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Elliot had to help Olivia into the restaurant. She was too shocked to remember how to work her legs. Elliot went to the counter to check in for their reservation. They were seated minutes later.

"What?" Elliot asked innocently. Olivia's jaw was hanging open. "How!" Olivia said loudly. "How what?" Elliot chuckled. "How did you get a reservation here? It takes months to get in. This place has a two hundred dollar ice cream dessert." Olivia said.

"I happen to know the owner." Elliot smirked. "Who's the owner?" Olivia asked. "Oh, you will meet him. Here he comes actuall." Elliot smiled looking past Olivia. Olivia turned around to see a man in a blue suit that looked like Elliot.

"Elliot, how's it going little brother?" Mark asked clapping his brother's shoulder. "Great! This is Olivia." Elliot said gesturing towards Olivia. "Olivia, this is my brother Mark."

"This is Bad Ass Benson! This is the girl you were partners with for twelve years! You finally got good taste brother. Excellent actually!" Mark smiled and shook Olivia's hand. "Nice to meet you by the way."

"Nice to finally meet you. This one here likes to keep personal and professional separate." Olivia smirked. "Hey! You were right there with me. Two ADA's had to pull you out of a tree and lock you in a car." Elliot laughed. "You were right there with me." Olivia smiled raising her glass and taking a drink.

"You two are both subborn. I can tell you that right now." Mark chuckled. "Oh trust me, we know." Elliot said taking a drink. "By the way, Bad Ass Benson? I happen to think I have an awesome ass." Olivia winked. Elliot gulped down his drink and smiled.

"Oh, you're right there Liv. Believe me, best ass I've ever seen. You just happen to be chasing a perp when I see it." Elliot chuckled. "So, Fin WAS right when he said he was better at protecting me because he watches my back and not my backside." Olivia smirked.

Mark laughed. "You two are going to have lots of stories to tell. I have to go. If I don't see you two later, Elliot do everything I would do and more." Mark winked and walked away.

Olivia burst out laughing at this. "I think your brother has a little crush." Olivia chuckled. "So, you notice when he has a crush but not when your best friend is in love with you?" Elliot chuckled. "I guess so. I think it's the fact that I was in love with you at the time and didn't really know it myself." Olivia smiled.

"How were we so blind?" Elliot asked. "I have no idea. I'm really glad that your kids locked us in that car. I wouldn't be here with you if it didn't happen." Olivia smiled rubbing his hand. "I'm really glad too." Elliot smiled back at her.

They ate their dinner; Elliot paid. They left the restaurant and went back to Elliot's car. "So, where to now?" Olivia asked. "Well, we have two more places to go. What's your favorite animated movie series?" Elliot asked. "Uh, Ice Age, we spent a whole Saturday watching them when I had the flu. Then you got it and we ended up watching Star Wars." Olivia laughed.

"Exactly!" Elliot smiled pulling onto the road. "Please don't tell me there's a new Star Wars movie." Olivia whined giggling. "No, trust me. Star Wars on a date is a mood killer." Elliot smiled. "NO!" Olivia smiled. "Yes Liv, I'm taking you to see Ice Age 4: Continental Drift." Elliot chuckled.

"I love you!" Olivia said getting out of the car at the theater. Elliot laughed. "I love you too." He said kissing her nose. They went in and bought the tickets and drinks. They were still full from dinner.

They sat down in the theater and tried guessing which movie or actress the screen was describing. Once the movie started, Olivia cuddled up to Elliot. His arm went around her and he held her close since the cup holders were only on every other seat.

Olivia and Elliot laughed at almost everything Sid's grandmother did. At one point they were at the verge of tears they were laughing so hard. The end of the movie came. "I can't wait for the next one." Olivia smiled. "How do they know they'll come out with another one?" Elliot chuckled.

"They just have to. It's Ice Age. If they don't, I'm going to track down the writers and demand that they do." Olivia said taking Elliot's hand as they walked out of the theater. Elliot laughed.

"Okay, now where?" Olivia asked taking both of his hands in hers so he was facing her. "You'll just have to see." Elliot smirked pulling her towards the car. "You know I hate surprises." Olivia said as he sat her in the car. He leaned on the open door so he was inches from her face.

"You'll love this one." Elliot whispered. Olivia felt a chill run down her back. She pulled her feet into the car so he could shut the door. He went to the driver's side and started the car. "How do you know I'll love it?" Olivia smirked.

"Just trust me." Elliot smiled. "I already do." Olivia smirked and kissed his cheek. Olivia grew suspicious when he was driving on a road that she knew. That's when she realized that they were in front of Elliot's old apartment building.

"What are we doing here?" Olivia smiled. "Just come on and I'll tell you." Elliot chuckled. Olivia got out and sat down with Elliot on the front steps like they did last time with their cups of coffee.

