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John took in a deep breath and sighed through his nose, wheezing a bit at the task of carrying the weight of one dead Dave up the stairs to his bedroom.

It was a miracle they made it home that night. Dave had been groaning almost the whole car ride back, and the numerous potholes in the ground didn't seem to help the cause of the noise.

Around mid-way through the highway, Dave took on a fever and started shivering uncontrollably in his seat; the windows in the car fogging up because Dave was breathing so heavily. John came close to panicking right along with him, so he stopped at the nearest convenience store and bought some Aspirin.

John's house was closer than Dave's, which was still about a half hour away. John settled for his house, seeing as how they were both exhausted from the damn cold they somehow caught.

John wasn't even sure as to where or from whom he caught it from.

Maybe it was because of Karkat. That guy was always up in his face screaming something at him. More than a couple of times he got his spit on his face when he was raging, which was, well, almost always.

Kicking the blue painted door to his bedroom open, John stepped in with a whimper of relief. Dave didn't look it, but he was pretty heavy.

If he were awake, Dave would have probably just said that it was the weight of his balls or the perplexing awesomeness that came with being him that made up most of his weight.

John nodded to himself as he flopped a slumbering Dave on his bed. Yeah, something like that.

Letting out a heavy breath, John sank to his knees beside his bed and lent his forehead on Dave's chest. The stuttering but steady rise and fall was almost hypnotic, and John started to feeling drowsy.

The heat from his breath caught in Dave's shirt and made John's face feel hot. The lack of oxygen reminded him of the kiss Dave gave him in the backstage room and soon John's mind was reeling with all the emotions roiling through him.

Dave said yes. He kissed me. Did he wanted to continue? What does "Wait till I recover" mean? Oh gosh he kissed me.

Of course John wasn't so dumb as to ignore the fact that the way Dave said it most likely meant that they would do the same or even more of what happened in the stage room.

A shiver ran through John and settled at the pit of his stomach at the thought. Dave's hands were probably skilled and rough with calluses after hours of meddling with his turn tables and his strifes with Bro. John pushed away the thought of those hands roaming his body and refocused his attention on the platinum blonde's sleeping face. Now was not the time.

As if to prove that point, Dave groaned and coughed up a long series of hacks that made John wonder if he would die in his sleep.

Reluctantly getting up from his spot on Dave's chest, John picked up the platinum blonde's dangling limbs that hung off the side of the bed and tucked them in neatly. Next, he pulled a blanket over Dave and went downstairs to get a glass of water, since he knew that Dave would wake up in the middle of the night thirsty. It was the same for him.

Returning to his room, he was not expecting Dave to be sitting up, shades off, eyes open and staring at him as he slipped through the door.

The sight of two crimson orbs following him in the dark unsettled John in a way that sent electricity coursing down his back, leaving his spine rigid as he walked up to his computer desk and placed the two glasses down with a too-loud-for-this-time-of-night "clink".

Biting at his bottom lip, John turned and walked slowly over to his bed where Dave spread his arms like a kid waiting to be picked up. Without hesitation, John crawled onto the bed and silently slipped into his arms, head against the place where Dave's heart pounded against his rib cage.

"I'm continuing," Dave rasped. He tilted John's face up to look him in the eye and dived into a kiss that left his counterpart breathless.

"You're sick," John managed to get out between kisses alternating from his neck to his lips.

"You are too."

A compulsion to look up made John glance at the blonde's face, which was sweating and strained. John scoured Dave's face with his eyes before dipping his head back down, completely red.

"Damn your libido."

Dave hummed low in his chest and leaned to the side, his back sliding against the wall before flopping into the warmth of the sheets, John still in his arms.

Nestling his face into the crook of the blonde's neck, John breathed out a silent chuckle, air tickling Dave's collarbone.

In response, Dave closed his eyes and nuzzled into John's hair falling asleep to the soothing scent. His breathing evened out to a slow rise and fall.

Looks like Dave will have to keep his promise until tomorrow, John mused quietly to himself.

"... And then dey had the hot yaois together and jawn wispered...'5ever'"

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