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disclaimer: I can't draw as good as Mashima-san, so if Fairy Tail, by any chance, belonged to me, it would look like crap.
summary: Because, as they say, you can only know how the other feels if you're in their shoes.

It was the week of Fairy Tail's annual play. Every member of the guild put a lot of effort into creating the play, working together harmoniously (because if they didn't, they'll have a personal meeting with Erza and her swords, and was it mentioned how sharp they were?). The sets were built by the Make mages, under the leadership of Gray and Reedus. The girls handled the costumes, the advertisements and promotions. Others who couldn't contribute to either would man ticket booths during the day of the event. The play's screenplay was under the direction of Mirajane, with the assistance of Erza in putting things in order. It was a very well-organized play and everything was perfect.

Except for the fact that the two main characters were not talking to each other, much less acknowledging each other's presence. Lucy—donned in Natsu's too-big long-sleeve-no-sleeve attire, nose burrowed under the white scarf—had her arms crossed in front of her chest, indignantly looking away while Natsu—wearing Lucy's signature sleeveless white-and-striped-blue top, and, much to his annoyance, the matching blue skirt and knee-high boots (Gray, as expected, teased him about it, and Natsu damn well made sure to get back at him by destroying the set he made and telling Erza that the ice mage would love to wear a costume like his, assuring Gray's future humiliation)—grumbled and directed a glare on the other side. There was a tense atmosphere between them.

"Natsu, Lucy, you two have to make up and act each other out. Now."

Natsu glared at the speaker. "Why would I—"

"What was that, Natsu?"

And he was met fiercely with Erza's dominantly more frightening glare. Realizing his mistake, he gulped and shakily said, "A-aye, Erza!" For the first time that day, he glanced at Lucy, a plotting smirk at his face. "Only if Lucy does it, too."

Beside him, Lucy sputtered, then narrowed her eyes at him, a look that could rival even Erza's piercing stare. If his mind wasn't set on defying her, a chill would've been sent down his spine. Then again, she wouldn't give him that look if he wasn't so defiant.

Mirajane clapped her hands excitedly at what could be considered their first interaction that day. "Alright, let's start the scene!"

With no other choice, Natsu and Lucy walked closer towards each other, irritation still etched on their faces. Lucy's eyes went to the script, and briefly before she spoke, a curled smirk passed her lips.

"Oh, I'm Natsu," she said in her best impression of Natsu's voice, "and I'm impulsive and an idiot who doesn't think before I do anything."

Natsu, still thinking Lucy was saying lines from the script, went on with what he was supposed to say. "Of course I am, Nat—What?! No, I'm not!"

"Yes, I am," she shot back.

"Fine," Natsu said, "Then I'm Lucy and I locked the window to my apartment so you had to sleep at your own house!"

"Well, if I just swallowed my pride and used the door to apologize to you, then maybe you wouldn't be mad at me anymore and we could be cuddling on your couch!"

Natsu was slightly taken aback at that (because, really, she had a point, and he really wanted to cuddle her if they weren't mad at each other), oblivious to the stares of a red-faced Erza and a Mirajane wearing a smile that said she knew everything they did. He managed to keep his bearings and retort hotly. "Why should you apologize to me? What did you do wrong?"

"I did something stupid in the job we just did!"

"And what was that?!"

"Oh, nothing, I just destroyed the whole town so we had to repay with the reduced pay we received."

"I think I should understand that you can't stop yourself from destroying a damn town!"

Lucy scoffed. "I was also the reason our pay was reduced."

Natsu's eyes widened, then proceeded to hide the movement by looking anywhere but Lucy. "It wasn't that bad," he said in a voice meeker than his other responses.

She put her hands on her hips, glaring at him. "Oh yeah?" she asked, rhetoric and irritated, "I punched our client in the face and broke some of his ribs!"

"I was only protecting what's mine!" he shouted, and upon seeing the widening of the three girls' eyes, averted his gaze to the side and pouted, arms crossed in front of his chest.

A moment of silence passed when none of them spoke. "Natsu," Lucy's tone was softer now, and he knew she wasn't angry at him anymore. He let himself relax. "Were you jealous?"

"I didn't like how he was looking at you." He scrunched his face. "Then I started getting angry inside, and when he gave you that 'goodbye hug' and 'accidentally' went lower, I couldn't control myself anymore."

Surprise flitted in his face when Lucy wrapped her arms around his waist. He quickly returned the embrace. "Natsu, that was reckless and impulsive," she started, making him think that she was still mad at him (then again, he told himself, she won't be hugging him if she still was), "But it was cute and sweet. I'm sorry for getting mad at you." She laid her head on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry, too, for not getting you your rent this month," he said, embrace tightening, "But let's not fight anymore, please? I miss sleeping on your bed and maybe I also miss cuddling on the couch."

"How about we do that now?" Lucy smiled, much too innocent to be genuinely innocent. Together, they walked out the guild and made their way towards Lucy's house.

Below the stage stood the only spectators and witnesses to what happened between Natsu and Lucy. Erza's face remained as red as her scarlet hair, and Mirajane wailed. "No! I wasn't able to record it!"

The requip mage, managing to regain her composure moments after, turned to the barmaid with a serious, no-nonsense expression. "That's not our biggest problem right now."

Looking at the empty stage in horror, Mirajane wailed once more. "We haven't practiced the play!"

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