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Goku and Vegeta stared into each other's eyes. Both boys were gazing, waiting for the other to make the first move. This has been going on for a while now, and neither one could look away. Then, Goku couldn't take it. It was painful. He couldn't just sit there and wait anymore. If Key wasn't going to do it, then Jonghyun had no choice. He held out a little longer, and then… he blinked. "Ha! The Almighty Prince Vegeta wins again," Vegeta said, rubbing his eyes from the tears forming. "Best two out of three?" Goku asked, blinking away water. "Hell no, we've played this six times already, I'm surprised you still had tears left in your eyes," he said, getting up and heading to the kitchen. Goku sat on a couch and pouted, hugging a pillow and watching the remaining five minutes of a werewolf movie. The front door opened and closed, followed by two pairs of footsteps. Chichi entered the room and collapsed on the couch, almost falling on Goku's lap. "Long day huh?" he asked."Shpt uop gopkqu," ChiChi's words were muffled by the pillows of the couch. ChiChi raised her head slightly, just enough to barely show her mouth, "IM SO SOOOOOOOOOOORE!" Chi Chi got up and went into the kitchen and screamed at the Vegeta stealing food then telling him she would cook. Gohan, Krillen, Piccolo, and Yamcha entered the room seconds later. Gohan threw his bag by the table and sat down on the couch, followed by Yamcha who sat down too technically on the 12 year old Gohan. Gohan didnt want to move. He was sore from training, homework. He let out a groan before burying his face in the couch cushion. "Have you seen Gohan?" Yamcha asked chuckling, "I could have sworn he walked inside before me." Krillen chuckled. "Yeah, I was just talking to him a while ago, I think he's in his room," Vegeta replied laughing. Gohan responded to this by another loud groan.

Chi chi heard this and ran into the room. "Where is Gohan?" she yelled. she saw Gohan's feet sticking out of the couch and started batting Yamcha in the head with the spatula she was holding. "Get off my son!" Yamcha stood up slowly, and then pretended to slip and sat back on top of Gohan. Chi Chi grabbed Yamcha's ear and picked him up off of Gohan. gohan rolled off the couch and laid flat on his back on the floor. Krillen dropped a pillow on his face, which Goku put under his head."Gohan! Don't fall asleep there! Besides you haven't eaten yet, get your butt to the table," Chichi said, walking with Goku back to the kitchen. Gohan held up his hand and Krillen grabbed it, dragging him. He sped up his pace before swinging gohan. He let go and watched as he slid under the table and into Yamcha's feet, almost knocking him over. The Vegeta, Krillen, Goku, and Gohan laughed, Piccolo smirked at the sight be fore leaning against the wall. ChiChi on the other hand, threw whatever she was holding at Krillen. In this case, it was a small piece of bread she was cutting. Krillen caught it and ate it.

"so what's for dinner?", gohan asked sitting down with the rest... Vegeta sat down on the other side, Goku sat next to him. Goku let his eyes wonder up and down Vegetas body, going back down and stopping at his lower body then slowly back up to his face. Vegeta watched goku out of the orner of his eye. "Soup!" ChiChi called out, Bringing Vegeta and Goku out oh there thoughts."Chicken Soup?", Yamcha asked."Yah!" she answered.


After everyone had eaten, Goku started cleaning up the plates and Vegeta went into the kitchen to get a snack. Goku grabbed the leftovers. The rest had retired to the living room, watching a rerun of 'Star King.' When Vegeta was sure the other members couldn't hear him he turned to Goku."Hey Kakarot?" Vegeta asked."Hm?", Goku glaced up from the lift overs. "What's 'with you looking at me like that?'" Vegeta glared at him."Oh you know…" Goku grinned."No I don't know." Vegeta was getting annoyed. 'Of course he has no idea, that's why he was asking him! Was he some kind of idiot?' Goku laughed, then looked back at Vegeta and laughed some more. Vegeta got mad at this. "Fine! Don't tell me!" Vegeta said, turning back to the sink. He heard Goku stop laughing and felt arms slide around his waist hugging him. Goku rested his chin on the Prince's shoulder. "Sorry Geta, that was cute." Vegeta stopped and froze up completly, so shocked "What are you doing?" Vegeta didnt dare move but he was about to until goku spoke."This is the why I was staring at you." Goku tightly gribbed Vegetas waist. "Kakarot, you know I still don't know what Why." Vegeta tryed to move alittle but goku would not let go. "Really? From what I'm doing it should be obvious." Goku whispered in Vegetas ear sending chills down his neck.

