I don't want to give too much away but the setting is May 2012 and the hostage crisis with Lisa has not happened yet. Robin and Patrick divorced after a long separation but are dating again. Jason and Sam have split up because he didn't want a child after Jake.


The man looked down at the city from the roof of his new building. There were interesting people in the small town. He stood at the beginning of two roads. He sighed as he thought about the choices he made over the last two years. One road could lead him through life going through all the trials and tribulations that a man goes through. Still there was a great possibility of happiness at the end. The other road was beaten and dark. It stretched somewhere between hell and purgatory. He was well aware of the dangers of that road. It wasn't a road he wanted to take but he had to take. If he would ever find the happiness that he wanted deep down inside but she refused to acknowledge to anyone he had to travel that road.

The man walked the streets of Port Charles taking in his new surroundings. It was new to him but it felt familiar. He found himself at cottage. He saw her busying herself in the kitchen. He knew that she was divorced so maybe she was cooking for one. He had read a lot about her. Many things he read made him respect her a great deal. She was beautiful and tiny. He smiled; it wasn't time to make his move. He would have to be patient. He had other people to see.

Chapter 1

Zachary Blake sat on a stool at Jake's bar. He had been in Port Charles for a week but kept a low profile. It was a small town, not much for his taste. He had business in the town. He planned to break down the power structure in the small town it would be easy if no one saw him coming. He had already started making moves, buying properties, causing destruction.

Port Charles was crawling with bosses trying to hold on to power. Some abandoned their post then made deals with the devil to get back in. There was something addictive about the life. Maybe it was the danger, maybe it was the power. He thought it was a combination of the two. The danger of getting caught, the risk of death, and the power to render the most powerful weak. The problem with the power structure in the town was the lack of execution. These men perpetuated every stereotype there was about the business. They exploited the weak and blackmailed those that were smart enough to outmaneuver them.

Zach was Harvard educated and a sharp business man. He was young and had a photographic memory. He was near genius in IQ points. He finished school at the age of 19 and worked on Wall Street briefly but he wasn't interested in the thrill of the floor. So he started his own operation in a boiler room making large sums of cash fast. He exploited the mighty by getting them to invest their money in more legal endeavors. He was smart and only invested their money in companies that existed. He didn't want to lose his life before he could execute his plan. Earning the trust of the fools would prove beneficial to him. It allowed him to make the right connections.

Zach grew up in all over the world. He was never in one place for a long time during his formative years. He was mostly raised by nannies and boarding school staff until he went off to college. He was 16 when he went to college. To keep him grounded his aunt sent him to live with Amanda Blake and her husband when he was 13. Amanda was his biological mother whom his aunt said she found after years of searching. She told him she would come to him when it was time to for him to claim his rightful place as heir.

Amanda Blake's husband was like father to Zach. Amanda said that she had given him up because her family would never have accepted him. That she was young and confused, that his father was married and refused to marry her. She had many excuses and for that reason he never bonded with hears much as he had her husband. Amanda ended up in a mental institution. She went crazy after his father's death a year before. His father taught him everything there was to know about the business. Anger wasn't new to Zach. He had seen enough in his life. He learned to defend himself well by training with the best in martial arts and weapons training. He was twenty when he avenged his father's death.

Killing a man was not something Zach imagined he would be capable of without provocation. The man had not directly threatened him but he knew that he was the man responsible for his father's death. Some wouldn't understand why he did what he did. The facts were his real father died a long time ago so he never had the experience of having a father. He bonded easily with the man that came into his life and it was a strong bond. He had uncles and other family members but they were so cold and calculating that he was actually glad to be away from them.

The man who murdered his father wasn't the first man that he killed, he had to protect himself during his search for his father's killer and there were casualties. It haunted him for a time. He would have thought it would have been easier to deal with considering he had seen his father kill a few men in efforts of making his boy into a man, a made man. Zach took a long swig of his beer.

Marco Trujillo was a different story. He enjoyed killing him, maybe because he taunted him when he asked for answers. He laughed in his face telling him that he didn't have the 'balls'. He spouted lies about his father and something in him snapped. He made his death last. He went back to his family to tell them that he had accomplished what they hadn't. It proved that he was capable of leading them into the next level in the business, expansion. They still had a presence in the city but it was weakened by the war that the Trujillo's waged. They were a struggling family who were trying to stake their claim at the top of the food chain. They would learn that they were outmatched.

