Since I have a obsession with Fragile Dreams, I shall write a story about it :3 Now, I have just seen the english version, and I think the voices are well casted. Anyway, let's get started! ^^ Btw, this is set after the game ended, and when Ren...Nvm, lets just say it's about 1 year later.

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"...Hm...? Where...Where am I...?" My head was spinning. It felt like a dryer set on the highest setting, pounding clothes from side to side. I also felt my eyes were heavy. I didn't sleep THAT long did I? I don't usually sleep in long on the weekends. As I regained some energy to open my eyes, I heard something fall behind me. I jolted upright and turned around quickly, but the room was too dark to see. I rubbed my eyes to see that I still couldn't see through the black darkness. I hated the dark, ever since I was a little kid, so I stood up and tried to find a source of light. My foot hit a solid object and I knelt to pick it up. It felt like a rectangular object, and after feeling it for a minute or two, I realized it was my cellphone. "Oh thank goodness..." I turned it on, and went to my flashlight app. I put the flashlight app on the third and highest setting, and looked around. Shockingly, I found myself not in my room, but in a rundown warehouse. I felt panic set in as I looked around some more. "Wait...Oh ok. I get it, I'm dreaming." I said to myself, laughing in my head. I always had dreams like this. I absolutely hated them, and the thought of being alone made me even more nervous. I saw a table filled with items, and as I walked over, I realized that it was some of my things. My laptop and it's charger, sketch pad and pencils, my theater jacket from high-school, a roll of bandages, and even a few extra batteries for my phone incase the power ran out. I tilted my head in confusion, wondering what all these things were doing in my dream. I decided to take them all with me, but first I needed to find a bag. I shined my flashlight around the room, and found an old-looking bag in the corner. I walked over and picked it up, seeing that it was a little dirty and dusty, but actually in good condition. I smiled as I brought it back over to the table, and placed all the items in it. I decided to see if there was a way out, since there's always a way out in dreams; including waking up. Though I don't think my mind wants to wake up just yet. I looked around and saw a door that had the sign, 'Storage', on it. "Worth a shot." I said and walked over to it. I jiggled the knob a little and saw that it was open. I smiled as I walked inside the room, though I wish I didn't.

The room was stocked with maniqune looking dolls. "What...What the...?" This dream just kept getting stranger...And more horrifying. I absolutely HATED maniqunes, especially the ones with faces...They just look like they're ready to pounce on you...I carefully walked through the room, making sure that I kept away from the creepy dolls. Then, when I shown my light in the middle of the room, I jumped. There, in the middle of the room, was a boy! I shook like I fell in an ice-cold river. I knew what was going to happen next. The boy was going to jump at me with glowing red eyes and sharp teeth and cause my dream to end and me jolting up in bed, scared as heck. I stood there, shaking like a leaf, for about two minutes, but as time passed, I started to calm down. He was just...sitting there. His head drooped down, like he was just sleeping. I tilted my head and cautiously walked over, slowly making my way towards him. I looked at him closely, and brought a shaking hand to his face. I shut my eyes tight, awaiting him to wake up and make me open my eyes in my room. But, to my surprize, this didn't happen. He remained in that position, not moving. I blinked a few times, and realized that his skin was ice-cold. I went wide-eyed, was this boy dead? I sure hope not. I looked at him closely, and saw that my phone shined on his face, making it glow somewhat...I then touched his wrist to check for a pulse, but I instead felt something weird. I pointed my cellphone light towards it, and saw that some of his skin on his hand was peeling off, but it didn't show muscle. It showed bits of metal and some small wires. I stood up in shock and disbelief. Was he...Not human at all? I slapped myself mentally, of course he was! Though...Maybe my dream was playing tricks on me...And why the hell was I even doing all this? This is a dream...Not reality. It only feels real, like all the rest...I decided to look him over anyway, not really caring anymore when I woke up or not. Then, I saw a small socket near the top of his neck, completely concealed by his hair. Lucky my cellphone loves shining on metal objects or I wouldn't have noticed it. 'This must be his charger socket.' I thought for a moment. "But...How the heck am I supposed to charge him up with no char-" I suddenly remembered that my recharger for my laptop was in my bag. I pulled it out and then tried to fit it in the socket. To my surprize, and relief, the plug fit. "Yes!" That was too easy. "Now all I need to do is plug him in, and...Wait...Are there even any plugs around here...?" I had then noticed that plugging my charger in him WAS too easy. Now I had to search this room for a plug socket, in an eroded wall, that probably didn't EVEN EXSIST...I was really beginning to hate this stupid dream...I hated it to BEGIN with...

