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Edward's POV

I was so excited to be going on vacation with Jacob. I was pretty surprised that he had arranged it all, but it explained the shifty look he had about him for the past week or so. He had been even more wonderful to me than usual since I'd been working on that last website and I knew I'd been lousy company, often carrying on long into the night after he went to sleep. Most evenings he made me food, brought me coffees and kept out of my way, watching television or something with the volume so low it was a wonder he could hear it, just so it wouldn't distract me. Normally I wouldn't have let work take over my life so much, but it was an important client who wanted a large, complicated site - a well-known businessman who had come to me on the back of a recommendation from someone else and he could easily make or break my reputation. The site had given me endless headaches. He was pedantic and had changed his mind three times about what he wanted, but at long last it was done, he was happy and the ten thousand dollar fee was in my bank.

The vacation was exactly what I needed and Jacob had arranged everything - flights, a transfer car and a private villa. I offered to contribute to the costs, but he wouldn't hear of it and instead invited me to take him shopping as we would both need new clothes. On Saturday we went to Port Angeles and spent the whole day there, including eating lunch in one of the seafood restaurants down by the harbour. One of my credit cards was made good use of and by the time we left, the Skyline's trunk crammed with bags of clothes, Jacob was looking a little pale from the amount I spent and the number of times I made him try things on.

The following week I had no work on and I spent it relaxing after my endless nights with not enough sleep, poring over the computers and squinting with sore eyes. I visited my family and worked out with Emmett, hung out with Jacob and Seth in the garage and was generally idle, which wasn't like me, but for once I needed it. I had some smaller jobs booked in for the next month and after that I decided not to take on any more until after we returned from Hawaii. I didn't want to be worrying at the last minute that something I was working on would over-run because Jacob had already said he was banning me from taking even my iPad on vacation, just in case.

Despite our excitement, the next few weeks did pass quickly. We had Sunday lunch with my family as usual two days before we were due to fly to Hawaiii and Mom and Dad made me promise to take plenty of photographs. As we left, Jasper's parting comment was, 'See you soon,' and he gave Jacob a wink which he apparently thought I didn't see. That puzzled me, but the minute we were in the car I forgot about it as Jacob began talking about the trip and I felt a flutter of excitement again. It was some time since I'd had a vacation and a week in the sun with my lover would be amazing.

Two days later, Seth waved us off as we left for Sea-Tac in the truck, deciding not to leave one of our nice cars at the airport. Seth had been left a key to the house to check things over and he would continue to run the garage in our absence. The long drive went smoothly, the flight was on time and when we arrived at the other end, strangely Jacob left me to collect the cases from the conveyor belt and hurried out, saying he wanted to find our transport so we wouldn't have to wait. Shrugging, I grabbed the cases a few minutes later and followed. Jacob was outside standing beside a black Mercedes, grinning at the driver who was leaning against the side of the car. Jacob straightened his face and stood back then and the driver took the cases from me and loaded them into the trunk, then opened the rear door for us.

"A Mercedes for a transfer?" I said in a low voice.

"You could choose to travel in style," Jacob smiled. "I wanted our first vacation to be special."

The journey to the villa took around forty minutes and when we pulled up outside, the driver carried the cases up to the door for us and then left. I had noticed another car parked on the driveway and now a young lady opened the door and invited us in, handing Jacob a key and advising a card with a telephone number was on the kitchen table in case we should need anything. She stayed while we looked around the sprawling two-bedroom villa with it's decking, private pool and hot tub, the rear steps leading straight down onto the beach, and then she left us and drove away.

"Oh, my God, this is perfect," I said. "I can't wait to get in that hot tub."

"I can't wait to get you in that hot tub." Jacob grabbed me bodily and much to my shock, slung me over his shoulder and strode onto the decking, kicking off his shoes as he went.

"Shit...don't...put me down!" I panted. I struggled for a brief moment and then grinned and began to squeeze and caress his firm butt through his jeans instead.

"Damn you," Jacob grunted and put me down beside the tub. "I was going to dump you in there with your clothes on, but they're just going to be harder to get off in the water." He began to undress quickly, t-shirt, jeans, underwear, socks. In only a couple of minutes he was naked, his cock rigid and standing up straight against his stomach. "What are you waiting for? Need some help?" he grinned.

"I was just...looking at the view." I quickly began to remove my own clothes, releasing my erection with relief and hurrying to get the last few things off before we both climbed into the tub. The woman had thoughtfully left the thing turned on and it was hot and bubbling.

"We should have bought some beers or something," I said.

