Everyone has a sweet side to them

It was a sunny day when Red Dog and Blue Wolf went to a park on their day off. Red Dog was resting on the grass with his hands behind his head and Blue Wolf was sitting beside him with her arms wrapped around her legs. They had just finished their little football game and now were completely wiped out. a couple of hours passed and Red Dog fell asleep. Blue Wolf, who was still next to him, just smiled and enjoyed the nice day. It wasn't the 'not a cloud in the sky' kind of day. There were clouds but not enough to make it rain, just enough to keep the sun from giving people sunburn and there was a gentle breeze flowing through the palm and oak trees. Blue Wolf let out a peaceful sigh enjoying the nice weather and then turned to gaze at her sleeping boyfriend.

She smiled as she gently caressed his face with the back of her fingers, accidentally flicked his earing, then pulled her hand away, fearing she might have woke him. She sighed in relief when he didn't respond. She looked at the daisies around them and decided to play 'he loves me, he loves me not' game. Sadly after five flowers she would end up with 'not'.

"Darnet." she muttered to herself not noticing Red Dog was awake. He rolled his eyes watching his girlfriend pulling petals one at a time playing that game. When Blue Wolf was on the last two petals of the sixth flower, doomed to be 'not' again, Red Dog silently moved forward behind her, reached out his arm and gently pulled one petal off the flower.

Blue Wolf gasped "Oh, uh, heh." as she turned as she saw Red Dog smiling at her. "You got one more." he said pointing to the one petal flower. She looked at the flower then back to him. "He loves me." she smiled blushing. "Yes. He does." He said as he slowly moved in closer to her, she moved closer also, and they shared a warm blissful kiss as they securely held each other in a strong embrace. He pulled her to his lap, broke the kiss for a moment to say. "I'll always love you. You know that, right?" She breathlessly nodded a yes as he caressed her cheek with his thumb. He gently brought her mouth back to his and fell back to the grass, deepening their kiss.

A moment later Blue Wolf, overwhelmed by the wonder of their love, slipped out of conciousness. Red Dog smiled, he picked her up, carried her to the car and kissed her one last time, then drove home.