Chapter 54

It had been three weeks since Robin was shot. Maxie had her a welcome home party at her house. The party was small and contained only the closest friends and family. Lainey, Kelly, Maya, Ethan, Lulu, Dante, Maxie, Mac, Monica, Edward, Michael, and Robert made up the group at the welcome home celebration. Robin was surprised and was happy to be home.

Michael was talking to Zoe. Zach had followed Maxie outside to help Mac and Robert with the grill.

"Why did you invite Michael?" She looked at him.

"Well I didn't know that he has the hots for your girlfriend." She shrugged. "You are a Scorpio so get in there and act like it." Maxie slapped him on the back.

"NO mate. She is a woman and they look out for their own. If you go out there acting like a possessive bloque then she will throw you on the couch." Maxie shook her head and walked away.

"A woman is like a rare flower or fine wine. She has to be handled with care. You have to maneuver and out maneuver." Robert explained.

"No offense but I think times have changed. Besides, I have handled enough women to know the rules." Mac laughed.

"There is a difference between handling the woman you love and the women you used to never call again." Robert rolled his eyes.

"Women still have the same needs. Don't listen to him. He never gets laid." Robert teased his brother.

"You are what four times divorced to the same two women." Zach looked at them as if they were crazy.

"His love life is so pathetic that the holiday season is spent trying to hook him up with Alexis Davis. Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away are you ready to fail miserably?" Zach looked at his grandfather.

"It is not cool to throw failures in someone's face." Robert looked at him.

"You are like your mother. I was so hoping that you were cold like me. I thought you were but you have compassion." Robert shook his head in disgust.

"I doubt that you are cold pops." Zach countered. "I doubt that you are a ladies man." He challenged.

"Oh he was a ladies man alright. He just always went after my ladies." Luke spoke up. Mac shook his head. It was supposed to be a celebration.

"If it isn't Little Scorpio-Morgan." Luke observed him with a grin.

"Uh it's just Scorpio." Zach said as he was introduced to Luke for the first time. Mac and Robert look at him in surprise.

"I am changing it to Scorpio. I thought long and hard about which name to take and I chose Scorpio." Robert grinned and put his arm around his grandson.

"Scorpio is a name that comes with a lot of responsibility. You have to have a spine mate. When Edward tries to convince you to take the Quartermaine name you stand strong. If Tracey gives you any grief you call me." Robert winked at him.

"Not another word about my popsicle." Luke snarled at Robert.

"Well young Scorpio, Robert always wanted a son. I guess a grandson is as close as he is going to get. I have stories to tell you." Luke laughed.

"Trust me son you will do fine with the ladies if you just ignore his advice."

"He looks like his grandfather it is only natural that he do fine with the ladies." Robert told Luke.

"He looks like Morgan Robert get over yourself." Luke rolled his eyes.

"Wyle Coyote is it? Don't you have diamonds to smuggle somewhere in Switzerland." Zach watched the men go back and forth. He was amused when Zoe walked up to him.

"Robin sent me to rescue you. She said that you have been under the influence too long." He laughed.

"That is because she is smart." Mac said shaking his head at the dueling duo.

"The dueling duo over here can be very frustrating." Mac said.

"Or amusing." Zach laughed.

"You and I need to talk about you buying the Star." Look pointed at Zach.

"The Star doesn't turn a profit but I can make that happen. Babe I will be right there." She smiled.

"Can I take anything to the kitchen?" She asked Mac.

"Yeah fruit. I don't know why Maxie had me grill fruit." He handed her a tray of fruit kabobs.

"Don't knock it until you have tried it. They are really good." She took the tray.

"Thanks Zoe." She smiled and nodded.

"Nice." Zach looked at his grandfather.

"I am just saying you are doing well for yourself. Why settle down?" Zach shook his head. He wasn't going to have that conversation.

"Come to my office. We can have a cigar and talk details." Luke told Zach.

Part Two

The party moved to the back yard. It was a warm October day and they were able to sit at the tables Maxie had set up.

"Zach Emma is excited to get a little brother or sister how do you feel about it?" Lulu asked.

"Uh strange. I mean what if I decide to have a child next year. Then they will be a year apart." Zoe choked on her drink. She started coughing. He patted her back.

"What you don't want to start on a family next year?" He teased. She looked away.
"I am just speaking hypothetically calm down babe. We are young. I am not thinking about fatherhood." He assured her.

"Well are you having sex?" Robert asked.

"Dad!" Robin gasped.

"I am just saying that if you are having sex then fatherhood cannot be too far from your mind. Be careful. If you need condoms." Zoe was blushing furiously.

"Dad stop it. I am sure Zach knows all about the birds and the bees." Robin scolded her father but Zach just laughed at how serious he was.

"Look mate, I am happy that you are a Scorpio but having a grand child is one thing; having a great grandchild is another. If you loved me at all you would not to that to me." Robert looked at Zach pleadingly.

"Sure thing." He winked at his grandfather. Robert raised his glass.

"Here is to my grandson who looks an awful lot like me. Here is to him choosing the right thing and that is to take on the Scorpio name." Zach hadn't told anyone but he knew that Robert did it to get at Jason so he could only smile to himself.

"You are changing your name?" Robin asked.

"It was a tough choice but Blake is a lie. I want to have my family's name." He noticed Monica look down. "I am in business. IT but still business so I didn't want any Q connections while continuing to establish myself." Zach continued. Robert rolled his eyes.

"You've gone soft mate." Robert shook his head.

"So have you two set a date yet?" Maxie asked Robin and Jason.

"Not yet we are still deciding." Robin told her noticing the grimace from the men in her family. She shot them each a warning look.

"I am not going to mince words because you are giving me that look. I am here now Jason and if you screw this up I will hunt you and I will catch you. You may be Jason Morgan but I am Robert Scorpio and Jason Morgan doesn't have a thing on me." Jason looked at him. He knew Robert was serious but he also didn't feel like explaining himself to people who hated him. Still he thought he should for Robin.

"I am aware that I just may be the most hated man in this room. I get that. I really do but I have grown. I have changed my life and I love Robin. No one has to believe it but her. I asked her to marry me because I finally got it right and there is no way I am messing that up again." Jason told Robert holding his glare.

"My promise still stands. We shall see." Robert looked away from him. He still hated him and he didn't see it changing. Maya stood.

"I hate to eat and run but I am off to Philly in the morning." Maya smiled.

"Me too. Mother Ward asked that I be in attendance. I cannot imagine why." Ethan teased.

"Don't start." Zoe looked at Maya. She decided she didn't want to know. "Mom is having her annual gala for Temple. She said that you didn't want to come." She said to Zoe.

"She would be right." Zoe lied.

"Aww babe you should have taken me. We could have hours of fun mocking the people try to outdo each other." Zach teased her. When she didn't respond he knew that she wasn't invited. It angered him.

Jason was tired of the guest and was ready for everyone to leave but he felt like it wasn't his house so he said nothing. He knew he had to change that. He hated going home to the pent house and he certainly didn't want to live in the house that Robin shared with Patrick.

Later that night Zoe seemed distant. While she was sleeping Zach made a phone call.

"Hello I am looking for Tamara." He said.

"Do you know what time it is?" She barked.

"This is Zachary Scorpio a friend of Zoe's. I saw a picture of you two and found your number in her phone. I was wondering if you could help me with something." Zach spoke into the phone.

Chapter 55

Zoe wore her blindfold for longer than she expected. She groaned. "Zach when can I take this thing off?" He looked at her with a grin.

"In about five minutes." He pulled up to the house in Baltimore. He opened her door then helped her out of the car. He led her up the driveway and to the door. Then he removed the blindfold. She looked at him.

"I said it would be a special weekend." He smiled then rang the doorbell. Her Aunt Susan answered. She grinned and embraced her.

"Hey darling it is so lovely to see you." She looked up at Zach. "You must be Zach." She smiled then hugged him.

"It is cold out but your uncle is still on the grill. We didn't want to overwhelm you so it is just your uncle, myself, the boys, and of course Tamara. Monty's girlfriend is here but other than that no surprises." She ushered them in. Zoe looked at Zach. She didn't look happy.

"Everyone is in the dining room." Zoe stopped.

"I wrote to you all of you. I stopped until college when I started talking to Tamara again. You never wrote me back. Now I don't blame Zach because he didn't know but why would you agree to this?" Her aunt turned to her.

"I wrote back sweetie. You just never got them. I figured as much so I came looking for you. We stayed in town for a week. She always said you were out. Then I demanded to see because we were the only family you knew. I was arrested. I petitioned the court for custody but in the eyes of the court you belonged with a parent. Jack is a cop, well he is chief now." She smiled.

"We live in Baltimore because you uncle wants to make a difference. We stay away from the danger but still close enough. They won. They never asked you because you were too grief stricken. We were honest and they knew how to manipulate the system. I am sorry to speak poorly of your father but we never abandoned you and I can not allow you to believe that." Zoe was floored. She had been lied to for eleven years.

"I know it is a lot. We can save the talk for later. Now we celebrate my little cherub has come home." She hugged her again. She lead them into the dining room where she was greeted with hugs and kisses. There were tears.

"Oh my aunt Sus is that peach cobbler that I smell." She looked at her hopefully.

"She made cherry cobbler, peach cobbler and apple brown betty and she got caramel ice cream." He looked at Zach.

"Who is this?" Zoe shook her head at him.

"This is my boyfriend Zach. Zach this is Uncle Jack, Jack Jr. but we call him JJ but he hated it." She laughed.

"Still do it is Jaz now." He stated firmly.

"Jaz, I like that. This is Gerald, and Tamara but you probably know that." Zach smiled shaking hands.

"This dude called me..ME at one in the morning." Jaz rolled his eyes.

"She was probably sneaking in." She rolled her eyes back.

"I am 19 just because I commute."

"You are under my roof and you have a curfew, bottom line." Jack told her. She stopped talking but she was silently fuming,

"As I was saying he wanted to surprise you so I filled him in on the locale. Filled the family in. Now you are here and we can eat finally." She sat back in her seat. Zach smiled at her.

"Where are your bags?" Susan looked at them.

"Oh we are staying in a hotel." Zach said.

"Do you have separate rooms?" Jack asked looking Zach in the eye.

"Honestly no." He told Jack who was making him slightly uncomfortable under his stare.

"That won't fly here. It is not a mansion but we have a guest room and a sofa bed in the living room." Zach looked at him as if he were crazy.

"You want me to sleep on a sofa bed." He asked incredulously.

"Are you too good for a sofa bed?" Jaz asked him.

"No but and no disrespect. People sit on couches. People entertain in their homes and people sit on the couch. It just creeps me out a little." Zach defended.

"He is just really anal about that sort of thing." Zoe explained.

"You have a lovely home I just. Then there is the comfort factor. Zoe should stay here but I think I will be okay at the hotel." Zach said.

"If I stay you stay." Zoe looked at him. He didn't want to argue but her eyes said she needed him for moral support.

"Fine." He mumbled. Susan smiled at that.

"Okay let's eat." Susan said. Zoe enjoyed the food and catching up with her family and Zach enjoyed seeing her happy.

"Awww honey look at how he looks at her. Why don't you look at me that way?" Analise asked Gerald.

"Probably because you nag and curse him out in Spanish when you don't get your way." She hissed at Jaz who just rolled his eyes.

"How long have you been together?" She asked the young couple.

"Seven months." Zach said.

"No we have known each other six months but we have been official for five months." Zoe corrected.

"We have been official since we met. You were just dancing around it." He told her.

"Are you serious?" He looked her in the eyes.

"I am very serious. You had to know. How could I know when I thought you had other interests?" He reminded her.

"Five months Zach." She looked at him.

"Remember that on April 17th. " he teased.

"What do you do for a living?" Gerald asked. Zach explained.

"Are your parents married?" Jack asked.

"No but they are getting married. I just found them this year." Zach explained.

"Your adoptive parents." Zach sighed.

"I don't like to talk about it. Let's just say I was kidnapped as a baby. I later found this out and found my real parents. My mom is a doctor. My dad is well we don't have the best relationship at the moment." Zach said he wasn't used to the third degree. He wasn't the guy who met the family.

"Who are they, their names?"

"Uncle Jack please let's not badger ok." Zach took her hand.

"It is okay, my mom is Robin Scorpio and my father is Jason Morgan." Thankfully the name did not ring a bell.

"You should have brought them." Susan said.

"My mom was shot a few weeks ago and is still recovering at home. She isn't up for travel yet." Zach explained.

"Oh I am so sorry. How is she?" Susan asked.

"She is doing much better thanks. My life is like a Lifetime movie that I don't like to talk about a whole lot. Please know that I love Zoe and have the best intentions for her." He told them. It seemed to satisfy them enough so that they can have dinner and easy conversation.

After dinner the ladies wanted to catch up so Susan urged them to get out of the dining room.

"Zach have you ever played Zenizen." Zach looked Gerald.

"I designed that game for a project my junior year. I cannot not believe it is in circulation." He smiled.

"It isn't but you just answered my question, if you were Zach Blake. I have a friend at Yale. He has a copy and let me borrow it. He isn't really a friend more like a mentor." Zach smiled.

"You cannot be talking about Mark Richards?" Zach raised an eyebrow.

"That is the one." Gerald told him.

"That traitor still has a copy huh?" He laughed at that.

"Why is he a traitor?" Tamara asked digging for gossip.

"He left Harvard for Yale. The old Ivy rivalry. We tease each other about it." He smiled.

"So which is better?" Gerald asked.

"Eh, I want to say Harvard but my mom went to Yale so it is a source of good debate but I am biased. I think both have a bunch of overzealous jerks who think that getting in makes them better than everyone else." Zach told him.

"and you didn't?" Jaz asked.

"Nah, I went to Harvard because it was expected of me and it could get me a decent job right out of school. I also went because it was tough. I liked the challenge." Susan looked at Gerald.

"Gerald is going for software engineering." Susan said proudly.

"It is a good field to be in. A word of advice, get as much exposure in robotics as you can. It can help you." Zach told the young man.

"Please this geek loves robots like most boys his age loves girls." Tamara teased.

"There is nothing wrong with being a geek." Zach laughed. "This one calls me that from time to time. I am a geek about a lot of things. Like Sci-Fi and comics." Tamara stared at him.

"Excuse me I just fell asleep." He laughed out loud.

Part Two

Later Zach was getting ready for bed when Jack sat in his recliner.

"Do you own a gun son?" Zach looked at him.

"Yes." Jack looked at him suspiciously.

"I own several. I collect. I don't want to hear you sneaking up the steps. Use the bathroom down here. Don't shower until everyone is awake." He stood.

"I don't mind using my gun." Zach laughed. "You think that is funny?"

"A little but it is because you remind me of my uncle who is the police commissioner." Zach said.

"Good then you understand."

"Jack leave Zach alone and come to bed." Susan yelled down from the stairs.

Once the house was quiet and everyone was sleep Zoe snuck down the stairs. She climbed next to Zach.

"Are you trying to get me shot?" He sat up. She stared at him for a long moment. She was completely in love with him. She wasn't afraid or repulsed by him. This man went to therapy with her. He stood by her. He was gentle and patient.

"I'm ready." She said. He looked at her.

"Babe I just thought it would be nice. You don't have to reward me with sex." He told her.

"I know but I have been thinking about it since our last experiment." She moved closer to him.

"Ok but uh we can't exactly here. I doubt you will want to sneak off to the hotel." She looked at him.

"I am telling you because I don't want you to hold back. I want it to be spontaneous but don't hold back." He pulled her to him.

"How about we experiment with a heavy make out session then see where that leads." She smiled when he bit his lip.

"I need to tell you something." She said seriously. "I'm sorry. I am sorry that I shut down after Asher. I know that you aren't him but it just took me some"

"Stop stop. We talked about this. You have no reason to be sorry. I love you and I will wait for as long as you need me to. Okay." She nodded.

"All I had to do was reach out. I was so hard on you about building bridges with your family and here I am not taking my own advice." He hugged her.

"All things considered babe, I cannot say that I blame you. You have had your own let downs and you handle it with strength and grace. I admire that." She kissed him.

"Mmm while I love kissing you we cannot do this here. I like my life." She smiled.

"I love you." She told him.

"I love you to." She went back upstairs running into her uncle.

"I was just saying goodnight." She told him.

"I am sure you were. I am headed to the station." She hugged him.

"Be careful."

"Always." He waited until she went back up. He sat on the sofa bed. Zach sat up.

"Who is Asher?" Zach looked at him.

"You listened?" He shook his head in disgust.

"Yes, I am a cop. I needed to incriminate you so that I can throw you out without upsetting my wife. Answer the question." Zach refused.

"I am a cop, I can tell from bits and pieces of the conversation who he is. Was he arrested?" Zach looked at him.

"I cannot discuss this with you." He said.

"I assume not. Did you at least kick his ass?" He asked.

"Let's say he got hurt." Zach said.

"Tamara and Zoe are the girls in this family, we are all very protective. I am watching you. So far I can tell you are loyal and that is a good start. I sat on the sofa bed. I know how you hate that but good luck trying to change it at this hour without waking my wife. Sleep well." Zach rolled his eyes knowing he had done it on purpose. He watched him leave.

Chapter 56

Robin woke up in a cold sweat with Jason next to her. He sat up.

"Are you ok?" He asked rubbing her arms.

"Yeah, I am fine. I had a dream Lisa was alive." He looked at her.

"You never said much about her death." She looked at him thinking of what to say. She wasn't sorry that she was dead.

"I am glad she is dead. Is that wrong?" He pulled her into his arms.

"No it is not wrong. She terrorized you for years then she shot you. You have every right to feel free of her and to be happy about it." She snuggled closer to him.

"She was trying to take you away from me. She wanted to ruin my life so she was trying to seduce you away from me." She admitted.

"No one could ever do that." He told her.

"Except Carly." Why did she say that? He closed his eyes.

"She is out of my life. Will she always be an issue between us?" He asked masking his frustration.

"I was not seduced away from you. I never touched her again. She mouthraped me once but." He cringed,

"What?" She looked at him.

"She was trying to prove something when Brenda came to town. She kissed me and I didn't want to kiss her. She wanted to have sex. The thing is that I like sex. I love sex with you. But I never wanted to touch her again because touching her in the first place lost me you. I guess subconsciously I held on to that. Then there was a promise that I made to a certain girl in the box car. The one that gave me my life." He kissed her.

"Every time I slip, fall, lose myself you are there giving my life back to me only this time you have completed it. Nothing or no one will ever get in the way of us again. I love you." She looked into his eyes.

"I love you to." She kissed him. She had been wearing him out once she had the clearing for sex. She was at that stage in her pregnancy where she wanted it all the time.

"Baby I am so tired." He whispered.

"You can sleep later. We can sleep all day." She moved on top of him.

"Show me how much you love me. Give it all to me Jason." He was tired but the way she moved and touched him made him forget sleep. He gave her all he had until there was nothing left in that moment.

Chapter 57

Zach and Zoe had spent the weekend with her family. They had returned to his condo that Sunday evening. She was sitting on the couch after a shower waiting for him to join her. She was in deep thought. She loved Zach so much. Her body ached for him. He could be a jerk at times but he was also sweet, understanding, and giving. He also blended well with people. He had charmed her aunt and by the end of their visit her uncle wasn't snarling at him anymore. Maybe it was easier for him because he never cared about impressing people. He liked to joke and engage people in thought provoking conversations. When he joined her on the couch she didn't flinch or jump. She looked up offering him a warm smile.

"I am not changing my name to my father's. I am going back to Zoe Foster." He smiled at her.

"Good." He smiled. "I like it. I would also like it if you moved in here with me." She looked at him with surprise written on her face.

"How can that work? I mean it is like getting the milk for free." He thought about that for a beat.

"I think it is the next logical step in our relationship. If you ever think that I am taking advantage or taking you for granted you will tell me to shape up or ship out. I will likely listen because I usually do what you ask." He smiled.

"I have sleep overs a couple times per year. You might want to wait until after the next one." She told him watching for his reaction.

"Aren't you a little old for sleep overs? Most women just have a girls night out or something. What do you do at these sleepovers; male bash?" She rolled her eyes.

"Well we do have a girl's night but since my friend Ashley and Candice live in Philly we do a girl's night in once in a while. We invite Maya and now Lulu. We drink, talk, and watch Sex in The City or a romcom." He nodded.

"Ah I see. Well then, we have 3 bedrooms. I think we can successfully do a sleepover. I mean it. I want to wake up to you every morning and fall asleep next to you at night." He took her hand.

"Let's try it out first. For 60 days I will keep my apartment but I will move in here. We can test the waters." She looked into his eyes. She could tell that he didn't like it.

"Zach we have been together for six months. I just want to make sure we are not moving too fast. I love you and I trust in you and in us." He looked at her with a slight pout.

"Okay but we are moving you in tomorrow." He insisted.

"You just want someone to make you home cooked meals every day." She teased.

"I didn't say that there wouldn't be perks." He grinned.

"What are the perks for me?" She challenged with a flirty smile.

"Hmm, I can think of a few." He pulled her close to him. "Like sitting on the couch in my arms watching the news or your scripted brain cell reducing reality TV, not judging." He kissed her cheek.

"Like melting away the stress of a long day by massaging your shoulders and your feet." He kissed her neck.

"and the kisses let's not forget about the kisses. I vow to shower you with kisses daily." He kissed her lips. When things got heated he pulled back.

"You don't want to?" She looked more hurt than disappointed.

"Oh no I want to. I just don't want you to feel obligated." He lifted her chin. She moved away.