"I have never seen you around here before."Coleman sat another beer in front of Zach.

"I have never seen you around here before." Zach smiled.

"Ah man of mystery." Zach shrugged.

"What is a pretty boy like you doing in a dump like this?' Coleman asked fishing for information.

"Odd question since this is a bar and from the looks of it you should welcome customers not scare them away with questions. I mean you have beer, you have shots, and I am buying. Nothing else to know." He drank his beer.

"Fair enough man. It is dead in here. Just making conversation." Coleman backed off.

Zach had a preppy look about him but it was just his style. He didn't wear suits which is another reason he wanted to get off of Wall Street. He started an IT company that was his legal business. It was a profitable business. His mother would tell him to put his anger aside, to focus on what he loved to do. He was too angry for that. It was a consuming type of anger that could only be resolved through action. There was a new player in town. He smiled to himself thinking Port Charles wouldn't know what hit it.

Chapter 2

Sonny paced his office as he waited for Jason. On queue Jason came rushing through the door.

"Gone, twenty million dollars gone. My shipment gone." Sonny shouted.

"I want Zaccarra dead. I don't care about this little romance that you have with Johnny. I don't care that all of the sudden you want to philosophize and theorize I want them gone." Sonny spat causing Jason to sigh.

"We have a truce. If we start breaking agreements now people are going to start getting antsy. Do you know what that means Sonny? It means the alliances that we have worked so hard to keep will start to crumble one by one. We will not only be at war with the Zaccarra's but other families will start to follow." Jason tried to reason with Sonny knowing it would be futile.

"If we do nothing we look weak and others will try to take advantage of that weakness. You have gotten soft with age. I am telling you to take care of it. If you don't I will find somebody else."Sonny slamming his glass of brandy down on his desk.

"I will start making plans for Anthony. That will send a message. If the Zaccara's are behind this then it is Anthony. Johnny warned me that he helped Lisa escape which is bad news for Robin." Sonny nodded in understanding. He would let Johnny live one more day. Jason left the office with unspoken orders. He was getting too old to be a mob enforcer; sadly he had nothing else in his life. He wondered what his life would be like if head listened to Robin years ago.

Zach encountered woman on the pier. He rolled his eyes when he saw her. There was no escaping her and he was determined to do what he came to do.

"Zachary, you are not supposed to be here." She warned.

"But I am here. I am not going anywhere. You told me to live my life and I am doing so. If you think that I buy you making me an heir you are sorely mistaken. I don't believe that for one second. Yes, I have money but the money is to keep up this illusion. I am a pawn in your game but I have just moved. You forget how well I play." He smirked at her. She played with a string on her shirt not looking at him.

"Tsk tsk tsk. I have given you the life you would not have otherwise. I may be your aunt but I do care for you." He laughed. He would play her game. She didn't need to know what cards he was holding yet.

"You did what any sibling would do. Am I supposed to be so grateful as to give you control over my life?" He raised an eyebrow. The woman cackled.

"You Zachary have an obsession with this place and the people in it. One person in particular and believe me when I tell you that it didn't bode well for another person with the same obsession. She will never return your affection, she will never love you. She will scoff at you and run to her many protectors. You do not fool me Zachary, your mission here is a fool's mission." She grew angry.

"I have given you the best education, the best life that you could have and you choose to squander it by partaking in unsavory activities." He snickered at that.

"Considering who my father is I find it quite amusing your use of unsavory activities. Oh and you did realize that my mother was married to a major crime figure, yet you abandoned me in their care."Zach reminded the woman.

"You constantly asked about the harlot. I was giving you a choice. You chose to stay with them. You chose that life." She moved closer to him. "I wanted so much more for you Zachary." She cupped his face but he recoiled at her touch.

"And I am choosing to live my life as I see fit. This obsession that you think I have, let me see how that works out for me."Zach walked away. He knew that his plans worked for her some way. He didn't fully understand the how or the why. He just knew that she would not have left him on his own without an agenda. He had bigger fish to fry. He would keep his eyes open while focused on his plans.

