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"Listen to me Violet. Please, just listen to me for a moment and then I'll leave you alone."

Tate begged, reaching out to her. It was exhausting for her to hear him talk sometimes, but he wasn't giving up as easily as she hoped he would. She turned to meet his eyes which were red and swollen from all his crying.

"Honestly Tate, there's nothing you could say to make any of what you did okay! How am I suppose to forget? How can I be with you after what you've done?" Violet said, her voice shaking.

"I'm not saying that my words are going to change my actions, and i'm not asking you to forget. All I want is for you to understand, as much as you possibly can. Violet, my mind is unstable. I know I'm crazy. I've always known that. I don't always know why I do the things that I do, but one thing I do know is that I never cared. Until you came into my life. Or, technically, my death. What I did to your mom was cruel and i'm aware of the fact that it's unforgivable, but you must know that that isn't who I am anymore! I changed. You are the light that has changed me. You introduced me to so many new feelings. Emotions I thought I would never be able to feel. I am in love with you Violet. I didn't know it was possible for me...to be able to love, let alone be loved." He paused, sucking in his breath.

"I know you love me. You told me once. Hold on to that feeling. That person you fell in love with is standing right in front of you. I'm still me, except now you know my past. Everyone has a past. Sure, mines darker than most, but I'm darker than most and you knew that and you still wanted to be with me. I need you Violet. Every single thing I did after I met you, was to protect you, and to keep you by my side."

"Look." Violet breathed, her eyes already filling.

"I know that good people sometimes do bad things, but what you've done -"

"Did." Tate interrupted quietly. "As in past tense."

Violet sighed.

"But what you did Tate...I...I can't see myself getting over that. Any of it. There are things that people do that just can't be undone, can't be forgiven. I wish it was different, I do. I wish your mind wasn't so off, so dark, so disgusting, but it is, or as you like to say it – was. But you still hurt and killed people after you met me, and whether it was to protect me or keep me by your side it was wrong. You know, I still love you, after everything. I guess that makes me crazy as well. I try to tell myself that your heart was in the right place, and then I feel sick to my stomach, because I shouldn't be telling myself that, because I shouldn't want to want you. And you always give me that look, like I'm being unfair, cruel even, as if this is easy for me. You have no idea how much I have to fight myself from running into your arms. You have this way with words that makes everything seem okay. Like what you did was actually reasonable. You're good with words. You're even better with lies. Sometimes I think you even believe what you're saying is the truth."