"I don't feel obligated. The mood is ruined now." She was a little irritated but she didn't blame him. She had shut him down for weeks.

"I'm sorry." Was all he could offer her in the moment. He was a little pissed with himself for being overly cautious. He sighed then got up.
"I am going to head on to bed." He said. He went to bed with her following shortly. She snuggled in his arms and allowed sleep to overtake her. She would prove it to him in the morning.

The next morning Zach woke to the sound of his alarm. He got up lazily to make his way to the shower. Zoe had also awoke at the sound of the alarm and decided to join him in the shower. He was shocked when she stood behind him.

"Mind if I join you?" She asked seductively.

"Only if you have clothes on." He teased.

"That is not a problem. Let me grab the soap." She reached around him for the soap.

"Babe that is not the soap." He grinned.

"I know." She moved to stand in front of him. She took her sponge then poured body wash on it.

"Whoa I am not using that Zoe. I don't want to smell like cherry blossoms thank you very much." He laughed.

"You are going to wash me with it."

"Why you are about to get dirty anyway." He winked then pulled her closer to him placing a searing kiss on her lips. Her nakedness was too much for him. Her eyes held the passion that they used to. They made up for lost time there in the shower.

Zach was able to finally get ready for work. Zoe walked him to the door. She kissed him.
"Have a good day." She smiled.

"I will try. It has already started pretty damn good Ms. Amazing." He grinned. "Jules can help you move your things in while I am gone." He looked at her.

"Ok better to get it over with now. I go back to work in two days." She was ready to go back to work. Edward and Michael had assured her that no one blamed her.

"Are you sure about that?" He asked.

"Yes I am sure." She smiled at him.

"Then I am happy for you. We will have to do lunch soon. I usually go in once a week to consult." He kissed her cheek. He left.

Chapter 58

As Zoe was moving her things into Zach's apartment he was being arrested for aggravated assault of Asher. He couldn't believe it when they came to his office and arrested him. He sat in the interrogation room refusing not to say a word.

"I see the apple doesn't roll too far from the tree." Detective Domestico said snidely. He could never bust Jason so he was glad when Asher came forward to press charges. He slammed the pictures down of Asher's face.

"He had to have his jaw wired." Zach laughed. "You think it is funny?" He shook his head in disgust.

"I find this situation funny. You couldn't arrest Jason so you go looking for apples. I think you are a pathetic piece of sh!t dirty cop." Zach spat.

"Watch it with the accusations you little self-entitled punk." Mac walked in then.

"What is going on here?" Mac demanded.

"Asher has pressed charges against Mr. Scorpio here for assault." He handed the pictures to Mac.
"When did this alleged assault take place?" Mac asked.

"A few weeks ago. The statute of limitations hasn't been reached commissioner." Ronnie explained.
"I know what the statute is detective but I am not too fond of wasting tax dollars. Was there even an investigation?" Ronnie was silent.

"Because if there was you would know that Zoe Ward took out a restraining order on Asher. I assume that this is in retaliation. He would have should have filed when it happened. Where is the evidence?" Mac demanded.

"We are obligated to let the jury decide who is telling the truth here." Ronnie didn't back down.

"I am going to explain it to you like you are five. Asher has a restraining order for stalking and other things. I am going to assume that there were things pretty bad to warrant a restraining order. See so the court process where he is likely to be found not guilty is a waste of tax payer dollars. Oh and then there is suspicion that Asher was working with the Zacharras and doing insider trading soooo again you don't have much of a case." Mac explained slowly.

"I think he is your nephew so you are biased. There were whispers about him and criminal activity. Let the jury decide or we can take it up with the mayor." Ronnie challenged.

"Uncle Mac, let the jury decide. I am sure I will be fine. Please call my lawyer her name is Mia Campbell." Zach didn't want Mac's ethics being called into question. Ronnie smiled.

"Let me tell you something Domestico I will not be threatened. Go to the mayor. Has the DA agreed to take the case?" Mac asked.

"I followed the proper channels Commissioner." Mac eyed him suspiciously. He pulled out his cell phone and made a call to the DA. He explained the restraining order and how Zach is tied to Zoe. The DA was Lisa's friend and was bitter about her friend being killed. She agreed to take the case. Mac hung up.

"Well you got lucky. Louise is upset about Lisa and she sees the name Scorpio. Let me tell you something detective; you will not use my nephew to pay for the sins of his father. If I find you harassing him I will have your badge and I will have her disbarred. Zach I will call your lawyer." Mac walked out leaving Ronnie with a satisfied smirk.

