Prisoners sat huddled together in their cells, eight to a cell. The halls were lined with convicts and criminals. Catharian troopers patrolled the halls, guns held at the ready. The prisoners glared at their captors as they paced up and down the hallway, waiting for a moment to strike. And something of that caliber wasn't far off.

When the guards had finished patrolling their end of the hallway, one of the cells rehuddled together. Two of the prisoner were Rhionian, one male and the other female, famed horned warriors of the system of Grent. Four were Goliaks, the race of two foot tall goblin like thieves who stole from pirates and returned prized possessions to their owners free of charge. Another was a mist walker, a race of people who could pass through any substance without disturbance. The last was of the same race as the guards of the prison, a Catharian from the Catharian Empire named Carda. For that reason alone, he was scheduled for execution. But what he had done had sentenced him to stellar exposure, a form of slow execution by being fired directly at a star. If starvation during the trip wouldn't kill you, the heat would.

Catharians were furry humanoids with bushy tails and wolf-like ears. They wore sleeveless hooded shirts and knee high boots over baggy pants. They were well built and stronger than most in both will and strength. Some were even as strong as weaker Tamaranians. But their fighting nature was unrivaled by any known in the galaxy. They used to be famous for their heroic last stands from which they emerged victorious over their adversaries. But things had changed.

"The plan is simple. Scarah will smash through the door. The Goliaks job will be to free the other prisoners. This will cause the guards loads of problems trying to coral all of us back into our cells. Ghorn and Breathe will shut down the control bridge monitoring the security of the compound. I'll help what ever prisoners I can along the way. The more of us fleeing all at once, the better chance at least one of us prisoners has at escaping. Every man for himself so that we can all help each other." Carda said scetching out the plan of attack in the dust on the floor.

"So kid, you think your idea will work?" asked the Rhionian with a savage scar across his horned snout.

"One shot's better than no shot." Carda replied, eyes shadowed by his hood. The four Goliaks smiled to one another remembering their part in the plan.

The mist walker merely nodded and said "I wish to die on my feet rather than in the pit searching for shards of hope. Of all our causes, yours my friend is most honorable. I would gladly take my stand beside you."

"Thank you." Carda nodded sincerely.

"He's right kid. You're one of the few people who deserves to escape this place." Ghorn added.

"Lets just hope I do." Carda said with a sigh.

"Then lets make it Rumble!" Said the Female Rhionian named Scarah and slammed the cell door with her horn, smashing through it and sending metal bars everywhere. The four Goliaks immediately rushed to the other cell doors and picked the locks with alarming speed. Prisoners walked out slightly surprised at first, and then took as much advantage of the freedom as they could get their hands on. Hundreds of prisoners began flooding into the hallways as the Goliaks picked the locks of the cell doors open. Carda took the shoulder of one of the slower prisoners and helped him in his escape. Alarms wailed overhead, prisoners yelled and shouted, heading in all directions.

"Carda my boy, leave me, I'll make it." the slow and old prisoner insisted. Carda shook his head.

"Won't make it most likely any way. Might as well help you." Carda insisted.

"You don't understand. My Cell mate will help me, he's coming around the corner." The man insisted. Sure enough, a burely Rhionian Carda had never met before came around the corner and picked up the elderly man in his massive arms. Carda nodded and ran on his own, following the crowd of escaping prisoners. Only he knew exactly where he was going unlike the rest. He was headed for the hangars.

Carda ran past a window, and paused to look out. Apparently he was in a four story tower. The window looked out over the writhing courtyard where prisoners were trying to escape in sheer mass. That would never work. the only escape they could do is if they made a move for the hangars. Flying out in a combat fighter was easier than walking out unarmed. And he wasn't the only one who thought the hangars were a good idea. Other prisoners were hurrying to the hangar wing of the complex. One of his Goliak cell mates ran up behind him.

"Carda, we've dismantled the forcefield barrier and shut down all combat turrets on the base. You'll be clear when you reach the hangar." He said cheerily.

"Thanks for everything." Carda said gratefully. The Goliak merely smiled.

"I am merely happy that you do not judge me for a hideous thief and think me your equal." He replied in his odd little way of speaking and hurried off to free more prisoners.

Carda sprinted into the hangar bay wing, where prisoners were scrambling to figure out how to fly the Catharian fighters. He climbed up the boarding ladder and into one of the cock pits, closing the cockpit hatch behind himself. Other prisoners were beginning to figure out the controls and began to one after another glide out of the hangar and out to freedom. Carda initiated the launch sequence and sped out of the hangar and over the court yard, cannons firing round after round into the main gates tearing them apart. Cheers sounded below as one more obstacle was removed from their path to freedom. Only that got Carda too much attention. Four Imperium combat fighters flew in behind him and opened fire on his tail. He grimaced and broke into a tail spin and pulled back up and over his pursuit, flying upside down. When the pursuing fighter came around, Carda was already activating his light speed drives. The fighters tried to shoot at him but he was already gone.

"Commander, one of them escaped to light speed." The lead fighter pilot announced." We're unable to track him." The commander reclined in his chair, shadowed by the gloom of his seat.

"We don't need to track him when we already know where he's going." The commander said with a ruthless grin." Plot a course for earth. You will find it fairly easy to resume your pursuit."