Chapter Three

After today, Dawn just wanted a warm bubble bath. She usually takes them after a stressful day at work, and today couldn't have been anything less. She slipped out of her clothes as the less than hot water poured into the bath. When it was ¾ full, she poured the bubbles into the water.

When the bath was prepared, she got in eagerly and immediately let out a sigh. She closed her eyes after getting comfortable.

Today was a stressful day. She barely started training the newbie when she got into that argument with the new model. Then to make matters worse, Saturn sped through the training as if she should have already known what it takes to be an editor. All she knew was that tomorrow was her day off, and she was more than grateful. She wouldn't have to deal with work-related problems till Wednesday. That thought alone made her a lot more relaxed.

Just then, her cell phone beeped indicating that she got a text. She didn't have to check it to know it was Drew. He had sent her about ten text messages since work ended. This was the first time he didn't car pool with her; he actually went with the new stylist, May.

She wiped her hands on the dry cloth beside the tub and checked her iPhone.

: I'm video calling you in ten minutes. If you don't answer I'm barging in your place! – Drew

Dawn groaned. She knew Drew would do it too. It was true that she hadn't answered if any of his text messages but she was in that mood where she didn't want to talk to anyone.

Guess she had to now.

She unplugged the tub and turned on the shower head to rinse herself off.

Afterwards, she quickly rapped a towel around herself. Not bothering to put a comb through her wet hair and went to her room to put on a fresh pair of pyjamas.

When she stepped out of her room, her computer phone immediately rang. She quickly walked to her living room where her computer was stationed.

Drew's name was flashing on her screen and she accepted the call.

"Dawn!" Drew said before Dawn had the chance to answer with 'hello'.


"You haven't been answering me! How are you? I didn't see you since your argument in studio three."

"Yeah, well-" Dawn noticed Zoey's name in call-waiting.

"Drew, Zoey's going to join our conversation." Without giving Drew a chance to reply, she accepted Zoey's call into the now three-way conversation.

"Hey Dawn! Hey- Drew?"

"Yeah, you've gotten invited into a three-way," Dawn explained.

"Ah! Ok," Zoey started, "Drew text me about your little episode at work earlier."

"It wasn't an episode, the guy was a jerk."

Drew laughed, "But you had to have been there Zoey, it was hilarious! You should have gone with Dawn and I into fashion!"

Zoey smiled, putting a hand in front of her mouth holding in a laugh. "It's okay," she said, "I do admit, your stories to do seem like they'd be funnier if I'd be there in person, but I'd stick to being a biologist any day."

"Suit yourself," Drew retorted, sticking out his tongue.

"How did he do anyway?" Dawn asked Drew, changing the subject.

"Who? New model Mr. Ash Ketchum?"


"I'll send you the pictures Ms. Editor."

"How did your first day of training go anyway?" asked Zoey.

"Saturn should not be a trainer. He goes too fast and doesn't pause for questions. I guess I'll learn as I go."

"Yeah, well, Saturn has issues," Drew stated, "here are your pictures."

Dawn downloaded the file Drew sent her and viewed the pictures.

"Damn" was all she said.

"What?" Drew asked in a worried tone. He prayed that there wasn't something wrong with his photos.

"He looked good, really good."

"So?" Her best friends asked in unison.

"He won. The camera, the lights, they love him." Dawn slouched on her chair going through the rest of his pictures.

"So what are you going to do?" Zoey asked.

"Well, I can't complain about him anymore since he actually has talent."

"Aww, are you two going to be besties now?" Drew teased as Zoey stifled a laugh.

Dawn glared at her screen as she crossed her arms. "No, though, I may just de-mote you from best friend pretty soon," Dawn said pointing at him.

Drew put his hands up defensively.

Dawn rolled her eyes. "Even if he's a jerk, he's a jerk that knows what he's doing."

"So…" Zoey prompted.

"So… I guess I'll just have to promote him, well if Drew agrees. I can't ask the new girl yet but I'd promote him; he shouldn't be with the rookies."

Drew and Zoey looked at her with raised eyebrows.

"Dawn, are you PMS-ing or something?" asked Zoey, "because you're acting really bipolar."

"Yeah…" agreed Drew, "just five minutes ago, you hated his guts."

