Chapter 1: Area 11

Light Yagami walked down the street heading to school on another boring day. He had gotten used to the odd stares of the Britannians looking at him. It had been 7 years since Britannia had invaded Japan. Thankfully for Light's good grades and that his Father is an important figure in the Japanese police force; his Family was able to become Honorary Britannians quickly. They would probably be like the rest of the Japanese in the Area. That is why it is important for Light to keep good grades, that way he can at least have a future.

As he crossed the street he saw a Japanese citizen being put in a corner by a bunch of thugs. The poor man tried to call for help but was soon silenced as the thugs stole his money and beat him. There were plenty of people on the street yet, no one helped. Why should I help a dumb eleven thought most as they walked by?

"This world is so rotten", thought Light, "Crime is everywhere, Britannia ruined this country, and no one does a thing. Sadly I can't change this world. No one will give me the chance. I'm just a number to these people".

Light walked to school, still think about the cruelty off humanity and criminals. The thought stayed with him as he sat in class. Even after three classes he was still thinking about it, when suddenly an announcement came on for all teachers to turn on their televisions.

On the television was a breaking report of terrorist action in the Tokyo settlement. It showed a building with black smoke billowing from the top floors. The other Britanian student's gave him angry glares. But Light wasn't paying attention to them. He was more concerned on something outside. It looked like as if a notebook had fallen from the sky and landed in the school courtyard.

After school he walked into the courtyard and picked up the book.

"Death Note?" wondered Light. As he picked it up and put in his back pack…

The events of Death Note and Code Geass continue for a few episodes into the series unchanged. We will now pick up after Ryuk met Light and Zero made his debut.

"Light," asked Ryuk after finishing a bunch of apples, "If you hate Britannia so much, why don't you kill their leaders with the death note. Their names and faces are up for everyone to see."

"Because Ryuk", explained Light after writing a name in the notebook, "If I kill all of them now then I will have all of Britannia after me. That's not good; I have to wait for my popularity to increase. But don't worry, once I gain power they'll go as well."

"What about that Zero character? He seems to have the same plan as you, bring justice to the world. He has already stopped some criminal syndicates before you", said Ryuk.

"I'll leave him be. He seems like a fool going out in the open like that. That fool is going to get himself killed. I'll wait to see what he does", said Light returning to the death note.

Meanwhile in the Tokyo settlement…

"What? A detective coming to Area 11", asked Princess Cornelia, rather harshly to her subordinates.

"My Lady, umm… He's already here…. He sent us this recording…umm here you go", said a young Lieutenant, giving Cornelia a laptop.

She opened it and on the screen was a large black L with fancy lettering.

"Hello, I am L", said a computerized voice from the laptop.

Cornelia gasped. This wasn't any other detective; she was dealing with, L, the greatest detective in the world. He was known for his cunning mind and to solve every case he has taken.

"I have assigned myself to Area 11 to begin the investigation in Clovis's murder and unmasking Zero", spoke the computer, "But I am also here for another reason. Apparently criminals have been dying unexpectedly of heart attacks. A large number in fact. This could not be coincidence, and it can't be Zero either. The attacks are happening around the world. I believe the internet is calling him or her Kira. I believe he is also in Area 11. So I have come here to capture these two criminals."

"A Killer in Area 11, besides Zero", thought Cornelia, "This is bad, if Zero wasn't bad enough, now there is this "Kira" that is killing people around the world. This is bad. I have to take control of my Area and not get shown up by this L character. Plus keep Euphemia safe."

"Do you have any leads on theses two and where are you staying in Area 11 and how can I assist you", Cornelia asked in a calm voice, trying not to lose her collectiveness.

"No, I don't have anything significant at the moment. I just got here, but I will not disclose were I'm staying, for secrecy purposes. And all I can ask from you at the moment is to please not to interfere with my investigation."

"What gall this man has for just walking in and just taking control of this investigation", thought Cornelia now losing her temper.

"I can see you are upset, don't worry, you'll have some use during the investigation, just do what you usually and report anything suspicious to me. We'll communicate through this laptop. Call when you need me", said L as the computer turned off.

Princess Cornelia just fumed at the screen.


Zero and the Black Knights rushed through an old beaten down street. They were on a mission to take down a drug lord, who was known for smuggling refrain into the Area. He was going to meet with a few other drug lords to negotiate a trade.

Lelouch was able to discover this by using his Geass on a local drug dealer in the ghetto. They should be in a small house, 25 Westin Street. The Black Knights moved slowly to the house with Zero in the lead. Keeping to the shadows as to not be seen.

"Tamaki and Kallen, I want you to bust open the door and point your guns at the men inside, they should be too surprised to put up a fight", said Zero.

Kallen and Tamaki both ran across the street to the front door. The window had a curtain over it but there was light coming form it. The two bust open the door and pointed there guns inside. But then the two had a look of shock on their faces.

"Ummm….Zero….you might want…to see this….", said Tamaki.

"What", wondered Zero, "Cover me."

Zero ran across the street to Kallen and Tamaki and looked inside. Inside there was four men hunched over on the table all dead. They all were clutching their chests and pain was on their faces.

Zero walked up to one of the bodies and checked his pulse. It was flat.

"They died of heart attacks", said Zero. His voice was calm, but inside he was trembling. How could have all these men have died. They have to be at least 30 and they looked healthy.

"Could, this have been that Kira person I saw on the internet", asked Tamaki, who was shaken up by this.

"Kira", asked Kallen.

"I've done some research on this Kira person, a few days ago", said Zero, "Now turning to face his Black Knights, "They say he can kill anybody he wants and they die of heart attacks, and he kills only criminals. At first I thought this was a dumb internet meme, but now seeing this evidence, I conclude that Kira is real."

"Are you serious, how can he kill people with heart attacks", asked Kallen.

"I don't know. But he does it somehow and it is no joke, as we can see", said Zero, pointing to the bodies, "I can conclude that this Kira could be a good ally considering he does kill criminals and he did save us some trouble. But I can't make that decision yet, I'll look into the matter personally. As for now, everyone can go home, but don't mention anything about Kira."


"C.C.", said Lelouch as he walked into his room, "Who is Kira and what is his Geass powers."

"Kira, you mean that dumb thing on the computer," replied C.C.

"It's not dumb. He is real and he has the ability to kill people with heart attacks", replied Lelouch grimly.

"Ohhh, that is strange, I never heard of Geass like that before. Do you want me to look into it", asked C.C.

"No, lets wait to see what he does next, maybe he could be a potential ally", said Lelouch.

End Part 1: Area 11

Next Part 2: The L, The Kira, and The Zero.

Ps: Chapter 2's title is based off the (The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly)