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I found myself staring at the boy for about 2 to 3 minutes, and he seemed to do the same. He looked so young...Was he all by himself? He tilted his head, and took one cautious step forward.

"Uh...Your real...R-Right?" He asked. I blinked at his question. Of course I was real! I then remembered the situation I was in, and realized he was asking a pretty normal question. By his standards anyway...I nodded and answered,

"Yes I am. I am Sarah, who are you?" The boy blinked and seemed nervous before answering,

"I-I'm Seto..." He certainly wasn't much of a talker, but I guess that was to be expected, being a world where no one is around to speak to you...I got up and smiled warmly.

"That's a sweet name. It suits you." He blushed and looked down.

"Th-Thank you miss..." I chuckled a bit. He seems to be quite shy, but I was shy too. Around my peers and others my age anyway, but I really connect to people younger than me, and I seem to really enjoy spending time with them. I guess it's because I'm autistic...Truth be told, I don't look it and many don't even know I have autism. The reason is that I wasn't diagnosed until I was 14, and not being diagnosed sooner made it difficult for me in my younger years. I would stray away from others because I felt weird or I just preferred being alone. I wouldn't make eye contact with my peers or even my friends, if I had any. Everyone just thought I was weird except for a said few. Some days I rarely talked, only saying a "Yes mom." or "Hi." every now and then, and probably the worst of them all, I had extreme outbursts. They came out of no where, whether I wasn't getting attention or I was told to do something I didn't want to do. I was sent home to be homeschooled in the first grade due to how severe they were. It wasn't until I was 14 I learned what autism was and I was diagnosed with having it. Knowing I have it makes it a little easier for me, but even to this day I have the problems that I did from my childhood. I looked at Seto, walked a little closer to him and asked,

"Are you all alone Seto?" Seto looked at me and slowly nodded.

"Yes. I've been alone for a while now..." I felt a pain in my chest. He was so young and all by himself? I felt sorry for him, because he had no one to talk to. I walked closer, and he seemed to just be frozen in place as he looked down. I started to get a feeling that he was more scared then cautious. I placed my hands on my knees and smiled,

"A boy your age shouldn't be alone." He looked at me shyly.

"I-I'm 16..." My mouth dropped a little. He's 16?! He doesn't even look 14! "I know I don't look my age..." He looked down again, as if he was ashamed. I suddenly felt bad, and said in a panic,

"N-No no! It's fine, y-you like perfectly fine!" He looked at me in a shock, but blinked,

"Really?" He asked. I smiled and said,

"Of course. Many people think I don't look my age." He looked at me strangely. I suddenly remembered the situation I was now in, and mentally slapped myself...AGAIN. "I-I mean when I was a bit younger and with my family." My family...I wonder if they were in this world too...He nodded and said,

"Oh ok. If you don't mind me asking, how old did they think you were?" He was shy in asking his question. His behavior was calming and made me smile,

"It's fine. They usually thought I was older then what I actually was. One person thought I was 21 when I was only 16." Seto was wide eyed, but he started to chuckle and I smiled widely. I love it when I make others laugh, and in a situation like this, making Seto laugh was like a piano's melody. I don't even know if that makes sense but it sounded logical to me. I have strange logic to many, which makes me feel more self conscious then I already was,

"I see. How old are you now?" He asked.

"I'm 18 now. So Seto, how long have you been by yourself?" He looked down again,

"About a year now...But before that, I was alone too..." I stood in shock. Seto has been alone much longer then me.

"Well, that's no good." I offered my hand. "I think it's best that we go together, since it's better to stick together." Seto stared at me for a minute, and then got a big smile on his face.

"O-Ok!" He slowly took my hand and we walked in the direction Seto was going. It took a few minutes before I asked,

"So Seto, where are you headed?" He looked at me and said,

"Anywhere with survivors. Though..." He stopped walking. I did as well and turned to look at him. "I don't know if there is any left..." I looked at Seto sadly, and retook his hand. He looked at me and I smiled,

"I'm here aren't I?" He slowly smiled and nodded. We continued our walk, then stopped in front of a fire pit, where we stopped for the night. I sat and decided to tell Seto of my predicament, but I didn't tell him that I wasn't from...Well, what ever this time period is...He'd probably just think I was just crazy.

"I see...That does sound troublesome..." He looked at a locket around his neck. I tilted my head and asked,

"That's a pretty locket." He smiled at me.

"Thank you. It belonged to grandpa."

"Your grandpa?"

"Well...He cared for me like one..." Seto hugged his knees. "He kept me in a big house, with lots of books. I remember reading lots of them, some harder than others. I didn't mind though. They were all fun to read, especially with the scenarios they had. I used to read some with Grandpa, though sometimes he would re-read a sentence or two." Seto chuckled and I did too. "There was a big telescope and he showed me a lot of stars from time to time...He told me of different constellations and meanings of different stars. I'd always tell him he was a genius and the best grandpa, but he'd smile sadly and tell me that he did things that he wasn't proud of, but he was happy to be with me..." He sighed deeply. "Then...He died one day...I remember it being a hot summer day and he was just sitting in his chair like he would every night before I went to bed. I tried to wake him, but when his hand just fell to his side..." Seto paused, before shaking his head. "I buried him in the backyard, I remember crying a lot...I received a blue stone and I found a letter with it explaining that I needed to go to a red tower." Seto then had begun to tell me this amazing journey. How he met several people, including a ghost! I don't think I would even stand near a ghost, but he just chuckled and said she was friendly. He told me all about his discoveries and the reveal of something called the "Glass Cage Project". Apparently it was the cause of everyone falling asleep and never waking up. The people were expecting it to purge the world of all hate and bring peace. I shook my head, knowing that relying on such things would never bring "World Peace". The whole idea to me was just insulting and stupid. Seto then told me of Shin, one of the scientist who made himself the first test subject. He only heard anger and hate from his colleagues apparently, his own parents turning their backs on him. I did feel sorry for him, but wanting to end it all by ending the world itself was wrong. Seto told me that Sai and Shin disappeared together after Sai confessed her love to Shin and he left with Ren. I thought it was absolutely sweet with Sai and Shin, and happy that they were in a better place. Nearing the end of his story though, I noticed that his voice was cracking. "I had finally learned her name...Her name was Ren, and we had begun to travel together. We had many fun times, but...B-But..." He buried his face in his knees, probably in attempt to hide his tearful face. "I-I ended up losing her too...I-I lost everyone..." I felt my own eyes fill up with warm tears. I knew what it was like to lose someone close to you. I knew that pain. But Seto had experienced it more. He had been alone most of his life. And had lost mostly...No, everyone he cared about. As some kind of instinct in me, I reached out and pulled Seto in close. I felt him stiffen, and I was sure he never experienced something like a hug before, or at least one for the longest time,

"I...I know we barely know each other...But...I promise...From here on out, I'm gonna be here for you, 'ya here? You can ask me anything ok?" I felt a bitter taste in my mouth. I don't even know much about my own situation, and here I was promising this person that I would always be here for them? I must be too caring, but many liked that about me. I felt Seto relax a little and snuggle into my shoulder. He was so adorable, and I smiled at this.

"C-Can I ask you anything? Even if it takes a while?" I only laughed.

"I did say anything right?" Seto paused before asking,

"Ok...W-What's your favorite thing to do?" I looked up to the sky smiling nervously. Oh...it's THOSE types of questions...This might take a while...But I decided to answer him,

"I love to draw. It's probably something I do everyday...It helps me get away from it all." Seto chuckled,

"I understand what you mean." I smiled,

"What's your favorite thing Seto?" Seto paused for a minute,

"I like to watch the sunrise and sunset...Maybe look for old mementos of people who've moved on..." I shook a little, remembering that we were in a world with basically no people left. "You ok?" Seto asked. I nodded slowly.

