EDIT: 10/18/2103

Dearest Readers,

I'm reposting this note to inform you that I've redone chapters one through three. Check it out if you get bored! I'll probably end up redoing three more chapters eventually, so when I reach that point I will repost this note again to let y'all know. Just letting y'all know I haven't stopped writing! I just need to switch targets now and then or I'll go insane. Thanks for the understanding and patience! Love you!

Princess Garen

Dearest readers,

First of all, thank you everyone for making this story (as of now) the most reviewed League fic on the site! I am so thrilled that this has gotten so much attention from the League community and beyond (now if only Red's read fanfiction)! It feels like I'm walking on clouds, ladies and gents, so I can't say thank you enough!

On to business! Although The Only Truth has been finished for some time now, it never truly felt over until now. The reason for this is as follows: I have begun a sequel to The Only Truth called Walk the Line. While I don't anticipate the first chapter being finished for another few weeks (summer classes and whatnot), I have uploaded a teaser/prologue to (hopefully) get people excited. In the mean time, I've filled the gap with some short stories looking at different people in what I'm calling "The Only Truth Universe." I've gotten such good responses, better than I ever anticipated, for which I am so completely grateful. Seriously, you loyal readers who stuck this out until the end really made this possible and kept me going. I've read every review and tried to respond with, at least, a "thank you" to them all (though I'm sure I've missed some...I'm sorry if I did). I am truly indebted to your support. I hope you've enjoyed seeing character progress as much as I have enjoyed writing them, and I hope you'll continue to follow Garen and Katarina's story as it changes and grows. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart!


Princess Garen/Kittytoast