Chapter 3

Zach walked along the docks. He stopped and hid when he saw Anthony Zaccara talking to a dark hair woman. He listened to their conversation. The man had appeared to be taunting her.

"Be careful doctor. It is pretty late out. Does Sonny know that you take leisurely walks at this hour? I thought you were friends. Why doesn't he have guards on you?" Anthony taunted.

"I don't need a guard. Not am I interested in discussing personal details of my lifelong friendships with the likes of you." Robin snapped walking away but Anthony laughed and grabbed her.

"Tsk Tsk Tsk doc, you really shouldn't go mouthing off at the mouth to the likes of me. I hear you tried committing suicide once. Who is to say that your body floating in the harbor would arouse any suspicion? You are being stalked by a mad woman that your husband cheated on you with. Maybe you just cracked and just couldn't take it anymore. You wanted to be with the only man who ever loved you. What was his name? Hummock, Boulder, ah Stone that's the one." Anthony wasn't expecting the slap that he got from her. In a rush of anger he grabbed her by the throat.

Zach couldn't watch Anthony harm the woman. She was part of the reason he came to Port Charles in the First place. Before he could react Jason Morgan came barreling down the stairs with his gun drawn. Zach studied the man. He was able to get Anthony to back off. Zach could tell he wanted to pull the trigger, he had the same itch. Still, he held back waiting, the man's time would come. Jason stood stoically with his finger poised to fire the shot into the man's head but the woman backed him off. Anthony thanked her with a cackle then walked away. The woman launched herself into his waiting arms. They embraced for what seemed like eternity to Zach,'touching'.

"Are you okay? What happened?" Jason asked.

"I was just walking when he approached me asking questions about guards and telling me that I could end up in the harbor."Robin explained the details. Jason cursed; he didn't want it to touch her. He had stayed away for years so that it would never touch her. They had a few encounters of friendship but he always kept them at a minimum.

"I am so sorry Robin. I never wanted this to ever, ever touch you." He sighed deep.

"Jason, I don't think this has to do with you. It is about Lisa. Anthony is getting some sort of sick satisfaction out of helping her. I don't know, maybe he sees Claudia in her." Jason put his hand up.

"How can you be so rational about this? He didn't give a damn about Claudia. I am putting guards on you." He half shouted.

"No you aren't. I work at a hospital which makes it very difficult for me to have guards." Jason paced.

"You slapped Anthony Zaccarra Robin. Do you think he is going to let it go? He devalues women and sees them as objects. Women are to be seen not heard. They are to be ordered and they are to obey." Robin waved her hand dismissively as Jason watched it bewildered.

"I insulted his manhood. Whatever, I will talk to my uncle. I don't want guards." She argued.

"The PCPD cannot protect you." She frowned at that immediately taking offense.

"See that is where you are wrong. I am one of the people in this mob run town that believe that the PCPD are capable. I mean it is difficult to make a case when you have corruption and most of the witnesses dead or paid off." She saw him flinch at her words.

"I'm sorry I am not trying to be harsh but my uncle runs the PCPD and I know he is very capable. I appreciate your concern and I owe you for saving my life but I won't have guards following me and my daughter around." She started to walk away but he grabbed her hand.

"Considering the times you have saved me, I would say that we are even. Please just let me take you home. I won't make any cracks about the PCPD, but I need to make sure you get home safely." She smiled softly at him.

"I would like that. I may seem calm but"

"You are a bundle of nerves. I can tell. Where is Emma?" He asked.

"At the Metro with Patrick. I was having me time tonight."He looked at her.

"Why don't you stay with me tonight?" He realized how it must have sounded.

"In the morning we can go to your place. I can have my guys sweep it for explosives and surveillance. It will make me feel much better. If we go and your place is ransacked my hunch will have been right." She looked at him skeptically.

"You can have the guestroom. Sam is staying with Alexis. I promise I will leave you alone. I will be quiet Jason that everyone knows and hates." He smiled.

"Well I would rather not be alone and if I go to the Metro Patrick will read more into and I really don't want to get into this with him. Ok and people do not hate you. You are just a bit of a social enigma." He laughed.

"If you say so. My bike is nearby." He gestured and they walk hand in hand.