"So, you want to know?" Elliot asked. "What have I been asking the past twenty minutes? Yes, I want to know." Olivia chuckled. "This is,... this is where I knew I fell in love with you. I felt that feeling that I never felt with anyone else. It just took me a few years to figure out that feeling was love." Elliot chuckled.

Olivia laughed with him, kissed him, and laid her head on his shoulder. He rested his head on hers. "You want to know my place?" Olivia asked. "Sure, I'd love too." Elliot smiled. "It's the station's locker room. When I came to visit you from Computer Crimes, when I told you it was just too complicated, I realized it was complicated because I loved you." Olivia said.

She kissed his shoulder before laying her head back on it. They sat there for a view moments just enjoying the company of each other. "El?" Olivia asked. "Yes, Liv?" Elliot asked back. "Can we go back to my apartment? No offense but I'm freezing my awesome ass out here in this dress." Olivia chuckled.

"Yeah, we can go." Elliot chuckled. "I don't want your ass to fall off from frost bite." Elliot added. "Oh, that's a turn on." Olivia laughed. Elliot closed the car door for Olivia once she was in.

They headed towards her apartment laughing at the senaro of Olivia's ass actually falling off. When they reached her apartment, Elliot opened every door for Olivia. They got out of the elevator laughing.

"Okay, we're in a heated building. Can we stop talking about my ass somehow falling off?" Olivia chuckled. "Yeah." Elliot laughed stopping in front of her door. He kissed her. "Night Liv." He said.

Elliot started to walk away, but was pulled back by his tie. "Hey, who said you were leaving?" Olivia said seductively. "I thought you had a rule about sleeping with guys on the first date." Elliot said.

"Yeah, I do. Elliot, you're not just some guy. I've known you for 14 years. We've gone through everything. This is basically a step up from the 14 years of foreplay." Olivia smiled.

"True." Elliot smiled rubbing her hips with his palms. "So, are you going to come in?" Olivia smirked unlocking her door. Once the little click indicating that the door was unlocked was heard, Olivia was pulled into her apartment by Elliot closing the door with his foot.

He attacked her mouth as she pushed off his jacket. Olivia moaned when she opened her mouth to him. She pulled off the tie and untucked his shirt. Elliot lifted her up and pushed her against the wall.

She locked her ankles together at the small of his back. He started kissing her neck. She held his head in place as she grinded her hips against his. When he was done with her neck, he lifted her away from the wall to unzip her dress.

Once it was unzipped, she was back against the wall. She pushed off his shirt, letting it fall to the floor with the rest of their clothing. Elliot pulled her away from the wall again and headed towards her bedroom kissing her chest through the hole in the dress.

Olivia's back arched as she hit the mattress. Elliot slowly pulled off her dress and smiled widely at the present he unwrapped. He pulled down his pants so they were properly dressed, or in their case undressed, for the occasion.

Elliot crawled on top of her and just stared into her eyes for a moment. "I love you." He said brushing back her hair. "I love you too." Olivia said kissing his nose. He kissed her lips then.

Her arms went around his neck as his pulled them further up the bed. Olivia explored his mouth as he explored her body with his hand while his other held him up.

She felt her skin tighten to form goosebumps. He felt her legs wrap around his waist begging him to enter her. He slowly position himself and pushed in. He reveled in the sound of pure pleasure that came out of Olivia.

Her back arched as he did this again. He kissed her while moaning in her mouth. He soon had her climaxing with her pulling him with her. She screamed out his name as his was muffled by him sucking on her neck.

"You were...that was...god that was great!" Elliot smiled laying next to her. "Yeah." Olivia chuckled. She turned towards him and kissed him. "Night El." She said closing her eyes annd snuggling into his chest. "Night Liv." Elliot said and closed his eyes.

Just then, Elliot's phone rang. "Ugh!" He spat picking up his phone. "Stabler!" Elliot growled. Olivia kissed his chest. "Dad, what's wrong?" It was Kathleen. "It's midnight and you called me." Elliot said.

"Well, SORRY! I just wanted to ask how the date went." Kathleen sassed. "Well, we had a great time. If you don't believe me ask Olivia." Elliot said before handing the phone to Olivia.

"Hello?" Olivia asked into the phone. "Hey Olivia! How'd the date go?" Kathleen asked. "Uh, good. Shouldn't you be in bed or something?" Olivia asked. "I'm fine. Nothing is going on tomorrow anyway." Kathleen said. "Well, okay. I'm going to bed. I'll let you talk to your dad." Olivia said before giving Elliot the phone and cuddling back into his chest.

"So, Dad, are you going to be here soon?" Kathleen asked. "Not until tomorrow. Goodnight." Elliot said before hanging up and turning off his phone. He wrapped his arm around Olivia protectively and fell asleep.

Even though it wasn't their business, Elliot thanked his kids for helping him and Olivia talk to each other. He's thanked them everyday since. Probably because Olivia turned into his wife.

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