Raven sat on her bed reading her book, trying to block out the nonsense that the tower seemed to radiate on an almost hourly basis. However, the team accepted her and that was something no one else had ever done for her. Ever. Sure, they may not understand where she was coming from when she said something, but they at least tried and didn't shy away from her in light of the facts. And then there was Carda. They hadn't really talked, or at all really. He seemed so relaxed and friendly though. He didn't seem to struggle with his emotions the way she had to. At least that's how it had seemed at first. But then again, she sensed he was hiding something. And she intended to look into it. Right after this chapter. And the next. One more couldn't hurt. Then the world suddenly jolted her out of the words on the page and into the annoying and almost nonexistent knock on her door. NO one entered her room, which meant NO one disturbed her. Or at least that had been the system for a while now. She exhaled venting her irritation and walked over to the door.

When she opened it Carda was standing on the other side, one of her books tucked under his arm.

"Hey, you left this lying around in the mission room and I kinda read through it. Sorry, here's it back." He said embarrassedly and handed it towards her. Raven raised an eyebrow.

"What did you think?" She asked as she recognized the label on the spine identified it as one of her moreā€¦ advanced books. Or as Beast Boy would aggravatingly say, creepy.

"It was good. Actually it explains some of the strange phenomena incorporated in the Dark Catharian tomes of Dethorantar as well as some of the grey areas on my unique condition." Carda said earnestly.

"Really?" Raven asked in her mildly interested voice.

"Yeah, especially the flawed connections between the will and control my mind has over my powers. I didn't realize that it could stem from certain levels of confusion under relatively delicate conditions." Carda said.

"Come in, I need to talk." Raven said standing aside and letting him in.

"Cozy place you got her with all your books at your fingers." Carda mentioned as he looked around. That caught Raven off guard considering that there were so many unnerving images and symbols throughout her room and what he picked out first was her books.

"What about the other stuff." Raven asked addressing the statues of grotesques around her room. Carda shrugged.

"Reminds me of the temple ruins of Starnak 3. Only prettier. Much prettier." Carda joked looking at one of the more distorted ones.

"You're wierd." Raven murmured audibly.

"And you're not? Or at least in the eyes of our comrades."

"I keep my mouth shut. I don't talk to people so people don't talk to me. But you willingly engage in conversation. Why?"

"It's a whole lot better than killing them." Carda said answering her question poorly. Only Raven couldn't really deny he had a point since he didn't have a point.

"Why are you so distant and yet diverse? From what I've read, you understand some really interesting stuff, not all of it out of even Beast Boy's understanding."

"My emotions control my powers. Letting them out activates my magic. They affect their ability to be effective." Raven replied.

"So you don't interact because you're afraid of the repercussions of interest affecting your feelings? Raven, talking and showing ones feelings are very different. Talking portrays a given feeling, whether it's yours or not. I never tell anyone but my brother Shafeth since he can read my thoughts and vice versa any ways. Just because you can't be friendly doesn't mean you can't act it. Talking is always one big act any way. It's all a matter of whether you tell the truth or not." Carda said, picking up a green crystal from it's pedestal.

"You mean you act like you're happy? Why?" Raven asked curious.

"We work better together as a pose to alone. Trust increases the efficiency of this unity. Some of the greatest armies in my peoples history overcame superior power simply through trust. Being open and friendly strengthens that trust. It provides a sense of understanding as a pose to confusion from things like detachment. As long as the Team trusts one another, odds are dwarfed by odds. There is no benefit to size or power. That's why I am so open with everyone. It reassures them I am on their side. Detachment simply broods fear and divides groups." Carda said and set the crystal back.

"Where did you learn all of this?" Raven asked slightly stunned.

There was a long silence and Carda finally responded."My father."

"The one you are at war with?"

"Yeah. War. Funny thing how the ideas of both good and evil blend together into the harshness of reality." Carda chuckled slightly and looked over to Raven."My powers are governed by my anger and desire. The two in my peoples eyes are inseparable. In your tongue, it would translate as "The blind rage for destruction" or the Shat-Kriit in my language."

"Your emotions control you powers too."

"Only mine are only affected by the feeling of Shat-Kriit. All other emotions are at my command."

"You aren't much different than me. Or any of us for that matter. Is that why you wanted to warn us about the Invasion?" Raven asked. Carda took a deep breathe.

"In all honesty, yes. You are another race of being with heightened intelligence so an alliance would be advisable. But you're also more than that. I see our own race in you. In your actions. I see something that has not resembled us so similarly in all of eternity. I see the next great race of beings that will surely surpass the Neo-Catharian Empire. And I intend to see it flourishes." Carda replied.

Suddenly the alarm sounded again. Carda frowned. Robin was outside the door.

"Sorry to tell you this guys, but we have a crime streak. Cinder block is on the move."