um...i not really a drabble kinda person but i thought it up and feel like if i don't write it down or forget it i'll explode


no i'm serous i got inspiration but why not on another story...well anyway before i explode on with the story PS. don't worry i'll be fine.

Voices in my head: once she stop stalling and starts writing.

Yeah yeah whatever.

Her body relaxed for a second as she looked into the forest green eye's of the resident green teen in front of her .Once she realized what she was doing ,she straightened up and mentally scolded herself .

The green teen in front of her a.k.a Beast Boy (who by the way is taller than her) looked at her and then firmly but gently gripped her upper arms,leaned in close to her ear and said."Please Raven, don't scold yourself over getting lost in my eyes. I get lost in your all the time.".

She tensed up ,she knew he wasn't joking or being cocky he was ... her really like her? Was he just playing games? Raven mentally face palmed at her second question ,of course he wasn't playing a game he was being serious.

Beast Boy could see the titan arguing with herself and could smell the fear dripping of her. Why was she afraid? He couldn't figure out why but he didn't like her looking scared. The green teen thought, that maybe she thought, that he was joking. He only knew one way to tell quickly prayed that nothing especially him didn't blow up.

She was still thinking it over when she felt something warm and tingly on her opened her eyes to see Beast Boy kissing her,the empath didn't pull away instead she embraced it by putting her arms around his neck and playing with his hair.

Beast Boy almost jumped for joy when she kissed back ,he took hold of her waist pulling her closer as he deepened the kiss.

They finally pulled a part mostly for air, then Raven asked,"So you really get lost in my eyes?",she looked up at the teen timidly,he sighed and shook his head.

Beast Boy smiled and replied,"Yes because they're the most beautiful things I've ever seen...All together... your the most beautiful thing I've ever seen ".At that he kissed her again this time less passionately and left her out side her room gasping for air and in complete shock.

She needed some tea.