"Well, it isn't, now let go of me, it's creeping me out, I will blast you, Kakarot." Vegeta said, trying to push Goku's arms off. His arms didn't move, instead, he grabbed Vegeta's waist and spun him around until they were facing each other. Their noses were inches apart.
"Too close for comfo-" Vegeta began, before he was stopped with a kiss. His eyes widened. He grabbed a cup of water and smashed it against Gokus head. Goku stepped back, groaning.
"VEGETA! This shirt was new!" He complained, ringing it out. "Don't be complaining! What the hell was that just now?" Vegeta demanded getting into a fighting pose ready to kick Gokus butt. "What? That was why I was staring at you!" Goku whispered rubbing his head where Vegeta hit him.

Goku left the kitchen, leaving vegeta more confused than ever. Vegeta slid to his knees and touched his lips. 'What the hell was that?! And what the hell is He thinking? Damn it I still don't know.' Vegeta glared at the door and got back to his feet and then moved out the back door, heading to his home with Bulma.


Goku stopped licking his ice cream to see Vegeta standing there watching him. Goku finshed his ice cream in one bit and came over to Vegeta. Vegeta started to take a step back when Vegeta took his hand. He pulled on the arm, drawing Vegeta closer to him. Vegeta didn't notice it happening until their faces were inches apart. His eyes got bigger. Goku's lips were now centimeters away from his face. And then…. "PArky rockers in the house tonight! everybody jsut have a good time!" Vegeta's cell phone rang. Vegeta shoved Goku back and ran to the living room insdie his home leaving Goku out side of CC. He checked caller I.D., it was Bulma.

"Woman?" he answered. "Hey Key! Listen, I'm REALLY bored right now, do you think maybe we can go hang out?" Bulma asked, exaggerating on the word 'really'. "Woman why would I do that?" Vegeta groaned. He was about to turn her down but then remembered Goku was in the outside. He thought of this to be a perfect chance to get away from him, besides, he might know what what was going on. "Sure! I'll be there soon!" Vegeta said. He shut the phone closed and ran up to his room to get ready, ignoring Goku who was giving him a confused look. Vegeta soon open the window and started to fly towards Bulmas office in town.


Vegeta snapped back to reality. He wasn't going to let himself get attacked by a drunk Goku. He used his free elbow to smack Goku in the face. He felw backwards grabbing his nose. Vegeta got up and ran to the door. Goku jumped back to his feet and tackled Vegeta once again, bringing him pinned down to the ground.

"KAkarot i swear I will kill you!" Vegeta yelled but for some reason he didnt try to get away yet. Goku started kissing his neck. He sucked Vegeta's sensitive spots leaving red kiss marks. Vegeta struggled, but not really trying to get away, and Goku had used his legs to keep Vegeta's feet from coming up. Goku moved back to Vegeta's lips and kissed him once again. "HELLO!" came a greeting from the front door, "It's Yamcha! Not an intruder! I'm sorry to wake you up so late but my taxi cab got lost and I lost my apartment key! I need to stay here for the night!" Vegeta's eyes got bigger than usual. Oh god! Why him of all people?! gokudidn't pay any attention to Yamchas voice and continued kissing Key's neck. Vegeta headbutted Goku making him fall back and then Goku got right back up and pushed Vegeta against the wall Vegeta kicked Goku in the stomach and then jumped over him. Goku grabbed Vegetas leg making him fall, Goku got back onto Vegeta nad Vegeta saw Goku go SSJ. Vegeta had not yet made it to Super Sayian, so Goku had him pinned down this time by his SSJ strength.

