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Chapter 20 – Holding A Heart

Luke hissed and screamed as the chocolate brown wolf leaped over everyone in the pack. His last thought was Audrey had been right; when she said the last thing he would see was the inside of one of the wolf's mouths.

Déjà vu struck Jake again three seconds before he phased, yanked his shorts on and jumped off the cliff yet again. He was thankful to all the Quileute God's that let him catch up with Audrey's plummeting body and wrapped her up in his arms, before he turned around in mid-air so he would take the brunt of the impact. It wouldn't hurt him, but it would've most definitely killed her. He warned her to take a big breath of air before they crashed into the icy waters.

It felt as if it took forever to break through the top to get oxygen in his lungs. Jake looked down at Audrey in his arms, her eyes were closed and lips were blue and knew the lack of oxygen under water plus the temperature would've made her suck in a breath after they were in the water. Jake moved as fast as he could to get her body back to the beach and began CPR immediately. He could hear his brothers howling in victory that they'd accomplished killing the vampire that was Audrey's biological father.

The second she started coughing up the salt water, Jake helped her sit up and rubbed her back soothingly. Audrey's lips trembling with fear and her near state of hypothermia. "It s-s-seems w-we always f-f-find ourselves h-here." She couldn't help the stuttering. She felt like a Popsicle; like she was frozen from top to bottom. She could feel Jake rubbing her arms trying to produce friction to help warm her up slightly.

Jake chuckled softly as he leaned down and brushed his lips across her forehead. "That we do beautiful; that we do. C'mon let's get you home. Irina and your father are both finished. They won't be bothering you ever again."

Audrey smiled widely as Jake gently lifted her up into his arms as she wrapped her arms around his neck and shoulders.

"Hey Audi nice to see you joined the party again." Jared's voice came from behind Audrey and Jake.

Audrey looked over and smiled. "Y-y-you kn-kn-know me. I-I'm alw-ways d-down f-f-for a p-p-party w-with you g-g-guys. W-w-who got-t h-him?"

Quil smiled a nice smile. "He really shouldn't have talked shit about my Claire bear. I got his head and Paul brought up the rear."

Audrey couldn't help it as she leaned forward partially out of Jake's arms and hugged Quil as tightly as she could before she moved onto Paul. "T-t-thank y-you g-g-guys."

Paul frowned at her body temperature. "Jesus Jake we need to get her back to the house."

Jake nodded. "Leah can you phase and run ahead and tell Emily to start a bath for Audrey."

Leah nodded as she and Embry phased and took off for Emily and Sam's.

With Aubrey being the ONLY thing on his mind at the time; Seth looked at Sam and frowned. "Can I go with them too Sam?" Knowing Audrey and Audrey were best friends; Aubrey would need him to calm her down until they got back with her.

Sam nodded. "Go on." He offered to let everyone else go to their imprints as well, but like the united pack that they always seemed to be; they all declined. They all wanted to make sure Jake and Audrey made it back to the house safely.

The guys teased Audrey as they all walked back to Sam and Emily's; she gave back as good as she got. She was able to tease Paul about finally imprinting. Apparently he was just casually walking along the beach and ran into a girl from high school and the next thing he knew BAM; imprinted! Audrey teased him even more as she watched just the faintest of pink blush streak Paul's dark tanned cheeks. This then caused the remaining wolf escorts to tease him just as bad.

Jared said he would've joined Seth but knew Kim would be there when he got there. Even though he craved to phase and run to her, he knew his wife would be there waiting for him like always and like always he would definitely take her home and do whatever she wanted. Anytime they had a big hunt and vampires were dismembered, he knew she would worry like there was NO tomorrow so they started a tradition of where once he got home he'd do anything she wanted; whether it was make love, soak in the tub together, cuddle on the couch. He didn't care whatever she wanted he fulfilled immediately as they walked through their front door.

Sam admitted he was pretty much the same way. A few weeks prior Emily had found out she was pregnant. Actually Emily and Kim both found out they were pregnant. Emily was around four months and Kim was around two months. The entire pack was excited about the next generation coming into the world; completely disappointed they had to wait so long to see them, but excited none the less.

