Over the next month Jane had been avoiding Maura as much as possible, saying hey and quickly walking off, skipping lunch, sitting somewhere else in class. She hadn't known if Maura wanted to talk to her or not, but she figured she wouldn't. Jane wanted to, but she thought Maura would reject or refuse her, by not talking to her gave Jane a little hope that maybe Maura still wanted to be friends.

February 12

"Hey, Maur." Jane said as she passed by Maura in the hallway as she headed out of the front door.

"Don't, Jane."

Jane turned around, usually Maura would say nothing, but occasionally she would say hey, but never this. "Don't what? All I said was hey."

"Don't talk to me anymore." Her face was hidden by the locker but Jane heard the shakiness in her voice.

She walked over and touched Maura's shoulder, and Maura shrugged her hand off. "Don't… Don't touch me."

Jane was hurt, by the bite in Maura's words. "What's wrong, Maura?"

"What's wrong?" She breathed deeply. "Are you serious?! You've been avoiding me since Christmas! Christmas!" She spat. She slammed her locker, and took a step closer to Jane. "You kissed me, and then you ran. You've been avoiding me Jane, and I haven't done anything wrong."


"..No! I am not finished." Her voice was shaking, and her eyes were foggy. "You kissed me and now you're dating Dean, for a month!.. You never planned to tell me? You know what.. Don't answer that. Just.. Just don't talk to me anymore." She began walking.

"Maur.." Jane grabbed her arm.

Maura snatched it away. "No, Jane." She shook her head. "You wanted to be my friend! I hadn't realized how lonely I actually was until you! And over the past month I've felt lonelier than I ever have! You made yourself such a big part of my life, and then abandoned me as if we were never friends. I don't need you talking to me, as if we're going to be friends again. Because clearly we're not, and you did this, not me!" She walked out of the school, her face red and a single tear escaped from her eye.

When Maura left Jane let her tears fall freely. She punched a locker. "Dammit!" She yelled not from pain, but from the conversation they just had. She figured she had just broken her middle finger though, and it hurt. But her heart was hurting more.

She got in her mom's car and slammed the door with her right hand.

"Is everything okay, Jane?"

"No.. My life sucks balls!"

"What happened sweetie?"

"Maur doesn't wanna be my bestfriend anymore." She felt a new set of tears approaching, as she had just admitted it. She knew she had to dump Dean, and she'd do it as soon as possible. She'd choose Maura over him, she'd choose Maura over everybody. She was never going to give up on Maura, and she would try anything, anything to regain Maura's trust.

"You've been avoiding her, correct?"

"Yes, and I knew if I talked to her this would happen."

"Maybe if you hadn't avoided her this wouldn't have happened."


"You should talk to her, you're always happiest when you're with her. Stop trying to play the victim here."

"What! I am the victim. She unfriended me."

"This is not facialbook, and you are not the victim, Maura is. You need to fix this Jane Clementine Rizzoli, or at least apologize to the poor girl."

"Maura's a lot of things, but poor isn't one of them. I mean you've seen her hous…"

"..Jane, I'm serious. You will apologize, young lady."

"Okay Ma, gosh!" She took a deep breath and thought about what she could've done to prevent this, her worst nightmare.

Something occurred to Jane that she had forgotten.

"Oh yeah, Ma.."

"Yeah, sweetie."

"I forgot to tell you, I broke my finger. So can we head to the hospital instead of home?"

"Jane, you always manage to get hurt, one way or another!"

Jane smiled, she liked going to the hospital for little things like this. It made her feel badass. She's had 3 broken fingers including this one, a broken leg, and a broken arm.

"Well, the life of Jane B. Rizzoli is a dangerous one."

"B, you mean C."

"No, b for Badass."

"Language, Jane."

"Man, you sound like Maura. Language, Jane." She mocked. It only made her miss Maura more.


When Jane got home it was an unpleasant surprise for her to see Gabriel Dean on her doorstep.

He stood when he saw the car pull up.

"Hey, Mrs. Rizzoli."

"Gabriel." She spoke a one word sentence as she walked into the house, shutting the door behind her.

"Hey, Jane."

"What are you doing here?"

"Your brothers wouldn't let me in."

She looked up into the window where Frankie and Tommy were and winked at them.

"We need to talk."

"I know, what are we going to do for Valentine's Day?"

"Not about that. I think we should break up."

"What? Why? We've been together for a month."

"I like you and everything." She lied, he made her want to vomit. "But not like that, I liked us better when we were friends."

"I see, so who is it?"

"Who is what?"

"The person you're going to date now."

"What? No. What I said was true. I just really don't like you that way... Anyway I have to go." She turned to go into the house.

"Is this about Maura?"

She turned back around "No, well a little yes. Why?"

"Someone told me you two dated."

"No, we never dated."

"Then what about her?"

"It's really none of your concern."

"She's weird Jane, she's really weird."

"Your face is weird, and so is your hair, and not the good kind of weird either.. Maura's the good kind of weird."

"Yeah, a weird dyke, you fucking butch bitch." He mumbled under his breath as he turned to leave.

Jane stepped off of the porch and grabbed Dean's shoulder turning him around and right crossed him. "You chipmunk faced bitch, that's for Maura."

Almost immediately Frankie and Tommy were outside, they had watched the whole thing, but heard none of it. They balled up their fist and pounded it into their open hand.

Dean wiped the blood from his mouth. "You need some help, Jane?" Frankie asked.

"Because, we'd love to smash his face in." Tommy added, and the two boys smirked at the same time.

"No thanks guy, Dean's leaving now."

"Uh yeah." He scrambled to his feet and headed down the street.

She turned around and pounded her brother's fists.

"I love you guys."

"Jane, you're becoming Ma." Frankie said.

"Don't even, Frankie. Vomit."

"Yeah, I thought we agreed that we all love each other. We said it that one time, and we said we would never say it out loud again."

"I'm sorry, I forgot." She didn't.

Jane went into her room trying to scheme up a plan to get Maura back. And she'd do anything to fix what she had done.

She yelled from her room. "Ma, can you take me to Maura's house?!"