I left the charger next to the boy, and walked around the room. I doubted there was a plug socket, but I just figured that I'd wear myself out and wake up. I tried to avoid the creepy dolls as best I could, looking around the room. Unfortionatly, I didn't find anything. I groaned in annoyance, walking back to the lifeless body of the boy and sat next to him. "I wonder how long you've been here..." I said out load. Oh great, now I'm talking to a dead robot...I MUST be going crazy in this dream. Even so, I decided to keep talking. "Days? Weeks?...Years? It seems like it. Your skin on your hand is falling off...I wonder what you were like..." I turned to him. "You seem like the type who loves pranks and adventures..." I saw a crow's feather pinned on his chest. I chuckled slightly, "I guess you must've loved crows...I prefer cardinals myself..." I sighed, leaning backwards on the wall. "Truth be told, I wish you could talk. It's getting kinda lonely in this dream..." I then stood up and was about to take out my charger from his neck, when I realized that I hadn't check the other room yet. I slapped myself mentally and left my charger where it was. I stood up, walking out of the room and shined my cellphone on each wall in the other room. I looked under everywhere to see if I could find a socket. When I was about to give up, I heard a meow. I spun my head in the direction it came from, and saw a cat sitting a little ways from me. I blinked and smiled, "Oh hello there. Well, at least there's SOMEthing good about this dream..." The cat then stood up and walked away, fading into the blackness. "W-Wait!" I stood up and ran in the direction it went and stopped when I saw it jump up on a table and faced a plug socket. It's head turned to me and mewed again. I smiled widely and walked over to pet it. "Good kitty. Thank you." I then walked into the doll filled room and tried to pick up the boy. Though, he wasn't the lightess person in the world..."GAH! For a human looking robot you sure are heavy!" I had to drag him into the other room, and thanks to the cat, I found it again. I sat the boy up against the wall and plug the recharger in. Nothing happened for about a minute, and I was starting to wonder if this would actually work...Then, after about 5 minutes of waiting, I heard him groan. I gave myself a high-five mentally, a proud look on my face.

He opened his eyes slowly and I knelt to see if he was ok. "Excuse me?" I asked. His head jolted up and gasped, jolting away from me.

"Wh-Wha...? Wh-Who are you?" I blinked and said,

"O-Oh. You were out of power, so I plugged my charger into you." He looked at me like I had grown two heads. He felt the back of his neck and blinked. He calmed down a little and looked at me.

"Oh. You're charging me up. Huh...Thanks I guess. I wonder how long I've slept..." He looked at the ceiling and continued. "I wonder how he's doing..." I tilted my head a little.

"Who?" He crossed his arms and pointed is head in another direction.

"None of your business." I felt my eye twitch. That little brat!

"Y-You little...! Don't I deserve to know who they are?! I brought you back after all!" He blinked, then rolled his eyes

"Why should I? Although you brought me back, we barely know each other. So why should I tell you anything?" I opened my mouth, pointing my finger up to say something, but my mouth closed as I sighed.

"You...have a point there." He gave me a cocky smile and said,

"I always have a point! Like this one. You look extremely weird!" I glared at him, fire in my eyes.

"A-And what's wrong with the way I look?! I look like this everyday!"

"Not you in general, dummy. Your clothes, they look weird." I looked down at my blouse. It was a blue, sleeveless blouse with a collar wrapped around my neck. I had a necklace with a snowflake charm which had a diamond in the middle. My pants were skin-tight which also had a belt in the hip hoops.

"And...What's so weird about them?"

"I haven't seen clothes like that before."

"So you were awake before." He looked at me and scoffed,

"Well DUH. Haven't I already clarified that?" I gave him a stern look, and said,

"Uh...Not really...All you said was that you wondered how someone was doing. Whom of which I still don't know of." He glared at me,

"And I'm not telling you!" I jolted at his sudden change in voice,

"W-Woah calm down! If you don't wanna tell me, you don't have to." He looked at me, his glare slowly fading. He then looked down and sighed,

"...Sorry. I guess I'm on edge...I don't know how long I've been asleep and also...The person I'm worried about is a bit of a cry baby." I smiled, finally actually getting somewhere,

"I see. Say, can I at least know your name?" He looked at me again, pondering the thought.

"...Nah..." My smile faded. Well, so much for getting somewhere..."But I think I'll at least give you something...For helping me." I looked at him and shook my head.

"N-No, you don't have to."

"But I'll feel guilty is I don't...And I don't wanna feel like that now..."

"Why not give me your name?" I joked, sort of...He gave a look, and I sighed, giving up. He obviously didn't trust me enough for that. "Ok ok." After sitting for a while, I unplugged him and he stood up stretching.

"Dah, my body feels so stiff..." He then noticed his hand and stared at it. "I...I must've been asleep for a while...My skin is falling off..." I looked at it, then remembered that I had picked up some bandages from the other room. I took it, making him jump a little.

"I think I can fix it." I got the bandages out from my bag and started wrapping his hand. "I may not be able to fix the skin, but at least I can do this." I finished wrapping up the hand, and he looked at it curiously.