Yamcha's head popped into the door frame. "What happen- oh my," he said, dumbfounded at the position the two sayains were in. "He's drunk and won't get off me! Get him off me!" Vegeta yelled, trying to shake his hands free. "Oh this is going on tumblr," Yamcha commented, pulling out his phone. "Are you being serious right now? You idiot scar face." Vegeta yelled. "No, hang on I'll help you." Yamcha came over and Hit Goku in the head and Vegeta rolled under from the now normal knocked out Goku. "Vegeta, are you going to be okay with drunk Goku?" yamcha asked. "…Yah, he's out cold, I'll be safe.", "That's not what I mean, are you going to be okay when he wakes up?" Yamcha looked over at Goku and them smiled back at Vegeta."I am the Prince of sayians ill be fine." Yamcha nodded, "but what brought all this up?","It's a mix of drinking and of seeing me and Bulma kiss.", Vegeta said. "No way that made him do that!" Yamcha screamed."Yeah, apparently it pissed him off, and I teased him about liking me and… that happened." Yamcha glaced at Vegeta who was watching Goku closley. "Well, him liking you is true…. Who da' thought," Yamcha trailed off, shocked. "What? You think he's really in love with me?" He shrugged, "People do crazy things when they're in love." It was silent. Yamcha's words were sinking into Vegeta. 'No, he's just drunk and horny, no way-',"I see what is happening doing Vegeta, Piccolo does it all the time. Quit denying it," Yamcha said."…..Where is that green freak right now?" Yamcha frowned at Vegeta. "At home alone with…. OH CRAP," Yamcha shot to his feet and grabbed his coat, "I'm afraid I have to leave! I'll find some way to get back in the house. Think about what I said! Don't deny it!"

Then he scared man left the room and slammed the front door shut. All was quiet again. Vegeta sighed. He looked at Goku's sleeping beat up face. He got to work on fixing it the living room not wanting Bulma to come back to a messy house and he getting screamed at and when he was done he turned out the lights. He stood in the door way for a bit looking at Goku."uh, Kakarot, do you really like me? Why...?" Vegeta asked softly. He left the room, closing the door behind him with a soft click. "Yeah, I like you," Goku said softly to the empty air.


(Vegetas point of veiw)

His mouth slowly travelled from my lips to my earlobe, he began to bite it playfully and educed a loud moan from me. I digged my fingers into his back and pressed my body on his muscular chest."You're so hot! I'd love nothing more than to do you right here and now!", he whispered in my ear, which let my whole body shiver in excitement. "Just do it then! Take me!" I grinned at him and licked my lips seductively. Good god! since when am I so naughty? Kakarot pulled back and rose surprised an eye brow, but then he smirked back. Maybe my boldness had caught him off guard, but I wanted him. Really badly.

Somehow he managed it to take off my shirt in less than a second.
Before I could even think properly he had grabbed my wrists and pinned them above my head, so that I couldn't move anymore.I realized that I was now completely at his mercy and I gulped nervously as he looked at me like a hungry predator would look at his prey. I needed to take control. I used my legs to get him on the bottom as I moved my body in top. Holding HIS hands above my head now. He stared at me intensely and licked his sexy full lips at that. I shifted uncomfortably and tried to imagine what was going on in his mind. "Uhm...Vegeta...what-" An unexpected sweet and gentle kiss cut him short from me.

"I want to enjoy this. Every moment with you should be perfect." His warm breath gently caressed the skin on my neck. "You're so beautiful!" His lips slowly travelled down my neck until they reached my collar bone and began to attack my most sensitive spots. I started to moan loud and uncontrollably as he began to bite the skin there while his hands slid up and down my thighs.

"AH!" i jolted up and looked around the room. i was laying in bed with my GIRLFRIEND, bulma. "Whats wrong Vegeta?" She asked half asleep. i looked at her and thought to myself 'There is no way. Why would I think about that. That was so.. i am a straight man' Bulma stopped my thoughts by laying her head on my shoulder. I bent down and kissed her lips lightly, but then deepen it. "Just a bad dream, woman. Sleep" I told her letting her lay her head on my chest. Once she was asleep my thoughts slowly started to head to the dream I had jsut a minutes ago. 'could it be true... could i.. care for Kakarot. I am in love with this woman. But it might jsut be possible.. i' I fell into sleep in the middle of my thoughts. The last thing I thought was 'I need you kakarot." And some how i knew that Kakarot felt the same way.

(End of Vegetas POV)

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