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summary: imagen, the voice of Adele is in Bella's body. - so she is Adele but in bella's body -, she wrote songs about her love to Edward ' you all know Adele's songs of course'. the cullens found baby Bella in the woods while there hunting and adopt her, she grows up to become Adele. she is in love with Edward and he is too, but the problem is that they don't know what the other is feeling. Bella tells the world that she wrote her songs for the man in her dreams. what problems are they going to face?.

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Chapter one: my Dream lover.


I was in a deep sleep. Dreaming as always of my lover, my inspiration, my heartache.

The only one that I couldn't have.


Always on my mind, always a big part of my life. Always has and always will be.

Dreaming of his silky soft skin, his pink kissable lips,that bronze messy hair that i love so much, those gold piercing eyes, that can read your soul perfectly, knowing every little thing that goes around in my mind.

He says that I am the only one in this world that he couldn't read, but he doesn't need to read my mind. Just one look in my eyes and all my secrets is out in the open, still… he can't see how much I love him, how much I love every part of him, even the vampire part.

He says that he is bad, evil, a monster, have no soul, but… how can someone with no soul care so deeply for others, his family. Surly someone with no soul wouldn't have cared for the lives of the humans so much. He could have enjoyed the pleasure of drinking human blood, not caring about their lives one bit. But he didn't.

I always tell him that, but he never believed me. No matter how many times I tell him how pure his soul is, he never listen.

Mom says that Edward always had kept to him self before they adopt me, I find that hard to believe, though. I don't remember a time when Edward hadn't been there for me. he was always there when ever I need him, always taking care of me and making sure that I was safe. Although I used to think it was annoying when I was a kid, I find it so sweet now.

I had always been attracted to him, still do. But I reminded my self everyday that what he do for me is a brotherly love that's all. right?

I 'v been good at hiding my feelings for him all these years and it been easier now, that I am away from him, having my tours and concerts and all.

I try so hard to hide my feelings when ever I was around Edward or Jasper, for that matter, but I often slips. How do I know when I slip?. I always get the knowing smirk from Jas. So I think he knows about my feelings and what my songs is about.

I tell the fans and everyone that the one that I write to is a man that I always dream about.

And it's true, I always dream of Edward and our lives together, I even dreamed of the problems and the obstacles that we would face in the future and how we will get through them.

Some of my dreams are bad and some of them are good. And all of my songs are based on them. I always think of him when I sing them, I put my heart and soul in them and it's always for him.

I think the only way that I could let this heavy weight out of my chest is to tell the world about it through my songs.

He doesn't know about it, of course. But he never stopped asking about the "mystery guy" that got all the attention from his 'baby sister'.

Well, dear brother. The mystery guy you always ask about is you. Happy? So you wanna go out sometime? You know, like a date.

Yeah that's real smooth. He will be exited, very.

Jasper had been dropping hints all around the house, about my songs and the words. I am starting to regret the songs I have made, but never my feelings for Edward.

I thought at first that it was just a crush and it will go away with time. But whenever I was away from him, I just … cant take it. The longing I feel every time I was away from him is just unbearable. I try to call him whenever I get the chance to, even if it was just for a minute but it never would be enough, unless if he was really there, holding me firmly to his chest, kissing my forehead tenderly, and whispering softly 'welcome home, sweetheart' in my ear, and twirling me around in a circle till I feel dizzy. Indeed, it was home. Where ever he was, it was my worm cozy home.

It's never home if I didn't smell his sweet scent from a mile away, or feeling that familiar jolt of electricity that goes between aus when ever we touch, making me feel worm and tingle all around, or eating his famous eggs, that tasted like heaven, and he is the only one who could do it perfectly for me.

I remember when I was six years old, I was crying hysterically, because some boy had stolen my lunch and kept pulling at my hair until it hurt. I ran to Edward's opened arms and cried my self to sleep, that night he never left my side even for a minute and kept rocking me to sleep and singing my lullaby over and over again.

I felt so safe that night. I felt that nobody would ever dare to hurt me when I was in his arms. he wont let them.

It always 'v been like that, even when I got my first contract with this company.

He wasn't pleased to say the least.

He kept giving me stupid excuses of why I shouldn't take it.

My safety, of course was at the top of them.

I wasn't ready to leave my family, to leave Edward. So I was hesitated to except the contract at first, but to my greatest surprise Edward told me to except it, that it was my future and he should support me in this. When I asked him of why he was so objected to the idea of me being a singer, he told me that he was just going to miss me terribly and the house wont be the same as having me around.

I was, too. The idea of being separated from him was painful, unbearable.

The day of my flight to London, I was depressed. I didn't know how to be without Edward. I didn't even imagine that there was a life for me without him.

He was so sweet to me that night. Holding me in his arms until I finally fell a sleep and whispering sweet comforting nothings to me. And promising to call everyday and being there in every event and concerts I have. And he still kept to his words.

I smiled, sleepily when I heard my phone ringing. He always call's to wakes me at the morning.

I retched over to the nightstand and grabbed my phone, hurting my finger in the proses.

" I'm up, Edward" I said sweetly through the phone.

" Good morning to you too, love" he said chuckling softly.

My heart skipped a beat, when he called me his love. It always do.

I smiled softly and turned so I can lie on my back.

" Are you feeling any better today, love?" he asked with a concerned tune.

He's been like that since I told him that I am a little bit under the wither. He almost bock a flight to come and nurse me, but I convinced him to stay in forks. There is no need for him to come here really. Although I was dying to see him and sleep against his chest and feel like home again, I shouldn't drag him all the way to England just because of my whining.

" Yes, Edward. I'm actually feeling perfect today." I said chuckling quietly.

" Are you sure? Because if you don't I can totally …" I cut him off before he start it again, because I don't know if I can refuse his offer on coming here anymore.

" Edward, I'm fine. Really. One week and I will be home, ok!" I said, with a desperate voice.

I heard him sigh across the phone " Ok, sweetheart. If that what's you want…" he said in a low murmured.

There was a brief moment of silent before I break it " I miss you, Edward" I bubbled out. My eyes are watering and the ach was back in my chest.

" I know Bella, I miss you too. Terribly.. I mean everyone else does" he said, his voice was wavering a little, like he was at the verge of tears.

I closed my eyes, savoring his silky sweet voice, making it comfort me and giving me the promise of home.

" I do too, I really miss home" I whispered softly, eyes still closed. giving up on my tears and crying in silent.

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