Jake felt Audrey snuggle further into his arms as he continued to walk. He noticed his pack brothers were surrounding the couple but were keeping their distance so they could talk privately between the two of them. "You know what I think Audrey?" He looked down as her blue eyes fluttered up and locked with his. "I think you should move in with me. We can take this relationship as slow or as fast as you want. But I want you with me all the time. I want you to be there in the mornings and at night. I want you there always; I want it to be our home."

Audrey opened and closed her mouth a few times, not really sure what to say or even think about him asking her that.

Jake smiled. "Don't worry you don't have to decide tonight. You already know I'm not going anywhere and our future isn't getting decided on this one answer. I just want you to honestly think about it. I love you Audrey. I'm going to love you for the rest of my life. I hope you can put up with my stubborn attitude and my jack ass moods, because we're going to spend the rest of our lives together. There will be days when I will be the biggest ass and you're going to want to beat the shit out of me with a baseball bat; hell I may provide you with one and let you take a couple of swings at me because I know I WILL deserve it."

Audrey was pleasantly surprised when Jake walked up the porch steps and into the house. He even walked her upstairs and set her on her feet in the bathroom; he started to leave when she grabbed his hand and he stopped abruptly. "S-s-stay."

Jake nodded as he closed and locked the bathroom door to give them more privacy, even though he knew it wouldn't be very private with a house full of hearing enhanced guys. But he wasn't about to deny his imprints request. Jake could see how much she was shaking from being so cold and stepped up to help her. "Here, let me help, you'll get in the water faster." He began to carefully undress her; knowing when people are coming from frigged water temperatures to warming up their limbs hurt and any sort of jostling would make her hurt worse. Once he got her clothing off he helped her step into the tub. He knelt down by the tub and heard her exhale a shaky breath. "How are you feeling baby?"

Audrey nodded. "The water feels really good." She was finally able to steady her speech and she groaned softly as Jake started going over her body with a wash cloth

"I mean since you know about your dad…" Jake was treading lightly in case she wasn't ready to talk about how her imprinters pack just shredded her real father.

Audrey shook her head. "He wasn't much of a father Jake. I called Henry dad and he was tickled pink about it. He enjoyed being my step-dad and vise versa. Henry was more of a father to me than Luke could ever think about it. I never called Luke dad and I never thought it was wrong; it might make me a terrible person but he really was a stranger to me. Even if I did see him in old pictures it wasn't the same."

Jake frowned. "You are not a terrible person Audrey, you're far from it. No one knows what you went through but you. If Luke wasn't in your life then he most definitely wasn't your dad; he wasn't even close and if it was so easy for him up on the cliff to just let you go and do away with your life then he wasn't much of a dad even at the end of things."

About an hour later and Jake refreshing the hot water three times; he finally helped Audrey out of the water as he patted her dry. Emily had brought some clothes for her and Jake even helped her dress, making sure to kiss every exposed piece of skin before covering it with warm clothing. They both walked into Audrey's room as she walked over and lay across the bed. She looked over at Jake before she sighed in contentment. "When should I start packing my things?"

Jake smirked as he walked over and lay in bed with Audrey. "Really; you're really sure you want to live with me?"

"Well it's either you or Paul and since he'd got an imprint now I guess it could be you; hey maybe I could move in with Collin." She couldn't help taking jabs at him.

He enjoyed her squeals when he growled against her neck as he pinned her body beneath his, but making sure not to smash her under his weight. "I will make you pay for that. Not in this house but as soon as I get you back to our house be prepared for my wrath."

Audrey giggled. "Wrath – smath…" She taunted with a smirk. "You have about as much wrath as a puppy." She couldn't help the squeal again as he growled against her neck once more.

Jake smiled as he rolled so he was lying next to her. "I have a better idea. Marry me Audrey."

"What?" She questioned as her eyes grew wide.

Jake chuckled. "I learned something today. You've been holding a heart since the day you arrived here and it took me a while to figure out that it was my heart that you were holding. It's going to be my heart in your hands forever. Marry me because I don't want to waste another second without being tied to you in every way conceivable." Jake just knew the answer would be yes as he slipped the ring onto her left ring finger. He'd been carrying it around with him for a few weeks; waiting for the perfect moment and it was now.

"And here this whole time I thought it was you holding my heart." Audrey smiled softly. "Jake you healed me even when I thought it wasn't possible."

"Don't leave me hanging Audrey." Jake rolled his lips as he watched her look at the ring already on her finger. "Will you marry me?"

"I'll hold your heart as long as you want me too Jake."

The End.