Childish antics can even be romantic

"Hi-Tech give back what you stole!"

"What makes you think I stole anything?" Hi-Tech said with a smirk

"I am NOT playing around give my sketchbook back to me!" Blade snapped, walking towards him. Hi-Tech stepped back into a hallway and turned on his rocket powered skates and flew down the hall. Skates or no Blade was able to keep up with him.

"You want to die don't you?"

"Come on honey you need to get outside it's a beautiful day."

"Don't honey me," Blade snapped "you mess with my belongings, it's going to get personal!"

"Oh come on you know I won't do anything to them."


"I thought ninjas were supposed to have like no temper."

"Shut up!"

They ran down the hall passing Lady Jaye and Scarlet. "Oh, aren't they cute Jaye?" "Adorable." Blade heard them and shouted over her shoulder "REPRIEVE!" "Hey don't take it out on them, sweety." That did it. She picked up some more speed and she toppled him. As he was pinned under her she leaned forward, with a voice full of malice asked"Any last words?" he smiled and said "you're beautiful when you're angry." and kissed her lips. She got up without and stared, in shock, at him. Without a word she grabbed her sketchbook and walked back to her barracks.

"Did he swallow a bottle of LSD or something?" she muttered to herself. "That would explain it." said Jinx getting a mop out of the hall closet. "Oh hi Jinx. Is everything ok?" Blade asked noticing the mop. "Yeah, Falcon tried to make a Valentines Day dinner and let's just say this isn't enough. Well he tried to do a good job I'll give him that much." "Need help?" "Nah I'm good thanks. Happy Valentines Day." After her friend left Blade turned around to look for her boyfriend "Hi-Tech?" "Yes?" she heard his sincere voice behind her and turned to see him holding a bouquet of flower-pens and pencils to her "Thought you might like these to go with your sketchbooks she smiled and carefully took the bouquet "Thank you." he smiled and gathered her hands with his and pulled her into a kiss "Happy Valentines Day." he said

A few seconds after she pulled back and walked back he realized she had swiped one of his remotes. She turned and ran giggling "Oh real cute honey now give it back." he laughed running after her. Scarlet and Jaye were right they are a cute couple.