"There'll be some in the fridge, they said they'd stock it," Jacob told me. "But I don't want beer, I want you. Come here." He pulled me towards him and I kneeled over him, straddling his thighs, pressing close to him and reaching between us to rub our cocks together.

"You think they'll mind if we come in the tub?" he grinned.

"Probably." I ground myself against him and rubbed my thumb over the head of his cock beneath the water. He moaned and slid his hands down to my butt, pulling me tighter against him. "But I'd rather not waste it. I want you in me." I could feel my face turning red and grimaced. I would probably still blush when I was an old man and Jacob would still be teasing me about it.

"You're blushing," he smirked on cue, brushing his lips against my cheek.

"I know, stop teasing me."

"Can't help it; you're too cute when you blush." He pushed me off of his lap suddenly and jumped up. "Don't move, I'll be back in one minute."

He ran dripping into the house and returned in a minute with a couple of towels, the strawberry lube and a condom. He spread the towels out on the decking beside the tub and indicated I should join him. I climbed out of the water and lay down on the towels, wrapping my hand around my cock and stroking slowly as I watched him quickly tear open the condom packet and roll it onto himself. He wasn't wasting any time and I squirmed impatiently as he squirted lube into both hands, using one to coat himself and quickly preparing me with the other, pushing one finger and then two into me, the tips bumping my prostate until I was gasping and shuddering.

"Fuck...please...I'm ready," I panted.

He withdrew his fingers and lowered himself over me, guiding his cock in and pushing deep without hesitation. He felt so good and I wrapped both arms and legs around him, pulling him down onto me and using only the friction of his belly on my cock to stimulate myself. Now he brought his lips to mine and kissed me heatedly as he thrust into me. Neither of us lasted more than a brief few minutes as was often the case and after he pulled out and cleaned us up a little with one of the towels, we returned to the hot tub and snuggled together, remaining there until our skin began to turn wrinkly and the sun had slipped low enough in the sky to create a brilliant pink and orange sunset right in front of us.

The refrigerator was well stocked and we ate shrimp salad and fruit and shared a bottle of wine, sitting on the bottom of the steps which led to the beach, then took a walk on the sand wearing only our underwear and dipped our toes in the sea. We could do anything we wanted and unless someone was out on a boat with binoculars, we wouldn't be seen. Our beach was private, with no access to the public and I knew that the entire week was going to be pure bliss.

We didn't do a great deal for the next two days, but simply spent every minute together relaxing, exploring the immediate area on foot, swimming in the sea or the pool and making love at every opportunity. The following morning the lady who had greeted us arrived with more groceries including an amazing looking fruit basket with a bottle of wine set in the middle. Jacob took it from her and removed the small card which was stuck in it and put it in his pocket before I could see it.

"What was that?" I asked curiously.

"Um...just a card for a little surprise I organised," he said quickly. He had that shifty look about him again and I wondered what he was up to. It could only be something good however. The last time he looked as guilty as that, he had just booked this trip. I didn't push it; let him surprise me.

As the day wore on, Jacob strangely began to seem almost nervous. He was jumpy and distracted and when I asked what was wrong, he said simply that something he ate made him feel queasy. I didn't believe him this time; he seemed to be waiting for something to happen and I didn't miss the number of times he glanced at his watch and chewed his nails. He was clearly trying to behave normally and failing miserably and I asked him again what was going on. He just grinned and said he would tell me later, but I couldn't help feeling a little nervous myself without knowing why. It wasn't that I worried about what he might be planning, but more than he was clearly anxious about it himself.

Towards the end of the afternoon, Jacob took a shower and emerged from the bathroom wearing a new pair of light grey slacks and a blue shirt - some of the clothes I had bought for him in Port Angeles. He had bare feet and looked smart, but casual and completely mouthwatering.

"Going somewhere?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'm taking you out somewhere special."

"Without shoes?"

"Yes. Go get ready," he grinned. "Wear the green shirt, it'll make your eyes look amazing."

Shrugging, I went to shower and shave, then put on the rich green shirt which was one he had picked out for me in the store, along with off-white pants. I didn't bother with shoes either, assuming we must be going somewhere on the beach. I put on the watch Jacob had given me for my twenty-first birthday and went to join him. It was five-thirty and dusk was only an hour away. Perhaps it was a romantic sunset dinner on the beach - that would be just like him. Why he was no nervous about it though was beyond me. I supposed I should have been more aware, but I just had no clue.

"Where are we going?" I asked again as we walked out of the back of the house and down to the beach.

"You'll see in a minute. Trust me, Edward." He took my hand and squeezed it firmly and led me along the sand to the end of our beach. A narrow sandy path led around a rocky headland and with the tide out, there was room to follow it around to the other side. We made our way around onto the next section of beach where I knew there was a jetty and a large hotel. Then Jacob halted and turned me towards him, grasping both of my hands in his.

"I'm sorry I've been weird today," he said.

"You just seemed...anxious about something,"

"Yeah. Well, now I can tell you. I can tell you that I love you with all my heart; that you make me more happy than I ever thought possible, and that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. And I want to ask you...Edward, will you marry me?"

My heart stopped. I felt as if everything around us vanished and there was only him standing in front of me, asking me to be with him for the rest of our lives; asking me what I had begun to long for him to ask in the past few months only at the same time I had been scared of what it would mean. Now he released my hands and turned me to face the other way, pointing to the jetty.

"Look...there are Jasper, Paul and Embry and the priest will be here in...five minutes. If you say yes, there'll be no planning and no time to spend worrying about it. We can go do it right now. Or you can say no and it's ok. It won't matter if you don't want..."

I spun around to face him, my heart hammering again and a huge smile splitting my face. "Of course I'm not going to say no!" I exclaimed. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed myself against him, trying not to disgrace myself by bursting into tears. "How did you know?" I asked. "How did you know this was exactly what I wanted?"

"Little bird told me," Jacob grinned.



"I love you," I said. "Thank you so much for this." I took a step back from him and slid my hand into his again. "Let's get married."

"You sure?"


We began to walk slowly towards the jetty and the three guys waiting there cheered as they waited for us. By the time we had reached them, a priest in a dark suit and a dog collar had arrived carrying a briefcase and a book and I clutched Jacob's hand tighter; not with fear or worry, but with excitement.

"Got the rings?" Jacob asked Embry and his friend produced two small boxes from his pocket, popping them open to show me matching white gold rings. Now tears did sting my eyes and I blinked them away rapidly as we faced the priest and waited for him to begin the ceremony.

"Jacob and Edward, we are gathered here together to witness the love and respect that you have for each other," he began. "Jacob and Edward, are you entering into this marriage freely, voluntarily and without any conditions?"

"Yes," we both said in unison.

"Please face each other and repeat after me..."

I turned towards him and met his eyes. He gazed back at me with a look of adoration and I gulped as he repeated the words spoken by the priest.

"Edward, I come here today to join your life; I pledge to be true to you, to respect you and to grow with you through the years. We are many things to each other; may only those best qualities continue to shine and may our bond continue to grow stronger. Time may pass, fortune may smile, trials may come; no matter what we may encounter together, I vow here today that this love will be my only love. I will make my home in your heart from this day forward."

Now a tear did spill over and I brushed it away quickly, then breathlessly repeated the same words to Jacob, my voice wobbling slightly in the middle. Next the priest took the rings from Embry and we exchanged them, repeating more vows and then holding hands tightly. I couldn't take my eyes off of the ring on my left hand as we listened to the final words of the ceremony.

"Jacob and Edward, as you have consented together in lawful wedlock and thereto have pledged your faith to each other, and have declared the same by joining hands and giving and receiving of rings, by the powers vested in me I pronounce you are now married!"

Jasper, Paul and Embry all began to clap and cheer and Jacob drew me closer to him and gave me a warm kiss. More tears escaped and I cursed myself for being so overwhelmed, but when I drew my head back and looked at Jacob, his cheeks were wet too and I smiled and leaned against him. Jasper and Embry began to take photos with their cell phones and we were asked to sign a document and advised our marriage certificate would be delivered to us at the villa the following day. Then the priest left and the guys began to tease us, clearly having restrained themselves with difficulty in the priest's presence.

"We got you a wedding present back at the hotel," Jasper said. "Figured you probably used up all that lube by now."

"Jasper!" I exclaimed. "I'd push you off this jetty if it wasn't for the fact you're apparently the little bird that told Jacob I wanted this."

He grinned. "You remember that when you see the boat we're having dinner on."

A few minutes later a yacht drifted slowly up to the end of the jetty, its railings decorated with bunches of balloons, which on closer inspection turned out to be dozens of inflated condoms.

"Jasper Cullen!" My face burned and the others all laughed although poor Embry was as red as I felt. I wondered how he was going to cope with four gay guys around him for dinner, Jasper and Paul continuing with their lewd jokes, but eventually he simply joined in.

