be.

"How cliché would it be if I kissed you, right about now?"

And she was exactly where she was supposed to be

"The city is pretty loud today, huh Cam?" Moose asked her.

She smiles.

"But that exactly the reason why I wanted to come to NYU in the first place."

It was all supposed to be perfect, but then it wasn't

Her eyes gaped open. No, this wasn't right. Tyler was just kidding. He is going to start laughing right now, and then she will punch him in the arm as usual. This couldn't be happening. She needed to count to ten, and then wake up.

But there was no waking up

"I'm not going to let anybody hurt you." He told her, her fingers running through his widely curly hair.

"When you're with me, Your always safe."

"What if I don't believe you?" she asked him.

"Then make me believe that you are truly strong enough to get through this on your own."

It all comes down to who is truly there for her.

"Moose wont stay with you forever, you know." She told Camille. Her perfectly straightened hair was intimidating, and her fit figure scared the hell out of her. Maybe she was right. Maybe Moose wanted this instead of her. But then she realized something, it didn't even matter what Moose wanted. She wasn't letting this bitch win.

"Maybe your right," Camille agreed. "But yet again, he hasn't gotten rid of me yet."

After all the years of pain, and anger

"You destroyed her! Don't you get that?! Face it! The only one who can fix her is me, and I have been fixing her since the day I met her!" Moose screamed.

Camille was shocked. She has seen Moose angry before, but he has never done anything like this.

Yet, she didn't care. She let him scream. The bastard deserved it.

Camille Gage's sanity goes out the window

She doesn't know what to do, so she cries into his chest. For hours, she sobs, just having him hold her and waiting until she cries all of her tears. That way, she can go back to being angry. Soon enough, anyway.

"I'm here. You're okay. It's all going to be okay."

With the words she's been dreading for years

"Your father is out of prison, Camille."