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Chapter tow: (BELLA)

"We're waiting for you. We can't keep our excitement down!" Edward said, chuckling.

I chuckled.

" O, yeah ?" I mumbled still chuckling and imagining my vampire family jumping up and down in excitement.

" Yeah. You should see Emmett, he cant stop screaming his heads off ' Bella, is coming. Bella, is coming'. I swear that I am going to kill him some day!" he said with a loud groan.

" Awooo, his so sweet" I said in mocking manner.

"So sweet" he said with a light laugh.

We fell in a comfortable silent for a moment and I was wondering what he was thinking right now.

"So are ready for your interview today?" breaking the silent.

He knew everything about me, and he was always there for me whenever I need him to be. He never missed a concert or any party after that. He always supported me and he still is, and I loved him even more for that.

"Of course I am, but—"

"What's wrong, sweetheart?" he asked, his voice was full of concern.

Always worrying.

"Nothing really, it's just that… well,… I was just worrying that they would ask me questions I couldn't answer and then what would I do? I cant just not answer, they will spread rumors all over" I said, panicking about the interview. Its not like I didn't do any interviews in my life. In fact, my life was full of those interviews, actually.

It's just that every time they ask me about my family, I get all worked up. I would be so nervous about saying something's I shouldn't say, like my families powers our what are they capable of.

That's one of the hardest things for me. I always have to be careful in every little thing I say.

Oh, you would want to know the reactions of people when I tell them my brother could carry a school bus with no effort at all. They would be … impressed. yeah.

"Darling, nothing is going to happen!. Just be your self … well, not quite. But you know what I mean." he said, laughing lightly.

I smiled slightly and closed my eyes, savoring his velvety laughter. already calm.

I sighed dreamily " well, I'm going to do my best in that" I said in an amused tune.

I herd a booming voice in the background and I started laughing hard

"Ugh, shut it Emmett. I'm trying to talk here" Edward said, in a very annoyed voice.

I didn't realize how much I missed my big, bear-like brother till I herd his loud annoying voice.

"Edward, would you please put him on!?" I said, still laughing hard.

He sighed loudly " fine"

"ADELE!" Emmett screamed.

I moved the phone away from my ears, afraid that I would be deaf by the end of this call.

"I told you not to call me that!" I groaned, loudly, annoyed.

I hate it when my family called me by my screen name. I don't know, I just feel that my family should be the only ones who I would feel comfortable enough with to really call me by my real name.

I feel very … what's the word?... regular when they call me Adele.

"Awe, little sis, give me some love. We herd your song, how is that lover boy in your dreams, I hope its not a wet dream sis" his booming laugh gone straight to my ear dram.

I blushed, he have no idea of the dreams I had.

"Shut it, Em I 'm going to kill you" I hissed angrily and at the same time embarrassed because I know that the whole family can hear him.

"Ouch, Rosie, I was only joking" Emmett said to clearly Rose, she must have hit him on the head as always when he make embarrassing jokes.

"Stop embarrassing the poor girl. And give me that phone" Rosalie said through the phone.

I heard I loud groan in the background, and I wondered who that was.

"Hello sweetie, how are you, today?" she said sweetly through the phone.

I 'v always loved Rose, she cares for me and support me in every good choice I make.

"Hay Rose, I 'm good. How are you?" I said smiling.

" I'm fine. We miss you though" she laughed.

I frowned, why was she laughing?.

" I miss you too, but what so funny?" I asked, curious.

"Nothing actually, it's just Edward, being funny" she was chuckling, and there was a groan at the background.

I chuckled, my Edward being funny?, can't imagine.

" Our Edward?. What did he do?"

" I think he is going to burst to flams if I didn't give him the phone" she chuckled " I think Emmett is teasing him with his thoughts".

"Teasing him about what?" I said, confused.

"Oh, about Tanya." She chuckled more.

More confused!.

