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Elliot woke to the sound of yelling. He groaned, threw his pillow on the ground, and went downstairs. Dickie and Lizzie were in another fighting match. Eli was eating minding his own business, like usual.

"Hey, what's wrong now?" Elliot yelled getting their attention. "We were just discussing something." Lizzie mumbled. "You just don't want to tell him." Dickie said. "Tell me what?" Elliot asked. "Nothing. It's about Olivia." Lizzie said. "Then I don't want to hear it." Elliot said walking out of the room. Lizzie and Dickie looked at each other in worry.

When their father left SVU, they thought things would get better. It turns out, things just got ten times more complicated. Elliot missed Olivia, but didn't want to call her. He overheard Kathy one day calling Olivia a slut. He filed papers that day for a divorce.

After the divorce was finalized and a couple months of convincing, Lizzie and Dickie got him to go find Olivia. He came back with a broken heart after seeing Olivia kiss some guy.

They later found out his name was David. Their father looked him up to make sure he wasn't some sleaze ball. When Elliot found out he was a lawyer, he nearly threw up on the spot. He never thought Olivia would go for a lawyer.

Lizzie sighed and ran a hand through her hair. Their father stayed around the house all day. They had to drag him to the grocery store. Dickie even had to shave him once because he hadn't in five days. He looked like the caveman from Geico commercials.

Today, he slept since he was up all night helping Dickie with his homework. She looked at Dickie. He ran a hand down his face. "We need to get Olivia here somehow." Dickie said. "And kill him some more. What if Olivia is still dating that David dude? Dad would be crushed. Well, more than he already is." Lizzie said.

"Well, let's find out. Over the next few days, we'll go follow Liv and find out who she hangs out with. Maybe that guy is out of the picture." Dickie said planning things out in his head. "We're at Mom's the next couple of days." Lizzie said. "Exactly, less time in the house with her." Dickie smirked.

"I like your thinking." Lizzie smiled. Dickie looked at the clock. "Hey, Eli come on. It's bedtime." Dickie said picking up his little brother. Lizzie went into the living room and called some people that could help.

Once they were unpacked at Kathy's house, they were off to find Olivia. They had vacation this week for spring break. They met Kathleen and Maureen in central park. "Why are we here again?" Dickie asked his older sisters.

"We saw Liv pull up here. I'm guessing there's a crime scene." Kathleen said. "Great! Dead people." Dickie said sarcastically. They walked along the path and found the crime scene. They all sat on the playground about fifty yards away.

They watched as Olivia talked to different people. Picked up and looked at things with her gloved hands. They soon all forgot that they weren't supposed to be seen. After a while, Olivia looked at them. "Nick." Olivia called.

Nick walked up to her. "Look at the playground behind me. What do you see?" Olivia asked, hoping her eyes weren't playing tricks on her. "I see four kids. Three of them are girls with blond hair. The other is a boy with brown hair." Nick said in confusion.

"That's what I thought." Olivia sighed. "Do you think they know something?" Nick asked. "I doubt it. We should talk to them anyway." Olivia said. "Why?" Nick asked. "I know them." Olivia said.

She turned around to look at them again. She saw all 4 pairs of blue eyes staring back at her. When she looked for a moment too long, they got up and bolted. "If you know them, why are they running?" Nick asked. Olivia sighed. "It's complicated."

All four Stablers sat down in a booth at a diner. They placed their orders. Their drinks were soon delivered. "That's great. We are terrible spies. First day watching our target and were already discovered." Maureen huffed.

"I think it was because we haven't seen her in a while. She's changed since we last saw her. We can all agree on that." Dickie said taking a sip of his soda. "Yeah, it could just be that. We spied on Mom and Dad all the time when we were younger. We were never caught then." Kathleen pointed out. "Yeah, we all weighed less than 100lbs and were shorter than five feet. We weren't that noticeable then." Lizzie said.

"Look, next time, just be more careful. Get better hiding places. Don't draw attention to ourselves by staring at them the whole time." Kathleen said. "Fine." Maureen agreed.

"I think we need more help." Dickie said. "Why do you think that?" Lizzie asked. "Well, more than half of her time is spent in the squad room or interrogation room. We can't watch her in there." Dickie explained.

"The dork's right." Maureen said. "Who are we going to get to help us there?" Maureen asked. "I think we can round up some people. We still have everybody's number. Once we tell them what's going on, maybe they'll tell us Liv's the same way." Kathleen said holding up her phone.

Her siblings smiled at her. They all called people at the precinct, even Cragen. They ended up telling Amanda and Nick. They all agreed to meet that night at Munch's new apartment.

Everybody showed up and introduced themselves. "Okay everyone. We all know, well some of us know, two very special people who don't see what they're missing. Our dad is a mess. Exhibit A." Dickie said showing them a picture of Elliot after falling asleep with a cheese can and a four day old beard.