Zoe walked into the station to bail Zach out. She looked for Mac. "Thanks for calling me. I cannot believe Asher is doing this." Ronnie walked by.

"You can't believe it. You should have seen his face." Zoe turned to him.
"Asher tried to rape me and then proceeded to stalk me because I never reported it. He knew I didn't want to go up against him. He is just trying to get even because I filed a restraining order tarnishing his reputation." Zoe stood by Zach.

"I am sorry to hear that. You can still press charges." Mia and Zach walked out. They seemed a bit too close for Zoe's taste.

"Besides I am sure you along with Maya and Ethan will be subpoenaed and asked to testify as to what happened under oath.' Zoe was so angry that she wanted to punch he officer.

"We will deal with that when it happens. My client has posted bail so we will be on our way." Mia said coldly. She looked at Zoe as she went into Zach's embrace.

"You called Zoe?" Zach asked Mac.

"You needed bail and Robin is pregnant. I didn't expect your lawyer to bail you out." Mac defended his choice. He figured Zach would want him to call Zoe.

"I am glad he called." Zoe looked at Zach.

"we should really get going." Mia urged. They did not need to have the conversation in the middle of the precinct.

Zach decided that they should go to the Metrocourt for dinner. Mia had seemed to require a lot of Zach's attention which bothered Zoe.

"Zoe in light of what happened I am going to try to keep you off the stand." Mia said flatly.

"Whatever happens I didn't see anything." Zoe said which was technically the truth. Zach had Maya take her outside.

"I am sure you didn't but it could get ugly on the stand." Zoe sighed.

"I moved my things in." She said to Zach. She hated sounding jealous but she didn't like Mia.

"everything?" He smiled.

"Mostly." He cringed.

"Don't worry I upheld the order in your flat." She smirked.

"Our flat and I am not that bad." He laughed nervously.

"Oh please Zachary you were the worst." Mia added.

"You two lived together?" Zoe asked.

"No but we met at Harvard. Zach would come over to my place. I would find him organizing things to feel more comfortable." Zoe looked at Zach. He knew what she was thinking.

"Mia is good so I had Mac call her. I want to get out of this." He explained.

"There is always Diane or Alexis. They are both very good. If she was at Harvard when you met she cannot have been practicing that long." Zoe said not caring how it sounded.

"I was in my last year and Zach was a sophomore. I have been practicing for a few years now. I am good. I am also older than Zach. I was his buddy. I taught him a few things." Zoe stared at her not believing what she was hearing.

"Look Mi, is this going to be cool? Because I cannot have you throwing innuendo at my girl." Zach told her flat out.

"Your girl is staking her claim and it is making me uncomfortable." Zoe laughed.

"Damn right because you have been giving him looks all evening and what is with the touchy feely crap?" Zach took her hand.

"Why don't we call it a night? We can talk tomorrow Mia." He stood still holding Zoe's hand.
"Alright Zachary." She stood. "Nice to meet you Zoe." Mia smiled.

"I am sure it has been." She walked away with Zach close behind. On the elevator she turned to him.

Chapter 59

On the elevator Zoe was fuming at the display in the MetroCourt.

"What the hell was that?" He closed his eyes.

"I lied to her. I told her I was 20 and so that I could lose my virginity. It worked." He held her hand when she tried to let go.

"You have lawyers Zach why call your ex f buddy?" He sighed.

"She has a perfect record. My lawyers are all tied into my company and are not criminal lawyers. She is also connected so her influence can help me out." She shook her head.

"When was the last time you had sex with her?" She asked finally as they entered the lobby.

"When I was 17. She found out the truth and broke off our agreement. We stayed friends though." She rolled her eyes.

"I don't choose your friends, remember?" He challenged

"I haven't banged my friends. And she is hot wondering how much you have grown." She was a stunning woman. She was a tall sandy blonde woman with hazel eyes. Her body was amazing.

"She is not as hot as you are." He tried coaxing her once they were in her car.

"You and the blondes is that your type?" He looked out the window.

"What?" He asked getting offended.

"Tall blondes with boobs up to their chin is that your type? If so how long before you are bored with me and my black hair and not quit Cs." He looked at her.

"One of the things that I love about you is that you are not insecure." She started driving.

"I don't have a type Zoe women are my type. Oh and long legs. I have had sex with blondes, brunettes, red heads, pink hair. I don't limit myself to a certain type." He explained.