After Jason and Robin are out of sight Zach emerges from the shadows. He was disgusted with Robin. How could she just give in to that mob enforcer low life? She makes excuses for him. He wanted to form a relationship with her. He wanted to know her. He wanted her to know him but he wasn't sure how it could happen when she allowed herself to be tainted by men that have only used her and thrown her away.

Chapter 4

Jason poured Robin a glass of wine. It was odd having her in the penthouse. There were so many memories. There were good memories but as many bad as there were good.

"Are you going to light candles and run a bubble bath?" She gave him a curious look as she accepted the wine.


"I don't mean.. I mean, well, you.. You know me time and women they" He scratched the back of his head. She chuckled. Then looked at him for a beat then decided to let him off the hook.

"I get it. No, I was going to take a shower and order some movies while drinking wine. I don't have anything to wear."She remembered. Staying there was a bad idea. Brown eyes connected with blue allowing a few beats of silence before he made her an offer.

"You can wear something of mine." He offered. Beat.

"Are you sure?" He nodded remembering all the times that she would wear his clothes when they were together. He suddenly felt claustrophobic in the large expanse of the living room. He moved to the pool table to catch his breath.

"Everything you need is in the bathroom. I will put a shirt on the bed for you." She stood on shaky legs. She was going to be staying under his roof wearing his clothes. What was she thinking?

"Thanks Jason." She smiled as she headed up the steps to the bathroom.

Robin came down the steps to find a bottle of wine and the TV set to the pay per view channel. There was a note.


Order what you want. Enjoy your me time. I will be right upstairs.


Robin smiled. She wanted to go to him to tell him it wasn't necessary but figured he wouldn't want to watch a movie. She would thank him in the morning.

Robin woke in Jason's arms. He was carrying her up the steps. She jumped.

"It's okay I've got you. You are not that heavy." He chuckled.

"You can put me down now." She muttered in a sound that was almost a whimper. Once at the top landing Jason put her down. She wasn't ready for the dizzying effect being close to him had. The smell of soap on his skin and the feel of her body resting against his toned arms and chest.


Jason couldn't help but look at her in his tee shirt, 'still never looked so good', he thought. Robin blushed under his gaze. His eyes traveling down the length of her body and back up didn't go unnoticed by Robin and he knew it so he avoided her eyes.

Beat beat beat.

"You fell asleep. I thought you would be more comfortable in bed." He looked at her finally.

"Yeah…Um thanks." She rubbed the back of her neck.

"Um goodnight." He said but didn't move.

"Goodnight." She said still standing in the awkward tension that filled the air. It was a bad idea, a very bad idea. He took a step toward her then took a step back. She was shivering.

"I can turn down the AC." He offered a few awkward beats later.

"I am fine. I will just cover up." They both turn in the direction of their respective rooms. Robin turned back.

"Jason do you remember what it feels like?" She asked nervously.

"Very well." He said before going into his room. She stood for a second watching then retreated to bed.

The next morning there was a loud banging on the door. Jason answered the door, it was Ronnie Domestico.

"What do you want today? Did someone steal candy from a baby?" Jason asked in irritation.

"Jason Morgan you are under arrest for the murder of Anthony Zacarra." Ronnie said. Robin came down.

"You are mistaken." She said. Ronnie looked at her.

"Aren't you supposed to have evidence?"She continued.

"We have probable cause and motive." He looked at Robin. He shook his head.

"Call Diane. Robin don't you say anything. Just call Diane." Jason said as he went through the routine of being handcuffed and carted off like the criminal he had become.

Zach hung up his phone. Part one was completed, he had killed Anthony as he had intended. He had also planted a bug in the ear of an eager detective. He knew Robin would be an alibi but as a loyal friend and ex lover it would be flimsy at best. The detective happened upon a video recording of Jason threatening Anthony with a gun. The phone belonged to someone in the Corinthos organization. It was a clone but it couldn't be proven. Chances are Corinthos would kill one of his own, an innocent. He would keep picking them off one by one. The best way to destroy an organization was to dismantle it from the inside out. If he were to weaken the organization, make it unstable, it would never survive a war. He smiled as he moved the pawn on his ivory chess board.

"You will not know what hit you Jason. Things are going to change around here." He stood; it was time to go fishing.

