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Summary: To be an official angel, Ash has one more guardian angel mission; to save Dawn, a fashion magazine editor, from her death. He knows he has to leave when he saves her, so why do his feelings have to interfere?

Main characters:
Ash (23 years old)
Dawn (21 years old)
Zoey (21 years old)
Drew (22 years old)
May (21 years old)

This story is written in third person pov.
Italicized text is either character thoughts or emphasized words.
I wanted to add pokémon in this story but because Ash is dead I'd expect them to act like cats and dogs in sensing "ghosts"-wise and I think that would give it away to the other characters.

Regardless, I hope you guys enjoy it :)

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon. Enjoy :D

Chapter One

I'm artificial but perfection
I'm real but a fake
I'm an angel
yet tainted
actually, that's exactly what I am.

"Ash Ketchum, are you even listening to me?" the head angel asked him, his name is Karl.

"Yeah, yeah I'm listening," Ash said, though, since he's heard the speech one too many times, he zoned out before Karl actually got to his point.

"Don't slack off now," he said, "you're doing so well!"

"I'm not slacking off Karl. Can you just give me my mission?"

"This is the big one Ash, this is your last direct guardian angel mission."

By that he meant that I'll finally be able to go to heaven after this. It's been three years since I've died. How? In a car accident. I was in Snowpoint City with some friends when the car we were in skid on some black ice and it brought us off the bridge we were driving across. Anyway, the reason why it took me so long for me to become an official angel is because I'm what you call a tainted angel; my wings are black instead of white. No, I didn't come here like that, everyone starts off with white wings, it's what you do while you're in purgatory that determines the colour of your wings. When I first became an angel, instead of doing my guardian angel duties like everyone is supposed to do, I would fuck around with the people I hated; haunting them and what not. Boy, did the angels hate that. Eventually I got bored and decided I finally wanted to go to heaven. Before doing that though, one needs to be a guardian angel and complete these missions to help and save people. Since I'm a tainted angel, my wings must be white before I go to heaven. I also need to do three times as many missions as the new guy. This apparently is my last mission and I cannot wait. Karl keeps telling me how great it is and I really just want to see it myself.

"So what's my mission?" Ash interrupted. Whatever, he deserved it; serves him right feeding me the same speech for three years.

Karl stopped mid-sentence and glared at him, but stopped his speech to tell him his mission. "There is this girl who is in great danger-"

"Yes and I become superman, tell me something I don't know, can we move on?"

"We can't move on if you keep interrupting me Ash!" he declared, clearly getting annoyed.

Ash put his hands up to his sides innocently and didn't say anything.

"Like I was saying," he continued, "this is big because not only is it your last mission but this girl will die if you don't save her. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, I get it Karl, don't worry."

"I do doubt you sometimes, I really do," he said giving Ash a sympathetic gaze as he entwined his fingers together.

Ash gave him a cross look but Karl didn't flinch.

"Well then, let's get started! Her name is Dawn Berlitz, she lives in Hearthome City and she is the stylist –future editor- of a fashion magazine; pretty well known to the fashion world."

"Oh gosh," Ash sighed

Karl made a frown, "what now Ash?"

"And where am I being placed in this fashion world? I know shit all about fashion."

"Language!" Karl warns, "you'll be a model."

"Oh gosh," Ash repeated hanging his head back.

It was now Karl's turn to make the annoyed sigh. "This is what you get. Do you want to be an official angel or not?!"

"Fine," Ash grumbled.

"Good," Karl said happily, his mood quickly changed.

Then Karl snapped his fingers, and Ash fell, and he landed hard.

I hate it when he does that!

"Well, at least I didn't fall in the river like last time or in the rocky terrain of Mt. Coronet like the time before that." Ash sighed thinking Karl was probably doing this to him on purpose.

This time, Ash landed in the grassland just off Route 212, so the landing wasn't so bad.

Ash didn't know where exactly he was so he decided to head west and see where that would lead him.

Eventually, he ended up on the worn path of Route 212, noted by the sign that was place conveniently on the other side of the road. With that in mind, he headed north to Hearthome City.

Ten minutes later he stepped foot in the big city.

Being in this world is seemingly surreal. Even though I've been down here many times, it's been a great deal of time since I came to this city in particular; a city so familiar to me.

Hearthome City

I moved here when I was 18 years old. I didn't really agree with the quiet suburb life in which I grew up in. I wanted adventure and nightlife, thus the city. Everything is pretty much the same. Nothing has changed- at least nothing drastic.

As Ash walked deeper into the city, he noticed a really nice royal blue BMW parked on the side of the road. For some reason Ash was drawn to the Beemer. On the windshield wiper, there was a folded piece of paper. His curiosity got the best of him and he took it. When he did, something fell from it and landed on the floor.

