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The bell rang and I got up from the sofa to get the door.

I looked left, right and straight forward but didn't see anyone. But as I looked down, I saw a letter... It had a red skull... ERIK! But wait! It also had a long rectangular box beside it.

It's been 5 years already... 'Why now?' I thought. But that's not what scared me. I've read in the newspaper that 'The Phantom of the opera is dead' and I even believed it.

I trembled there looking at the red skull.

"Wha' ever is the matter dearie?" I heard Paige's cockney accent (A/N: I'm not cockney... But I love pretending to be cockney at home... I know it sounds stupid but hey! Don't we have crazy and embarassing secrets? xD) and jumped.

I turned around seeing her, Adelaide and Kathleen standing behind me. I showed them the envelope and they all gasped. I told Kathleen and Adelaide that my brother is the phantom and Paige found out because the secret slipped out of Kathleen's lips.

"I thought he was dead!" Kathleen exclaimed. "Shut up! No one knows we know him!" Adelaide hissed.

"I don't know how and why but I think this is going to be bad." I shook.

We walked to the kitchen and I sat down. I heard my stomach rumbling. I forgot! We skipped breakfast to prank on Margarite and her friends.

"I'm so hungry." I stated. "Here, have li'l bi' of bread" Paige gave me some bread. And I read the letter while I ate.

Dear Sarah,

I know this is a week early but "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" I can't believe you're turning 16. You're a big girl already

I have seen where you are you are at the "Madame Griselle's Orphanage for Girls" am I right? Do you have friends there? I hope you are not giving up on your dream. Look, I apologize for not being the brother you want me to be. I know it's been 5 years since the incident. And you're probably thinking how you got this letter.

I miss you Sarah and please never forget that I love you and I never wanted to let you go but it was for your own safety. I have to move to America with the Girys but I promise with all my heart I would write a letter to you. And don't forget the box I put beside this envelope.

O.G. Your brother

I wiped the tears away from my eyes as I looked at my friends.

Kathleen ran to me and hugged me and later we all shared a group hug.

"Well why don't you open the box?" Adelaide asked me.

"I'm not so sure abou' that!" Paige said.

I opened the box anyway. It was a necklace! The pendant was just a plain diamond. But the one that makes it so unique is that whenever it hits the sunlight, it glows and looks like it was shooting out fireworks.

"It's beautiful!" The girls said.

"What is this!?" Margarite and her 'henchwomen' as Kathleen would call them, came in.

"NOTHING!" We all yelped. Margarite strutted to the table and grabbed the envelope and gasped.

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