"Ya...Ask another question. If you would please."

"Ok...What do you like to eat?" This went on for about an hour, maybe even two. I actually found myself enjoying answering Seto's questions, and it seemed to make him comfortable. I felt his breathing get slower, and I looked at him, to see that he was getting sleepy eyed.

"I...I don't want to sleep yet...I still want to ask you another question..." I chuckled, and rubbed his head gently.

"You can ask all you want tomorrow. Get some sleep ok? I'll be here." Seto looked at me before closing his eyes to sleep. I layed him gently before I layed down myself. Was...Was I really in this strange world? Was I in some kind of accident and now in a coma or something and-...Ok, I seriously need to back up and calm down...I can't believe I am still in disbelief...But...If this is real...I will fall asleep. I did the usual, count sheep which did help my brain dose off. If that didn't work, I'd count backwards, but I didn't need to. To my surprise, I started to doze off. I couldn't believe it...I really was in this world. My family...I wonder if they are even in this world, and if they are, are they all alright...? I couldn't shake this thought out of my head as I drifted off to sleep.


It's always the same with you.

"No it's not."

Your a stupid girl who is always stuck in the past.

"I'm not."

A stupid adult girl stuck in a 10 year old's body

"Shut up!"

Only caring about yourself.

"I said shut UP!"

A lazy

"Stop it..."


"Stop it!"

Irresponsible girl whose better off dead!




I woke up from my nightmare, covered in sweat and the back of my hand on my forehead. It happened again...Another stupid nightmare...I turned my head a little to see Seto looking at me in complete concern. I smiled as best I could and said,

"I'm fine Seto. Just a bad dream." I realized my voice was shaky, but I sat up like nothing happened. Seto's concerned look never left. He offered me a tissue, saying,

"Here. You look like you need to wipe your face a little." I smiled at him and took the tissue gladly.

"Thanks." I slowly wiped my face as Seto said,

"I heard you talking in your sleep, so I wanted to make sure you were ok. You sounded like you were in pain so I..." I stopped wiping my face and sighed.

"It was just a bad dream Seto...I'm fine..."


"I'm FINE!" I was facing Seto now, my face stern. This seemed to stop Seto from talking, because he looked like he was about to be slapped for something, his eyes pained. I quickly regretted what I said. I had let my temper and my insecure feelings get the better of me again.

"I...I-I'm sorry..."

"No. I'm sorry. I have bad dreams, well nightmares, often. It's not your fault Seto, I'm just on edge." I placed my head in my hand and rubbed my temples. We sat in an uncomfortable silence for a few minutes, before I stood up and said,

"Well, it's about dawn. You wanna get going?" Seto nodded and slowly got up.

"Sure." I felt bad for snapping at him, so I did this.

"Wait, before we go..." I sat on a rock and pulled my sketch book and pencil from my bag. "I wanna show you how I draw." I patted the spot beside me and he walked over and sat beside me. "Tell me Seto. What would you like me to draw?" I asked. He seemed to be thinking hard, before turning to me,

"C-Can I see you draw a cat?" I blinked and nodded happily.

"Of course!" I started to draw out an outline of my favorite animal, and I saw Seto watching in amazement. I usually dislike it when people watch me draw, but I didn't mind Seto watch me. Drawing pictures for me was like conducting an band performance. My hands move the way the conductor moves his baton. As I finished, I erased the outlines, and touched the main picture up before showed to Seto. "You like it?" Seto looked at it, smiling widely,

"I do! It's really nice!" I smiled, tore it out of my sketch book carefully, and handed it to Seto,

"Here. Sorry for snapping at you." Seto hesitated, and I knew he was going to protest, so I placed it in his hands. "Please take it Seto." Seto looked at me before smiling, nodding, and taking the picture, looking it over again.

"Thank you. I really like it..." He folded it and placed it in his tin carrying case and we then got up and proceeded on our journey.

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