The yacht moved off and headed along the coast and we sat down to enjoy the food and wine which was laid out on the table on deck - a huge array of seafood including lobster, shrimp, mussels and a number of other things accompanied by salad and bread and followed by an enormous chocolate gateau laced with liqueur. Jasper continued snapping away, saying that our parents and Emmett would shoot him if he didn't at least have photos for them since they couldn't be with us.

We were returned to the jetty at midnight and Jacob and I walked back to the villa while the others left us and went into the hotel. Jacob opened the bottle of wine which had been delivered with the fruit and we shared a glass on the decking. Jacob showed me the card which had come with the basket that he had quickly hidden that morning, congratulating us on our wedding and wishing us future happiness.

We finished the wine and then Jacob got to his feet and pulled me up. My heart began to pound as we walked to the bedroom and even though we lived together and had been having sex countless times for months, I was both nervous and excited at the thought of making love for the first time with my...husband.

We undressed slowly, watching each other, both already aroused by the time we reached our underwear. We lay down on the bed and Jacob drew me into his arms and kissed me warmly, his cock nudging mine eagerly. I moaned softly and shivered as he ran a hand lightly down my back to my butt and then drew his head back.

"Get up...turn around..."

He guided me where he wanted me and I found myself kneeling astride him, my cock hovering over his face and his twitching in front of me, encouraging me to wrap my hand around it. I leaned down and licked the head, dipping my tongue into his slit and tasting him. He groaned and pushed my thighs wider apart, lowering me and drawing my cock into his mouth. I did the same, cupping his balls and rolling them between my fingers as I sucked and licked his shaft, relaxing my throat and breathing through my nose until I had taken in most of his length. His balls tightened and I tugged them gently away from his body, drawing another louder groan from him which vibrated around my erection. The head was in his throat, my balls on his face and as I trembled and struggled to contain my orgasm, he lubed up his fingers and pushed two inside me, his free hand on my hip, urging me to fuck his mouth. I took my hand off of his balls and rested my arm on the bed to balance myself better and he immediately began to buck his hips, shoving himself deeper into my throat as he chased his own orgasm.

We came at the same time, both of us moving erratically as we attempted to suck and touch while we squirmed and shuddered and I lifted my lower body quickly afterwards, always anxious I would choke Jacob when I kneeled over him in such a fashion. I turned around and collapsed beside him, my cock temporarily spent and my chest heaving. I rested my hand on his stomach and once again looked at the beautiful ring on my finger. I had noticed when we exchanged them that they were engraved on the inside; mine said 'Jacob, forever,' and it was amazing to think that he really was mine forever.

"I love you," I murmured.

"I love you too...husband."

We rested a little while until both of us grew hard again and then Jacob slowly rolled over, pushing me onto my back and sliding his body over mine. I spread my legs open and hummed appreciatively as he shifted a little so that his cock pressed against mine.

"Our first time all over again," he murmured and then slowly pulled himself up onto his knees and grabbed the lube. He chewed his lip for a second. " you mind if we ditch the rubbers?"

I grinned. Be able to feel more of him; his heat, his skin and his cum in me? "I was hoping you'd say that."

Jacob squeezed out some lube and I watched as he coated his erection in it. Then he tucked his hand under my butt and lifted me up a little, staying kneeling as he guided his cock slowly into me, watching its length slowly disappearing into my hole.

" feel amazing," he groaned.

"More...please..." I encouraged. It did feel amazing and I wanted all of him, as deep as he could go. He changed position carefully, pushing my legs back and tucking his arms behind them, thrusting himself deeper until he was pressed flush against me and he filled me completely. I grasped my own cock and began to stroke it firmly, my eyes on his face as he moved, slowly at first, pulling back only an inch or two at a time, but gradually the pace increased until he was slamming himself into me, leaning over me and bracing one hand on the wall to gain more leverage.

"Oh, God...yes...harder!" I jerked myself off faster, matching the pace to his cock impaling me as I felt my orgasm building. Jacob's body began to move more awkwardly and he groaned and panted, gasping out my name and various expletives as his cock swelled and twitched inside me and began to spill his seed into me. The feel of it pushed me over the edge and I spurted through my fist and onto my chest, adding my cries of pleasure to his.

"Fuck me," Jacob panted, releasing my legs and lowering himself slowly, his cock still in me.

"Again?" I grinned.

"God..." He chuckled in my ear and let his weight sink onto me, his chest heaving and his skin slick with sweat. I wrapped my arms around him and held him there, struggling to breathe with his body crushing me, but not wanting him to move. Gradually I felt him soften and slip out of me, leaving me wet and dribbling and longing to recover and do it all over again.