"I am sorry. I guess the boob thing was a low blow especially when I have seen you drool over Zoe Zaldana and Kate Hudson." She said and he scoffed..

"I don't drool over anyone but you." He smiled as he said it. "You are the one who watches Gray's reruns for the grey-eyed dude." He countered.

"Jesse Williams is hot." She teased.

"eh if that is what you like but I am the one that really lights your fire." He winked.
"You get on my nerves." She smiled her anger subsiding.

"You love it. Seriously babe, I would never cheat on you and if it makes you too uncomfortable I can hire someone else." He took her hand.

"She is undefeated so I guess I will have to suck it up. If she gets any ideas or makes any moves will you tell me so I can check her?" He squeezed her hand.

"I will check her then tell you why, okay?" He looked at her.

"I am sorry for being over the top. You have all this experience and I wonder if I am.."

"Stop, you are the best Zoe. I am not just wanking. I think our chemistry is off the charts and we are just on sexually but enhanced by the fact that we love each other is gravy." He told her seriously.

"I get it though because there have been times where I have wondered if you would want to experience what it is like with someone else. I mean because I know we haven't been together a year but I know that I am going to love you always." She looked at him.

"I don't need to experience what it is like with someone else because I don't see how it could get any better." He smiled.

Zoe pulled up at the condo. "I just remembered that I left something at Maya's. I will be back soon." She kissed him.

"I'll go with you." He said watching her squirm.

"Babe I don't need you to go." He looked at her his eyes clouding with anger.

"I don't want you going anywhere near him certainly not for me. What are you going to do huh? Threaten him? What if he.." He sighed.

"Then I will be prepared. This isn't fair."

"Life is not fair Zoe. Considering my choices I would rather deal with this. Now promise me that you will never go near him for any reason." She looked at him, she would do anything for him even if it meant going to Asher to get him to back off.

"Promise me." He demanded.

"Zach I think if I.."

"No now promise me!" He urged.

"Zach you don't get to order me around." She barked. He pinched the bridge of his nose.

"I get to protect you. Besides you will have guards and it will not look good for my case." He had a point. "Promise me Zoe." He said again.

"Okay I promise." He sighed. His phone rang. It was Mia.

"I got a new DA. You can worship me later but uh they aren't taking the case because I told them what I overheard Zoe say." Zach sighed in relief.

"You move fast How did you?" He asked.

"I went to his office, he is like me with the late hours. I am pretty persuasive when I need to be. The Commissioner met me there with your file and Asher's file. Easy peasy." She smiled into the phone.

"So I am going to stay at the Metro for tonight. I am in room 302 if you want me to rock your universe." She cooed. He laughed.

"I am sorry pudding but it is about to happen real soon. Thank you though. I will send a messenger over with a check." She sighed in disappointment.

"Wow, I cannot believe that you are settling down so young." She tried to keep him on the line.
"I am in love Mi what else can I say. Later." He hung up.

"What is about to happen?" Zoe looked at him.

"Do you trust me?" She nodded yes. "Then prove it by dropping it." He got out of the car and went to open her door.

"Then prove that I am right to do so by telling me what she said." She got out.

"What she said isn't important." She walked away he pulled her back.

"Here is the thing. It is not necessary for you to tell me whenever a guy hits on you or me to tell when a woman does. What is the point in that? I believe it creates unnecessary problems. I will tell you though and the reason that I don't want to is because I didn't think it was necessary. She told me her room number so she could rock my universe.." He didn't want to add to her insecurity so he told a small white lie.

"Soon was you rocking it.." She walked away he followed.

"You didn't want to tell me because you want to stay her friend and wanted me to not have confirmation that she wanted you so that I would be okay with it." She said in a huff.

"Know what screw it because it seems like I am talking to a brick wall. Believe what you want." He spat. Inside he couldn't take the silence so he broke it.

"I didn't want you to feel insecure so that is why I didn't want to tell you. I don't hang out with her or talk to her on a regular basis." He said wanting to add like you do with Michael.

"Come here." She looked at him. "Come here Zoe." He reached for her she went into his arms.

"What is wrong with you woman? You know how much I love you why are we fighting about this?" He kissed her. Maybe she was being silly but she didn't like a woman blatantly after her man. He deepened the kiss. Maybe she was being, she had forgotten what she had been thinking about as he moved to her neck then her ear.

"What are you doing?" She asked shakily.

"Rocking our universe babe." He kissed her.