"Thanks...I suppose you still want to know my name..." I shook my head,

"No it's ok. Besides you've made it obvious that-""It's a type of bird." I blinked in confusion,


"It's a hint. I might not want to tell you my name, but at least I can give you that much." I gave him a small smile.

"Some hint. There are tons of birds..." He just stared at me,

"What are you talking about? There are only a few types." I stared back, more confused than ever.

"Huh? That's not true. Birds are everywhere!" He tilted his head.

"Uh no...Ever since the world became empty-""W-Wha?" I was starting to become nervous. What did he mean?

"You don't know? The world's been empty for a while now. Have you been sleeping too?" I continue to stare, then laughed.

"Oh I get it. I'm still dreaming! I can't believe I almost believed that!" I saw the boy was giving me another confused look.

"Dreaming...? Trust me, your wide awake." I continued to laugh, but it was more nervous as I noticed the seriousness in his voice,

"C-Come on, that's not funny..."

"If you were sleeping, would this hurt?" He pinched the top of my hand, and I let out a yelp. As he let go, I came to the horrifying conclusion...I WAS awake...But...But where in the world was I? He noticed my horrified experesion at said,

"Hey. You alright?" I jolted out of my thoughts and looked at him.

"Y-Yes...Maybe...I...I don't know...I have no idea where I am..."

"You're in the place where I was born. Or made to be exact." I understood what he meant, him being a robot and all.

"Oh ya...Your a robot." He glared at me.

"For your information, I'm not a 'robot'. I'm an AI."


"I read it some where. I think it said, 'Artifical Intellegince.'"

"Oh! I've heard of those before!" I said, but my excitment soon faded. "But...Wait a minute...Back where I'm from there are no AI's..." He crossed his arms, looking at me.

"Where you're from? I guess you're not from around here."

"I...I don't understand this at all...All I remember was me drawing in my sketch pad and-""You wanna get out of here right? Then follow me." I saw him walk past me towards the door. I turned to face him, but did not follow. He looked back at me. "You coming or what?" I nodded and followed him out the door. As we wandered through the big building, I wondered if this really happening. This had to be a dream...It had to be...But if it was, why do I feel so awake. More importantly, why did I feel I needed to be here? Why would anyone want to be in a world with no people left...We continued to walk with eachother, not really saying anything. Mostly because I was so over-whelmed with all that was happening. We then made it outside, and I went extremely wide eyed. Everything was either decaying, covered in plant life, or falling apart. The boy walked in front of me,

"Hey. Hey! Hello?!" I jumped up a little, and looked at him.

"So...This is what the world looks like?" He nodded.

"Ya. Nothing much too it. Why? Were you expecting something normal?" I opened my mouth to say something, but stopped myself. I knew I was going to get more questions then answers...

"N-No..." He simply shrugged and said,

"Ok." He faced a pathway going off into the moonlight. "Welp, this is were we go our sepreate ways." As he started to walk away, I lifted up a hand to stop him.

"W-Wait a minute! You're just gonna leave me?" He faced me,

"Ya, I have a lot things to take care of. Having you with me will only slow me down." I was about to yell at him, when he walked back to me. "Though, before I forget, here." He took out a red and black feather, and held it out to me. I looked at the feather and took it,

"Thank you." It felt soft and smooth to the touch.

"I had a feeling you liked cardenals. So you can have that." I looked at him and smiled.

"It's lovely. Thanks again. I placed the feather in my ponytail, smiling at him.

"You really wanna go off by yourself? What if you need to be charged again?" He placed his hand behind his head and said,

"Nah, my battery is full now. I've lived pretty long on a charged battery." I sighed, knowing my plan to make him come with me had failed miserably.

"But...Thanks for waking me up. Make sure you solve that riddle when we meet again."

"You sure that we'll see eachother again?"

"Of course. Friends always see eachother again. And we're friends now." I stared at him, then smiled.

"Ok. Oh! I'm Sarah by the way." He chuckled an said,

"That's a weird name!" I gave him a jokeing glare and said,

"Hey!" We both laughed as he waved his hand.

"Kay, see you aroud Sarah!" He then jumped up onto a poll and front flipped into the distance, cheering as he left. I was surprised by his reflexes, but simply smiled and walked the other way.

I walked for what seemed like hours. Though, I didn't really know the time. I looked at my cellphone's clock, and it said,

"O-One in the morning?!" I exclaimed. I placed the phone back in the bag. I felt my energy detiriarating, as I sat down to rest. I sighed, looking up at the bright moon that shined down on the surface of the once populated earth. "I wonder...If there are even any people left..." I felt myself fill with worry and lonliness as my head hung down. "I should've persuaded that boy to come with me...I wonder what the answer to his riddle is..." I felt my eye lids become heavy, when I heard a stick brake a short distance away. I jolted my head up. Did that boy come back? I instead was faced with a boy wearing a blue coat with red hair staring at me.

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