After a little while we reluctantly drew apart and took a shower, then collapsed back into the bed in each other's arms. I was sleepy, but I didn't want to drift off just yet. I just wanted to enjoy a few more minutes of knowing I was married and that it was my husband holding me. My Jacob. As I lay there, I thought about our names and realised that we hadn't had the opportunity to discuss whether we would keep them as they were. We had both signed our usual signatures at the end of the ceremony.

"Do you want me to take your name?" I murmured.

"Do you want to take it?" he grinned. "You don't want to just add it and have a hyphenated one?"

"Definitely not, my name's enough of a mouthful as it is."

"What, Edward Anthony Cullen? It's no worse than Jacob Ephraim Black."

"It's Edward Anthony Masen Cullen; they gave all of us our Mom's maiden name as an extra middle name," I explained.

"Yeah, well I guess that would be a mouthful then. Edward Anthony Masen Black," Jacob said slowly. "I love it. What about your business, though? You can't very well change 'Cullen Digital Design' or nobody will know you."

"I'll leave the business name as it is, just change my personal name," I said at once. "We're married, I want your name."

"Then we'll get it changed when we get home," he agreed.

"Edward Black," I whispered. "It's perfect."

If he replied, I didn't hear it as I had already fallen asleep.

We spent most of the next day with Jasper, Paul and Embry and then the following morning they would all be flying home. Jacob and I still had three more days to enjoy and we made the most of them, taking a day cruise which included snorkelling and hiring a car for a day to explore a little more of the island. I could have quite happily stayed on for a month, but sadly we had to return to reality and our businesses eventually and on the last day we packed up and waited for the Mercedes to collect us to take us to the airport. Jacob explained that the driver had known he was collecting a couple who were planning to marry, which was why he had left me to find the cases, to give him time to warn the man not to give the game away. He also told me he had taken me out for dinner one night weeks before, supposedly to give my eyes a break from my computer, while Seth took my passport and Xeroxed it so he had a form of ID to send off with the marriage booking. I was amazed by all the sneaking around that had gone into it, and more surprised that Jasper had managed to keep his mouth shut for almost two months beforehand.

The flight back was uneventful and we drove home from the airport, intending to go to my parents' house first to tell them. Jasper had told me he had merely said Paul was taking him away for a couple of days to explain his absence, although he was going to tell Emmett what we had really been doing. Both of my brothers were there, Emmett having just finished a training session with a client, and they both smirked at us as they waited for us to say something. For once Dad wasn't at the hospital and Mom was in the kitchen baking something, so we didn't have to wait to get them both together. My heart began to pound again with nervousness and I hoped they wouldn't be too upset.

"What are you two doing here on a weekday?" Mom asked, wiping flour off of her hands and coming over to give me a kiss.

"We have something to tell you," I said.

Dad looked up from his newspaper with interest. "Sounds important."

"" I glanced at Jacob. "We got married. On Friday."

"Married?" Mom's mouth dropped opened. "Oh, Edward! Why didn't you tell us? Didn't you want us there?"

"He didn't know," Jacob said. "I'm sorry for keeping it a secret. I knew Edward would have still been anxious after...what happened before. I decided to surprise him so he wouldn't have to worry about a huge planned thing. We went to Hawaii."

"Paul and I went as witnesses," Jasper said. "Edward would never have wanted a big wedding with a ton of guests, Mom."

"It was perfect," I added. "It was exactly what I wanted."

"I took about a thousand photographs," finished Jasper.

"Well..." Dad didn't seem to know what to say.

"Isn't anybody going to congratulate them?" Emmett shoved himself away from the counter he was leaning against and came towards us, wrapping his huge arms around both me and Jacob and crushing us in a hug. "Well done, guys. Hope you have an awesome life together."

"I am really happy for you," Mom said, taking Emmett's place a moment later. "I'm sorry if it doesn't seem that way, it was just such a huge surprise. I would have loved to be there, you know that, but I'm so glad Jacob went to such efforts to make it special for you." She gave me another kiss and then planted one on Jacob's cheek.

"Congratulations, son." Dad got up and gave me a hug and shook Jacob's hand. "I'm with your mother. It's clear how happy you two are together and I'm glad for you. But you know you're going to have to let us give you a reception. We can't overlook this completely."

"A small reception," Jasper said. "Just enough for me to have an audience for my best man's speech. Ok?"

"Ok," I agreed. I didn't care if they threw one of their parties for me on this occasion. I was too happy to worry about whether anyone might embarrass me with a silly speech or whether I would be the centre of attention. I would have Jacob by my side, forever, just as it said on the inside of my wedding ring.