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I wake up in the morning feeling very drowsy. I lay in bed as long as I can, but that does not last very long. Soon I can hear Miss Heliotrope knocking on the door saying "Maria dear breakfast is ready!" I sit up and rub my eye's, trying to wake up.

"Great! I will be out in a moment." I told her. I could hear her faint click-clack of her shoes on the floor. I push the blanket off my legs and shiver from the cold. I quickly dress in skinny denim pants and a long sleeve, pulling a warm leather jacket over my slender bodice, lacing my boots up in record time. Even though girls are not meant to wear pants here in london, I don't care what people think.

Anyway, today I am going to be traveling to Moonacre in a carriage for a long while. I throw my blanket and pillows in a large box, that people will collect later.

I walk down the stairs and into the dining room where toast and porridge were out. I went to sit down in my regular seat when I hear a gasp.

I roll my eyes. Miss Heliotrope stutters when speaking "Maria, w-what are y-you wearing?" I sit and start putting stuff on my plate. "I decided I'm going to wear my pants since It's rather cold outside and I am going to be stuck in a carriage all day." I explain. She wants to complain but can't find anything to argue about so she just sits and we eat.

"So how long are we riding in the carriage?" I ask.

She swallows and replies "Only eight hours, good thing we're not traveling anywhere else." She manages to pull a cheery facade. I don't believe it.

After breakfast and everything is loaded into the carriages, Me and Miss Heliotrope look back at the house with her arm around my shoulder. "Who knows? This could be good for us!" She tries to make this into a good thing.

I scoff and humor her. I say "Yeah, maybe." I look back at my home while we are riding away. I sigh and know this is gonna be a long ride.

I slide down in my seat and fall asleep easily.

Ariving at the Merryweathers

I am awoke when the carriage lurches forward and Miss Heliotrope shrieks. I fall into the floor. I groan, pushing myself up. Hearing a thud on the roof of the carriage I stick my head out the window only to be pulled out by none other than leather and bowler hat boy. I scream "Let go of me!" I'm almost slipping off the roof when I feel hands around my legs, Miss Heliotrope pulling me down.

Some where between the struggle and my screams I fall onto the ground. I cough and hold my stomach in pain. My face scrunches up. I hear a thud and screams. My vision goes hazy and I start shivering. Why? I'm not sure, I mean It's not absolutely cold, just colder than usual.

I feel warm arms evenlope me and I draw closer to it, thinking It's Miss Heliotrope resting my head on the chest. I feel like I'm being lifted. I freeze, knowing very well Miss Heliotrope cannot carry me.

The walking turns to running. My Instincs kick in, my eye's open and I start slapping and punching as hard as I can. The end result? I get dropped. Bowler hat boy was the one carrying me. I crawl to my legs and bolt into the carriage and we're moving again

"Robin get her!" One of the other bandits scream at who I assume to be robin. I look out the window and notice the gates closing and a fuming robin holding onto the bars. I smile and wave tauntingly. What I failed to notice was that my head was bleeding really bad.

I collapse in the carriage floor, passed out.

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