" What's Tanya got to do with anything" I said, with an angry edge in my voice.

Was she there with him?. Was she laughing and giggling with him? Hitting on him? Swaying her tall, blond, shiny hair in front of his face?.

Tanya and I never got along, because I know what she always wanted and she was determined to have what she wanted.

Even when I was like nine, she saw how Edward took care of me and spoil me and of course, she didn't like that. She wanted all the attention to her self but, she never got it.

When she first found out about the family adoption of me, she wasn't very found of the idea, and that only increased when she saw the way Edward treated me.

"Well, the Denali's are going to spend Christmas with us this year and you know how Tanya is. Emmett is finding a new material to tease" she laughed, not knowing that my blood is boiling right now at what she just said.

I tried to calm my self down and not take all my frustration and anger on poor Rosalie.

I took a couple of deep breaths and let it out, I felt more in control but not as calm.

"I didn't know that the Denali's are spending Christmas with us?" I said, coldly. Trying to fish for more information.

i liked all the Denali's, but one exception of course.

"Well, yes. They told Esme last week" she said, with a slight hint of concern coloring her voice.


"Are you ok, Bella?" she said, worried.

"Amm, yeah. I'm totally fine" I answered quickly.

I heard grumbling and shuffling in the background and I heard my own calming melody, his voice.

"Bella, is something's wrong?" his voice was full of concern, but still very calming to me.

In that second, I just wanted to be in his arms, bathing in his heavenly scent.

Sigh, Soon Bella, soon.

I smiled dreamily " No, Edward. I'm great. Is Emmett still bugging you?" I said quickly changing the subject.

He groaned, and I laughed.

"He just doesn't know when to shut up" he grumbled.

I chuckled " Awe, Edward. Don't worry, Tanya is going to cheer you up when she comes " I said, laughing bitterly, trying to make the situation funny.

"I doubt that" he said so quietly, his tune was bitter, and... sad?

I frowned. Did I hurt his feelings? I was only joking.

"Edward?. I'm sorry. I was only joking" I apologized quickly, panicking about his feelings being hurt.

"I know, you don't have to apologize sweetheart" he said, tenderly trying to smooth me.

I sighed, relieved.

"So, are you up and ready for today?"

"Yup, I'm going to get dressed and go to the set right away" I got up from my cold king sized bed and straight to my huge closet that always remind me of my pixie sister.

"Ok, sweetheart. Good luck at your interview today!" he said, sweetly.

I smiled "Thanks, say hi to everyone for me."

" I will, I love you" he said tenderly.

My heart skipped a beat. Stay calm Bella, don't faint.

I sighed quietly, and rested my forehead against the wall.

"I love you too" I whispered quietly and swallowed the lump that formed in my throat.

Meaning every word I said.

There was a pass for a moment and a throat clearing next.

I wok up from my day dreaming

"Well, amm, I should go get dressed now so, …goodbye" I said in a hurry, afraid that I would broke down in tears if I heard his voice any longer.

" Amm, yeah. Bella?" he whispered lightly.

"Yeah?" I whispered back, afraid that my voice would crack if I raised my voice higher.

"Take care of your self ".

And the line was dead.

I stood there for a while trying to calm my self and wiping my tears away.

Longing for someone is very hard feeling to cope with, especially when you didn't see the person for 3 months.

One week. Bella, just one.

I pulled my self together and away from the wall and got ready for the day.

When I was done from everything I got in my car and drove away.

I picked my Starbucks up and headed to the set of the show.

When I arrived there, I was not shocked to see the crowds waiting by the door.

Now, I know better then to walk by the front door, so I drove all the way to the back and like they were waiting by the door a guy opened it for me.

I always hate it when people do things for me, I mean.. I have hands, I can open the door by my self. That's why I don't have a maid in my house, if I can clean by myself then why do I need to let someone else to do it for me.

I thanked him, and got in the building quickly before anyone can see me.

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