"And now you want to promote him? Did you suddenly get struck by cupid's arrow?" Zoey asked.

Dawn, once again, glared at her best friends. "It just seems like the right thing to do, guys."

"Yeah~, you know what I think Zoey," Drew began, "I think she found Mr. Jerk Ash Ketchum to be really hot. Promoting him would make them kinda spend more time together. Can you further connect the dots, ZoZo?"

"Oh, I think I can," Zoey said leaning back into her chair.

"Really guys? I'm not that much of a bitch. He can go far; I'm not going to hold him back because I don't like him."

"Denial?" Drew asked Zoey who only smiled and nodded her head.

"Whatever, obviously whatever I'm going to say will be overheard so I'll just say nothing," Dawn said crossing her arms.

Drew rolled his eyes.

"Anyway, guys, I gotta get going," said Zoey, "I have a test in biochemistry in two days and have yet to study for it."

"Rebel," Dawn laughed.

"Shut up! I just didn't have time. Anyway! I really gotta go now!"

"Alright, alright, Bye Zoey!"

"Bye Dawn, bye Drew!"

"See ya," Drew said as Zoey's picture eliminated itself from the conversation.

"Well, tomorrow is your day off, use it well. And if you really feel strongly about promoting Ash, then I'll agree with your decision."

"Thanks Drew, how was May, by the way?"

"Wasn't bad. She was great with the accessorizing."

"Yay!" Dawn said clapping her hands together excitedly. The key to being an awesome stylist is accessorizing, if you couldn't do that, you were a lost case in Dawn's mind.

"I knew you'd be happy about that," Drew said leaning back into his chair.

"Well yeah! I was worried when she told me that her only experience was an internship, but they taught her well."

Drew laughed. Dawn was very picky with accessories, he knew that much. "Alright, well Dawn, I'm glad you're better. Unlike you, I got to go to work tomorrow. So I'm going to go. Bye!"

"Bye!" Dawn said waving at her best friend.

All of yesterday, Dawn thought about whether or not to really promote Ash til she came to the conclusion that she should.

When she looked at her watch; it read 8:35am. She knew that there was a chance that she'd be late for work, but she was in desperate need of coffee. So she walked into the small café near her work. Thankfully, there was no line-up in front of the cash.

"Good morning," greeted the barista.

"Hi, can I get a large moka without whip cream please?" she asked.

"Sure thing, it'll be $3.89," she said as she left to make the caffeinated beverage.

When the barista came back with her moka, Dawn handed her a $5 bill and told her to keep the change.

"Thanks," Dawn said leaving the café quickly.

Dawn walked with haste leaving the café. When she looked at her watch, she knew she was going to be late for work.

She didn't notice.

Ash was a safe distance behind her. He, on the other hand, knew something was up. Even after their first impression to each other wasn't the best, his mission was still to save her. And he felt it; something was going to happen and she was in danger from it.

She didn't notice.

That she was passing directly underneath construction that was going on at least 20 feet over her.

She didn't notice.

When the construction workers yelled, "Watch out!"
But Ash did
He knew she didn't notice
So he ran for her.

"Dawn!" When she turned to the voice, she saw the new model, Ash, running toward her, and then into her.


"Oh my God!" was what Dawn cried when she fell down. Then she heard crashes on the ground in front of her feet.

"Are you okay?" she asked Ash, genuinely concerned.

"Never felt better," he replied sarcastically, he was half under Dawn's back; breaking her fall.

Dawn got up to observe the damage in front of her. Several bricks have split hitting the concrete.

"Are you guys okay?" The construction workers asked descending quickly.

"Well, I'm okay," she yelled back. "What about you?" she asked turning to Ash who was holding his right shoulder.

"I'll be fine," he answered.

After the construction workers apologized and resumed their work. Dawn turned to Ash again. "Thanks Ash, I'm pretty sure you just saved my life."

He smiled at her, "you're welcome."

Dawn looked down. She was still shaken up. Ash noticed but didn't blame her, he was still shaken up himself.

He looked around expecting some message from Karl, as he always does when he finishes a mission, but he didn't get any.

"How about we both call in sick and get some tea or something. I can't work in the right state of mind right now." Ash nodded, agreeing.


Ash made a frown; all he could think of was that this wasn't it. There was still something out to get her; she was still in danger from it.

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