"Woah!" Munch said flinching. "What the hell happened to him? It looks like he joined a colt and now they all have to look like Jesus or something." Fin said. "Exhibit B." Dickie said showing them a photo of Elliot at the grocery store in pajama pants and a sweatshirt. He was laying on one of the couches at Walmart.

"That's a really nice couch." Munch said. "Not the point idiot." Nick said hitting John's head. "Hey, leave him alone." Alex said from the chair. "Okay enough Elliot photos. We get the point. Olivia was almost the same way. The only difference was that she had to come to work and look professional." Casey said.

"Yeah, I remember all the time she snapped at somebody because they said something about Elliot." Amanda said. "Exactly why we're here. We want this to end. We've known for years that our dad loves Olivia. You've clearly seen the same things between them. We just thought that when our dad left SVU it would happen. When he finally had the courage, he found David." Lizzie said.

"Crap! I knew that guy was no good." Alex spat. "Who cares now? He's out of the picture because he picked the job over her." Casey said. "The only one that's ever picked Olivia over the job is-" Fin started. "Elliot." Everyone said together. "So, do you guys have a plan?" Nick asked.

"Sort of. We need your help though." Maureen said from the beanbag chair. "We'll do anything to get this to finally happen." Fin said. They all nodded in agreement. "Okay, this is what we have so far." Dickie said.

Olivia stood up from the body. She looked at Melinda. "What happened?" Olivia asked. "Burned with a cigar I'm guessing. She was suffocated." Melinda said pointing out the marks on the body. "Olivia!" Amanda yelled. She, Munch, Fin, Alex, and Casey got out of the SUV and ran over.

On the other side of the park, Elliot's kids (Except for Eli) were pulling their father out of the car. "Dad come on and get your butt out of the car. You're going for a walk." Kathleen said. "Why? And aren't you guys supposed to be with your mother right now?" Elliot asked.

"Right now, yes, but you're worrying us. Just one walk then we can go home and mope some more." Maureen said. "Okay, but I'm holding your word to it." Elliot said pointing a finger a her. Maureen rolled her eyes and all four of them pushed Elliot onto the path. "Just go take your walk." Dickie commanded.

Elliot slowly walked down the path. He watched the other people around. They were walking, jogging, playing, or sitting along the pathway. Elliot found it relaxing that this was his first time in a long time walking through this park looking for a crime scene.

He wished he was though. That way he could see Olivia. Olivia, why is she the only person that can't be forgotten? Simple. She's Olivia. She's not meant to be forgotten you moron. She has enough problems as it is. Running away and never talking to her just makes more. But she has David. She probably fixed some of her problems without him. Elliot sighed and continued to walk.

"What are you guys doing here? Nick and I are working this crime scene." Olivia asked. "Captain want you guys at the other one down the path. He told us to come work this one." Fin said. "All of you?" Olivia asked with raised eyebrows.

"Yeah, he wants you on it pronto." Munch said. "Okay, Nick let's go." Olivia said. "Actually, I have to talk to one of the witnesses that I promised I'd go talk to. I'll meet you there in a couple of minutes." Nick said. "Okay?" Olivia said in more of a question.

She shrugged her shoulders and hurried down the path. She looked back every now and then to watch. This is way too weird. What's going on this week? First, I'm stalked by Elliot's kids. Now, I'm working two different crime scenes at once. Maybe I ate something weird and this is all just a dream. Of course, if this was a dream Elliot would be here and not Nick. When will I get used to this? Maybe never. She let out a breath and kept walking.

Elliot heard footsteps up ahead. He looked up to find a woman walking his way on the path. The sun was too bright for him to see her face. He held his hand up and saw her. It was Olivia. She had her head down, looking at the ground. This was knew to him.

Olivia paused when she heard the footsteps in front of her stop. She looked up and was shocked. She saw Elliot standing there looking at her. She looked into his eyes. They still had the eye communication.

They both nodded once and each turned around to walk away. Elliot was stopped by his four kids and Casey. Olivia was stopped by Nick, Amanda, Fin, Munch, and Alex. That's when they both realized they'd been set up.

"Go talk to her." Casey said to Elliot. "Go talk to him." Nick said to Olivia. Olivia and Elliot faced each other, nodded, and went in opposite directions again. Both avoiding the people blocking them on two sides of the bubble they created over the years.

All of the others chased Elliot and Olivia down. Elliot was caught when Dickie tackled him trying to climb over the flower bed. Olivia was caught when Amanda and Alex had to pull her down from a tree. They were both handcuffed and taken to Maureen's car.

They were uncuffed and shoved into the car. Maureen locked the doors. He car had the locks that were impossible to unlock without the keys or a paperclip. They had neither. "Talk to each other!" All 8 yelled before leaving the car to give them privacy.

