Hi everyone. Sorry it's been so long, I've had a rough couple of months. Short chapter, also sorry about that.

The day I met Squee was a pretty interesting day. I hummed quietly as I went about my daily chores. A smile flitted across my face as I thought of asking Nny about going to the club again, or just going out for a walk. I scrubbed the counters, put away the dishes, and wiped the blood from the mornings capture off the floor. A loud knock at the door caught my attention, and I frowned. A visitor? Who would be coming to visit us?

"Sybil!" Came Nnys voice from somewhere in the dungeons. "Get the door, I'll be up in a minute!" His cry was followed by a loud squelching noise and a chorus of voices shouting 'Oh My GOD!', as well as the un-mistakable splash of vomit.

I smirked and opened the door, to find a small child on our doorstep. He clutched a ragged, scary-looking teddy bear, and his eyes took up the majority of his face. He was very pale, and stared down at his shoes. ''I-Is the Scary Neighbor Man home?'' He squeaked, his wide eyes getting even wider.

I stood stock still. This was just a kid…should I send him away? What if Nny doesn't like kids? What if-

"Squeegee!" I spun around to find Nny right behind me. He was spattered with blood, but his arms were held wide apart as if for a hug, a huge grin plastered on his face. "You came to visit!" The kid squealed at the sight of the blood splattered all over Nny, causing him to look at his clothes. "Oh! Right, the blood. Don't worry, it's not mine. So what brings you around to visit?"

"D-Daddy told me to go play in traffic, but there was no traffic, so I came to see you." He hid behind his teddy bear, eyeing me sheepishly. "Who's the lady?"

Nny grinned wider. "Introduction time! Squeegee, meet Sybil. She came out of my head while I was sleeping. Sybil, meet Squee. He lives next door and was born completely free of my involvement, to the best of my knowledge."

I knelt down in front of Squee. "Hello, Squee. It's nice to meet you." He smiled a bit, then turned very pale.

"Are you crazy like Nny?" He whispered.

"Nah," Nny piped up from behind us. Squee looked relieved, until Nny finished with, "She's crazy in a different way."

"EEEEEEK!" Squee let out a sharp squeal and ran outside. Nny went to the door and leaned outside, waving.

''Bye Squee! Have a good day!'' He smiled and shut the door, turning on his heel to head down to the dungeons. "Hey Sybil, when I'm done down here could you help me clean up? There is a LOT of vomit."

I smiled and grabbed a bucket and mop, and followed him. Nny likes kids, I thought to myself. Cool.