"Ughhh..." Moaned John. How is it that he caught a cold at the end of summer? The time of the year right before the start of fall, and the end of summer was when he was weakest... And he even got a fever!

"You okay dude?" Asked a familiar voice. It was smooth and relaxed, under layered with a tinge of worry that under normal circumstances would never be heard.

A cool hand brushed against his burning forehead and John shivered under it's touch. "Dave...?" John slurred. "What are you doing here? I thought you were going to do a big gig tonight...?"

"The gig can be rescheduled. I came to visit you since your dad told me you were stuck in bed with a cold and fever."

John felt Dave shrug, the air beside him swishing silently and giving him the tell-tale gusts that ghosted over his face and making an image of Dave casually shrugging appear in his foggy brain.

Struggling to open his eyes, John frowned in concentration. "Mmnnn... I can't... open my eyes..." He mumbled weakly to his friend.

"S'kay. Don't need to. You already know how I look. How could you ever forget this face of mine?" Dave responded with sarcasm coating his voice.

John was sure that his ironic visitor was grinning, his blood red eyes shining behind his dark shades.

"So...? Are you gonna help me open my eyes or what? I wanna see you." John drawled. He tried to speak as clearly as he could, but the cold was messing with his head and making it clouded.

Every part of his body felt heavy and limp. He bet that even if the trolls came barging into his room naked, he'd still be as weak and lifeless as the morning he woke up with the cold.

He could hear a light sigh, and felt movement on the right of his bed. In one fluid movement, Dave pulled a chair and languidly sat in it with the suave that could only be pulled off by a Strider. Even doing such a simple action made him seem... cool.

Feeling the temperature in his face rising, John sunk deeper into his covers and groaned. His head hurt. Thinking of his crush was distracting enough, but with him right beside him and the cold muddling his brain, John was starting to feel a bit overloaded.

"Hey, did you take your medicine yet? Your dad sent me up here with a bottle of Buckley's, so I assumed you refused to take it, huh."

"There is no way I am drinking that stuff. It's nasty." John said with a sour expression, his eyes still closed.

"It tastes awful, but it works." Quoted Dave with a small smirk, shaking the bottle thoroughly. The syrup inside sloshed with a menacing, "Slosh! shlop! smlok!"

John cringed as he heard the twisting of the child proof cap being undone and sunk further down his small bed.

Beads of sweat started pouring down his neck as the thick brown liquid could be heard filling a small plastic spoon.

"Ugh... I really-" John stopped short as something hard and flexible was shoved into his mouth and a bitter flavor started spreading across his taste buds.

"Mmm!" John protested, gagging. He lifted his right arm with effort from under the covers, and gripped Dave's wrist, trying to pull out the plastic spoon from his mouth.

The arm held firm, and the spoon tipped a bit, the contents spilling over and down his throat.


John tugged a bit more forcefully this time, trying to remove the utensil that was abruptly shoved past lips while he was talking.

"Nnn!" John struggled, trying not to barf. He hated Buckley's. It was the worst medicine in the world aside from Benylin. "Mmhhh..." John keened pitifully.

"Swallow." Was all he heard. Dave's voice was low, almost like a growl. It was... sexy.

An image of Dave shirtless during summer break popped into his vision and left John a bit stunned at the sudden memory.

He swallowed with an audible "gulp!" and tried to keep whatever he had in his stomach from coming up. The spoon slipped out from between his lips, scraping his buck teeth.

"Good boy." Dave said with a chill voice; as if he had never tried to just kill his best friend with a dreadful poison.

"Blech... Gross! Dave, why did you do that?!" John shouted, face flushed and angry. His eyes were open now.

"I did it cause you were sick, obviously." Dave said nonchalantly.

John wasn't happy. Being made to drink your most hated medicine by your best friend? Not cool.

Scrunching up his face in disgust, John hung his tongue out the side of his mouth and shook his head lightly, trying to get rid of the acrid taste.

He stopped swinging his head like a dog's and glared at his best friend, more than a little pissed off.

"See me now?" Dave said with a chuckle and John's favorite lopsided grin.

This caught him by surprise, and John's eyes widened a little as he just stared at Dave standing in front of him.

"Y-yeah..." He grumbled, his anger nullified. How could be angry at him with a face like that? But then again, Dave always had a face like that.

Handsome, charming, striking, and totally aloof. He was the coolest guy (maybe other than Bro?) that anyone would ever see in their lifetime.

Sighing, John closed his eyes and leaned back on his flattened pillows. The medicine's affects were starting to kick in, and he suddenly felt drowsy. "So, when is your gig rescheduled to?" John asked groggily.

"Next Friday." Dave said without missing a beat. "Most likely you'll be better by then."

"What are you? My doctor?" John said, smiling sleepily. He couldn't help it. Dave made him ultra happy, just showing concern for him...


Painful light hit his right eye as his lids were pulled open. "Nnyeh!" John squeaked. Grunting in pain, he opened the other eye and focused his vision on the platinum blonde whom's hand was on his face, prying his eyes open.

"Mnnn...? What is it? What?" John slurred, half awake and confused. He hadn't even noticed his eyes closing. Wow, that stuff was potent.

Furrowing his brows, John again asked sluggishly, "Wha...?"

"You can't fall asleep yet, I didn't get a goodbye or goodnight." Dave said, as if it were the most natural thing in the world to wake up a sick friend forcibly just to get a farewell.

Sighing (albeit a bit contentedly), John mumbled happily, "Goodnight Dave, bye, I'll be there to see you on Friday."

"What are you talking about? I'm going to visit you again tomorrow to check up on your health. I'll bring some soup and more Buckley's."

John groaned at the thought. Even though he dreaded the arrival of the medicine, he didn't mind the thought of having Dave visit him while he was sick.

"Okay! I'll see you tomorrow, so goodnight." John said, looking dreamily up at his crush.

"Yeah. See ya tomorrow Egderp." Dave gave a small wave over his shoulder at the door frame and flicked off the lights, closing the door on his way out.

Sighing happily in the darkness of his room, John slept well with the thoughts of seeing his friend again the next day. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, John thought as he drifted off into a good dream.

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