Chapter 1: Turner Trouble

Four figures stand in a room hovered over a trinket in fascination when suddenly another figure bursts into the room, a female voice yelling from it.

"James, Albus, Hugo, Fred, what on earth do you think you're doing!" it shouted, they looked up to see two figures, an angry redheaded young witch with a slightly older boy with brown hair that slowly turned light blue at the sound of the girl's voice next to her. At the sight of her fiery anger, they began to feign innocence.

"What could you be talking about Rose? We are doing nothing that could be warranted as bad" spoke the boy named James Sirius Potter.

"Oh really" huffed Rose Weasley "than what, pre tell, is that in your hand?"

"Oh this?" James retorts, holding up the trinket "nothing of concern, I assure you dear Couz'"

"Looks like a Time Turner to me, the one Hermoine keeps in this very study at Hogwarts" said the boy, Theodore (Teddy) Lupin. Since the battle of Hogwarts, Hermoine decided to stay far away from fighting and worked on her Transfiguration Mastery. She and Minerva, who was now the headmistress, agreed that because of the duties of headmistress, a new Transfiguration teacher was needed. So Hermoine took the position after achieving her mastery and moved into Minerva's old office. Ron, her husband, went on to be an Auror, and is now soon to be in the Head Auror office himself.

Now I know, isn't Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, the Golden Boy, the Savior, the Child of Prophecy, supposed to be first choice for Head Auror? Well he would if he were an Auror. After Hermoine told him of her plans, Harry felt that he too was done with the fighting, he only wanted some semblance of peace, so he took up the position of DADA teacher. Who better than the defeater of Voldemort to teach a decent Expelliarmus, and he has gone on record as the longest to hold the position and still going. Rose glared at her brother who was looking a little sheepish under her gaze.

"A fact that you know well Hugo" she says scathingly to her brother, Hugo Weasley.

"We were just looking at it, no harm done"their other cousin, Fred Weasley, defended.

"What's going on?" asked a light airy voice, they looked to see Lily Luna Potter standing at the doorway, Rose sighed.

"The boy's are getting themselves into trouble again" she explained to the younger girl.

"There is no trouble if you don't tell is there?" James says matter of factly.

"She is right James, you never know with Aunty Mione" reasoned the youngest brother Albus Severus Potter, James huffed.

"We are just gonna look for a moment then putting it back, don't be a baby" he scoffed, he began observing it again. "Hmm, what happens if I do this" he queried, turning at the end of the hourglass.

"You IDIOT, I said don't touch it!" at her loud yelling she leaped to grab at his hand, Teddy following close behind to prevent too much damage. James gave it a hard and forceful turn from the startle his cousin gave him, his hand separating from the Turner. They felt a rush of air rapidly and violently rush past them then opened their eyes, not knowing when they closed them, to see there was nothing wrong.

"Hm, see Rose, no harm done" he said turning to the aforesaid girl, looking at her she had an angry look in her eyes.

"What?" he asked.

"James, do you see anything wrong with this room?" she questioned, James looked around and noticed, the desk looked different from its previous cherry wood color, and instead looked to be heavy oak, the room itself looked near bare, and no longer was his sister in the doorway.

"What happened?" he asked.

In the present

Lily stood in the doorway, looking into the empty room where her siblings and cousins were with a blank stare.

"Oh my, I should go tell Mummy" and turned to leave the room.

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