Robin arrived at the PCPD. She talked to Diane before she could talk to Jason. She told Diane the truth about the night before. Diane walked into the interrogation room.

"My client has an alibi detective." She looked at him.

"You can let him go or I can bring you up on harassment charges and believe me Detective Domestico I am sure that both the Commissioner and the Mayor are tired of your one man crusade to bring down Corinthos and anything related to Corinthos by any means necessary. Even if those means are corrupt." Diane rattled off a list of charges she could bring on the department.

"Leave me alone with my attorney." Jason spoke; it was the only time he had spoken since he told Robin to call Diane.

"I know what you are going to say and so did Robin. She made a full statement to Detective Falconeri." Jason closed his eyes.

"Mac is going to love this. You used Dr. Scorpio as a pawn to carry out yet another act of mob violence. She probably believes you're innocent like every other woman in this town. Do you know what the DA will do to her on the stand? You are willing to risk her credibility, her medical license?" Ronnie scoffed at Jason.

"There will be no trial because these charges will not stick. What you have is a video of my client saving the life of one Dr. Robin Scorpio. If he hadn't come along she would have been killed by Mr. Zacarra. He deserves a medal. What you didn't see was my client shoot or injures the deceased. You also did not see my client leave with Dr. Scorpio because that part of the video is conveniently missing. If my client had shot him right there it would be justifiable homicide." Mac came into the interrogation room.

"Let him go." He stated firmly.

"Commissioner, I am so glad you decided to join us. I want to inform you that the next time my client is arrested on bogus charges without hard evidence I will bring this department up on the biggest lawsuit this town has ever seen." Diane was on a roll. Her goal was to make sure Jason got out of there and would not be investigated further for the murder of Anthony Zacarra.

"I hear you Diane. Jason thank you for saving Robin. While I am very grateful I am sure you know that you need to stay away from her. I will protect her. She doesn't need you protection. Get him out of here." Mac said to Diane. He would never like Jason but he was glad he was in the right place at the right time.

Jason walked past Robin out of the PCPD, he was angry that she would risk everything that she had worked for, for him. He didn't want her to be tied to him. Now all of Port Charles would know that she had spent the night with him. It made her a target.

Robin followed Jason out of the PCPD angry that he completely disregarded her.

"A thank you would have sufficed." She snapped at him.

"Get in the car." He said coldly.

"I think you know me well enough to know that I will not be ordered around by you." She placed her hands on her hip.

"You followed me out here to talk. I am not going to talk here so... You know what don't. Don't talk to me. Don't come near me. We haven't been friends in years Robin. What makes you think that we are now? What you did was careless and stupid." He shouted at her not paying attention to how his words were cutting her. He approached her so that they were nose to nose.

"We are adults now Robin. You should get the difference between lust in the moment and sex that reconnects and bonds."He whispered looking her in the eyes.

"I guess I am supposed to get that you never want to see my face again. That you never wanted to kiss or touch me again either." She looked at him disbelieving.

"No just that in the moment I wanted to. It was a feeling that faded once I got what I wanted. Lust is fleeting Robin." He didn't move until his head snapped to the side from her hard slap.

"Don't you dare hit Jason!" Carly lunged at her but Jason held her back.

"You're right. We are in front of a police station." She looked at Robin with a smile in her eyes. She shook her head laughing.

"Well well well, got what you wanted after all these years. Boy, I feel sorry for Patrick. He married you but you have been itching to get into Jason's bed since you came back. I told you Robin, you can't give him the sex he was used to getting." Jason flinched at her words.

"He is hurt over Sam you were just a warm body."

"ENOUGH" Jason shouted at Carly.

"No no no, don't stop now. You are on a roll. Carly I think the problem is while I may have succeeded getting back into hissed you haven't. Truth is I may have just been a good lay for the night but he still knows that I am ten times the woman you are and that is why he will always respect me in a way that he will never respect you." She refused to cry or buckle in front of them.

"But the truth is that you two deserve each other." She walked away. When she was out of earshot Jason turned on Carly.

"I know that you are a bitch Carly but the things you said. I was stupid because I am sure you have said it more than twice. Stay the hell away from her and listen when I tell you everything I said was to protect her. I didn't mean any of it. I do mean stay away from her." He got into the car ignoring her. H