Title: Scream and Ditch

World: Rune Factory Frontier

Characters: Raguna, Stella, Brodik

Words: 596

Warning: Very mild sexual themes

Author's Note: Inspired by Brodik's house and 700 piece puzzles. Thought of it in the bathtub, a lot of my ideas come to me in there.

Disclaimer: I don't own Rune Factory, any of the characters mentioned, or the 700 piece puzzle that inspired this.

Raguna rolled around in bed, trying to cover his face because of the vermilion light shining in his window. Unfortunately, that signaled it was time to get up. Raguna rolled out of his bed, and headed to the kitchen to make himself some breakfast. When he was done with his eggs and toast, he dragged himself out his door to begin today's work in his fields...only to find it trashed beyond belief.

"It seems that Brodik was here last night," Raguna mumbled to himself.

He didn't feel like cleaning up this disaster, so Raguna decided he'd go visit Brodik and ask him if he tore up his field. It seemed like the right thing to do besides blaming him off the bat. At least, to him it was. He just automatically assumed Brodik did it since he's done it before.

So Raguna made the short walk to Brodik's house, knowing he'd probably be awake at this hour of the morning. Once he was by his mailbox, he wondered if he should wait until Brodik came to his farm instead. He usually didn't answer the door when he knocked (Raguna knew he was home, especially since he just saw him walk in his house), and the sign on the door made it clear he didn't want any company. Raguna shrugged the thought off, and decided to knock anyhow. If he didn't answer, he'd just wait until later on to ask him. Just as he was about to knock...

He heard laughing. A woman's laugh.

What? Who was that? Was that...Stella? What was she doing at Brodik's house? He didn't even know they knew each other! Raguna moved his hand from the door and pressed his ear against it. Just what was going on in there? He was going to find out, though. They seemed to be having a rather...questionable conversation.

"Ah! Brodik, it won't fit!" Stella shouted.

"Yes it will!"

"No, it won't. Get it out!"

"Just calm down! I almost got it in," Brodik grumbled in response.

"I told you already, it's too tight in there!"

All the color drained out of Raguna's face. Were they doing what he thought they were doing? He was almost tempted to look in the window to see if it was true, but he simply didn't have the courage to see something so horrible and wrong. Anyhow, the blinds were shut. Thank goodness. His attention went back to the noises beyond the door when he heard Brodik breathing heavily. Very heavily.

"Settle down, now," Stella snapped.

Brodik grunted loudly. "You're right...it won't fit in there!"

Raguna had heard enough. He screamed like a banshee then ran blindly all the way to his house.

"What the hell was that?" Brodik complained loudly.

"Calm down, I'm going to go look," she said, tightening her blouse a bit. Stella opened the front door to catch a glimpse of Raguna's retreating back. "It was just Raguna."

Brodik laughed. "Him again? He's always trying to come in here but I never let him in. Seriously, he's always talking to me, and I don't think he can read."

She shut the door and gave him an odd look. "What does Raguna not being able to read have to do with him visiting you?"

"Didn't you see? I have a sign on my door telling people to go away."

"Ah, I didn't even see it. My eyesight must be going on me," she muttered crossly, before crinkling her brow at him.

"Brodik! I told you once, and I'll tell you again! That puzzle piece doesn't go there!"