Drizzt had heeded his pet black panther Guenhwyvar's warnings on what was going to occur & in fact had already occured. He could now see both the North & South towers burning from a great distance where the two planes had struck minutes ago.

He could hear the radio traffic between all law enforcement & emergency personnel over a firefighter's handheld radio that he had unnoticedly swiped from an NYPD vehicle. The panther suddenly gave out a low yowl causing Drizzt to turn his attention to his radio & heard the yell of a firefighter over the speaker ,the chilling words "RUN! THE ELEVATOR SHAFT!" Both him & Guenhwyvar heard & felt a rumbling sound & then saw the section of the South tower above the aircraft damaged area begin to fall,a massive ball of smoke & dust beginning to form & balloon outward from the collapsing building. Drizzt immediately spun around & started running as fast as he coudl with Guen closely behind him as the massive cloud of dust began advancing towards them. Drizzt yelled yelled into the radio's speaker,"WULFGAR,EVERYONE,WHERE ARE YOU?! THE BUILDING'S COMING DOWN!" Wulfgar's voice crackeld in reply "We hear you,wer'e safely away from the area. " Drizzt could hear by his voice that Jarlaxle was at a fast running pace. Drizzt's other friends were close behind Jarlaxle,attempting to match his speed.