It was silent for minutes. "How have you been?" Elliot asked breaking the silence. They weren't looking at each other. "Fine. You?" Olivia asked. "Same. I divorced Kathy." Elliot said. "Are you happy about it?" Olivia asked. "Sort of. I've wanted to divorce her ever since 1999. The reason why it happened, is what I don't like." Elliot said.

"What, did she cheat on you or something?" Olivia asked still looking out the window. "No, nothing like that. She just said something that got to me." Elliot huffed. "You divorced your wife of 25 years because of something she said?" Olivia asked shocked.

"Well, more about who she was talking about. Kathy was just spitting out lies and nonsense about the person. I couldn't be with someone that said that about the person she was talking about." Elliot said. "That's a really confusing sentence." Olivia mumbled. "It's a really confusing situation." Elliot grumbled back.

"I met someone." Olivia whispered. She felt like she was confessing a sin. "I know." Elliot said. Olivia finally looked at him. Elliot turned to her. "How'd you know?" Olivia asked. "I was going to talk to you one night. When I was walking to your place, I saw you kiss him. Is he a good lawyer?" Elliot asked.

"Wow! You even attack my boyfriends from a distance." Olivia smirked. "I want to make sure they're good enough. In my opinion though, no one will ever be good enough for you." Elliot said.

Olivia smiled. "Well, to answer your question, yes he's a good lawyer. He's a terrible boyfriend, but good lawyer." Olivia said. "What did he do?" Elliot asked worried. "Don't worry El. He just put the job before me. If we didn't split, one of us would have to quit. I knew he wouldn't. I knew I would never do that for him." Olivia said.

"I put you before the job." Elliot smiled. "So did I." Olivia smiled back. Another moment of silence fell on them. "Hey, is this some sort of sick way of asking me to give you my kidney?" Olivia asked. Elliot laughed. "No, if I needed a kidney I would not have had my son tackle me, Alex and a detective pull you out of a tree, and hold us in a car against our wills. If I wanted a kidney from you, I kidnap you myself. I'd do it the manly way." Elliot smirked.

Olivia laughed. "Oh yeah, I can see headlines now. "Detective kidnaped by ex-partner." Olivia chuckled. Elliot laughed with her. "I'm sorry I ignored your calls. I was just scared to talk to you." Elliot said after a few minutes.

"Why would you be scared of me Elliot?" Olivia asked furrowing her eyebrows. "When Jenna turned to us, I shot her because I thought she was going to shoot you. I turned in my papers because I didn't know what that meant. My therapist told me why. I was afraid if I saw you we would lose our friendship." Elliot breathed.

Olivia took a moment to absorb everything. "I went to see a therapist too. I wondered why I always thought of you so much. When I didn't see you across from my desk, my heart broke." Olivia whispered.

"They told me I loved you." Elliot and Olivia said at the same time. They both faced each other fully now. "It was true. I love you Olivia." Elliot said. "I love you too Elliot. It scares me too that this could reck our friendship, but it scares me more to not see you everyday and not know you at all." Olivia said.

"Trust me Liv. I feel the same way. What Kathy said was about you? That's why I had to leave. I can't stand it when people lie about you like that. I know the real you. Not everyone gets to see that. I'm glad I'm one of the very few though." Elliot smiled.

"El, you're like the only one." Olivia chuckled. "So, what happens now?" Olivia asked. "Well, since we both just kind of confessed our love to each other, how about a take you out a proper date? It won't involve fake names or dead bodies. Just us and dinner." Elliot proposed.

"That sounds really good." Olivia smiled. "Can I do something I've wanted to do the past 14 years?" Olivia asked. "Sure." Elliot said. Olivia leaned in and kissed him. He kissed her back.

Olivia felt her stomach turn into a housing unit for butterflies. He whole body tingled with the sensation of Elliot. Elliot felt his heart go to his throat. He was sure she could hear it. If she didn't, then she could possibly be hard of hearing. He took a plunge. He grabbed her legs and placed them on either side of him. She straddled him, still kissing him.

They parted when they needed oxygen. Olivia leaned her forehead against his. "That was better than I expected." Olivia smiled. "Same here." Elliot smirked. Just then, there was a tap on the window. Olivia and Elliot faced the window and saw all eight of their friends and family smiling at them and giving them thumbs up.

Olivia laughed and buried her face in Elliot's neck. "We can't even make out in privacy." Olivia chuckled. "I know. Looks like we're just going to have a fan club with us everywhere." Elliot smirked. Olivia tapped his cheek lightly. "That's creepy." She chuckled.

"You still love me." Elliot smirked. "I know. You still love me too." Olivia said. "You have no idea how much." Elliot said. Olivia kissed him. They both smiled when they heard cheering. They laughed when they added a little tongue and they were all saying "EW! Put it away! Children are present!"

"See, they'll leave when we want privacy." Elliot smirked against her lips. "Just shut up and kiss me Stabler." Olivia smiled. Elliot followed orders without argument.

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