Car keys! And… another key?

Ash picked up the keys and opened the note again to read it.

Hello Ash. Seeing as you'll be a model, you will need to look the part. Here is the car you'll be driving. It's a royal blue BMW M5 sedan. The other key attached to the key ring is your apartment key. You'll be living at the Avalanche Apartments room 1703; 17 for floor, 03 for third door. You'll be working for the magazine Runway 2305 Willis Rd. Good luck and save the girl!


Ash admired his ride. "Oh~! Thank you Karl!" he said as he got in, stepped on the pedal and drove down the street in search of his apartment building.


"Come on guys! We only have half an hour to get this to the editor. We need to achieve perfection here people!" Dawn called to the models that she finished dressing. "Let's go!"

"Esh Dawn, you sure know how to order people around," said a green-haired man dressed in all black, his name was Drew Ryan and he was Dawn's long-time best friend.

"Shut up Drew! It's my ass on the line if these pictures aren't in Saturn's hands in thirty minutes. No one is going to blame the photographer," she said as she pointed her finger to Drew's chest, "and they'll need someone to blame, and that would be the stylist, who, in this case Drew, is me!"

She put a bracelet on her last model. "Now go with the rest of them," she said rather annoyed.

Drew laughed awkwardly as he watched the model join the rest and then turned back to his best friend. "Dawn, stop stressing. Let me handle it now, k?"

Dawn sighed but nodded her head.

"Good," Drew told her. He then turned his attention to the models. "OK! We are behind schedule, so form a line. Five shots each is all we have time for, got it?" Drew asked checking his camera to make sure the focus was okay. "Now Britney, we'll start with you."

Dawn was used to the bright light that seemed to flash endlessly but she was too stressed to deal with it at the moment. She got up from her seat from behind the computer screen, which displayed the pictures of the models as Drew was taking them, and walked outside the studio for a few minutes. That was all the time she had, and she needed to focus and calm down.

When she went back in, Drew was at his last model, she noted seeing there was no other model in line. Apparently I was out longer than I thought. She walked back to her spot behind the computer, her heels making her presence known.

"Last shot!" he declared as the bright light hit the model. "That's a wrap." Drew took his camera off the stand and wrapped it around his neck. He then went to see Dawn behind the computer screen.

"Good enough?" He asked Dawn who was scrolling quickly through all the pictures.

She nodded. "Seems good," she said as she looked at her watch, "and they will be." She unplugged the laptop and held it in her arms leaving the lid open.

"What time do you have to meet Saturn?"

"Five minutes," she said as she rushed out of the studio.


Dawn arrived at the editor's office with three minutes to spare. She took a deep breath as she knocked on the glass door. "Good afternoon Saturn."

"Hello Dawn," he replied without looking up at her, his desk covered in articles.

"Here are the photos from this afternoon's photo shoot of the new Dona Styles spring collection," she said placing the laptop on the corner of his desk; the only place not filled with paper.

"Oh good!" he said moving the papers in front of him to make room for the laptop. "Oh, Madame Rousseau asked me to tell you to be in her office asap."

Her heart sank. "Madame Rousseau wants me in her office?"

Saturn gave her an annoyed look. "Dawn, I hate repeating myself, just go."

Dawn nodded as she walked out of his office and walked towards Madame Rousseau's.

Madame Fantina Rousseau… owner of the company, founder of Runway… wants to see me in her office. Either I'm getting fired or promoted. She doesn't speak with just anyone to congratulate them on a good day's work. She doesn't even hire her own staff. Either I'm fired or promoted; I don't like the 50/50 chance.

When Dawn got to the office door, it read "Madame Fantina Rousseau, Founder". She nervously knocked, but she didn't show it on her face.

Relax, relax, relax

"Come in!"

Here goes nothing

"Madame Rousseau," she said as she opened the door then closed it behind her, "You asked for me."

"Yes, 'ave a seat," Madame Rousseau said in a French accent.

Dawn nodded her head and sat down on a lounge chair placed in front of her desk.

"Did you know~, Saturn~ got a new job elsewhere?"

"Where?" Dawn asked. She had no idea he had quit.

"Don't ask stupid quéstion!" she snapped.

Dawn was startled. "Sorry."

"Alors, now I'm short an editor. So you, dahling, are promoted."

Dawn was flabbergasted. "Me? An editor?"

"Oui. Do you not want the job?"

"Yes! Yes, I do, thank you so much."

"Now go dahling, and do something with that hair, it bothers me."

Dawn self-consciously touched her hair. She put it in a careless bun this morning and was too busy to do anything to it since. It must have been a mess.

"I will! And thank you! I won't let you down!"

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