So this is my first Diablo III fanfic, taking place in the High Heavens (or the Silver City). It has been forever since I've played through Diablo I and II, so I am a little vague on their gameplay. However, I do have the Book of Cain which fills in a lot of details. And a LOT of this I am making up about the city. Act 4 is very short, shorter than I expected but still my favorite act. It doesn't elaborate much, and I was a little confused as to why it only went through the Gardens of Hope, when everything should be separated. So I might make/edit details as I see fit or something. I hope you guys don't get confused or anything.

The daily life in the Silver City I had to make up also, and if there are any hidden details in Diablo II or in Book of Cain, please forgive me and maybe tell me since I'd rather know and learn something new. The other Archangels I'm having to make details for as well since the one we know most of is Tyrael, the guy we all root for! Feel free to give me ideas on characterization, I'm planning to get all the Archangels in.

I guess this is set somewhere before Diablo III, as Malthael is still present. I say guess since I don't have a specific time period in mind.

Sorry for the long Author's Note, and please read and review!


"Such beautiful wings you have, Lenedial!"

I was what was considered a child in Nephalem size back then, a small essence among elders. My small body had been draped with a robe to more easily identify my short form, being that the manifestation of my wings were the only thing one could see the most.

I stood in the Gardens of Hope surrounded by the maidens under the Archangel of Hope. I had been delivered there from the Crystal Arch. They clustered around me and gawked and admired.

I remember trying to turn to look at my wings, but they were plastered behind me so that I couldn't see. One of the angels guided me to a pond so that I could look over.

My "wings"... From my back sprouted small trails of ultraviolet light in a butterfly pattern, which looped at the end. It was a color that didn't seem angel-like to me, for they lacked the bright white light that the other angels around me had. An unnatural violet hue that bordered upon blue and black, a dark light. Were there others like mine? I guess I had not seen enough of the Heavens to tell.

"They're so bright!"

"That pattern... It contains the grace of a butterfly!"

"It could match the design of Auriel's very own wings!"

Back then I may have perked up at their compliments, even smiled at the comments about my wings. But now I know better. The maidens were merely excited at my new birth and manifestation and seldom saw something of interest. Others may see my wings as a dark manifestation, a thing to be feared.

"Calm yourselves, friends. Allow me to see the Young One."

I looked up from the ponds' surface to the direction of the new voice. A voice of perfect harmony and kindness beyond compare that I was left entranced by hearing alone. But what stunned me more was the Archangel herself.

Auriel, the Archangel of Hope, was a female angel that was the symbol of calm and grace. My gaze was drifted from her golden armor and white drapes to the stunning wisps of wings behind her. Her violet trails flowed out and often crossed each other in harmony. I was no longer entranced by my own wings, longing for her beautiful ones.

Her form was drifting down the steps to the right of the clearing, emerging from a series of archs. Her Cord of Hope flowed past her as she did so. I suddenly felt a warm emotion directed at me, a smile. "Hello, little one. Let me have a look at you." She crouched down and looked me over. "My, you have a stunning form! Your wings are so beautiful that these gardens pale in comparison!"

I returned the emotion back at her, smiling in turn. It felt nice to be complimented by the Archangel. "Thank you, miss."

"Please, call me Auriel, young one. Tell me, what is your name?"

"Lenedial, Lady Auriel."

"Such a beautiful name. May it ever guide you, so that you never stray from Hope. I am sure that you will play an important role in the Heavens one day."

I nodded and sealed my fate as an angel under her guidance, for I respected and admired her. She was everything I wanted to be, but I knew deep inside that I could not reach the level of an Archangel in influence. I may be spending my eternity as a servant or soldier, never being recognized except for my unnatural wings. And that may very well be a bad thing.