Lost City in the Sands

Chapter 1 – The mission and the reading

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At the guild of Fairy Tail x792 things were as lively, cheerful and scary as usual. Nab was still standing in front of the request board, Natsu and Gray were in one of their renowned brawls, Canna was at the bar a big barrel of wine in hand, only there was something different about her. See she did have the barrel of wine but she wasn't drinking it, instead she was just sitting there staring into space; forgetting the barrel even existed!

At Fairy Hills, morning, in Canna's bedroom

"Huh, what's this?" Canna asks while doing her daily card readings

'Hmmm so the cards say something bad will happen to Fairy Tails strongest team' she asks herself.

She then picks up some new cards thinking 'what bad thing, will happen, cards?'

She flipped them over one by one;

"This card is a desert?" Canna says 'huh but that's not what I asked' the card mage thought, then she proceeded to read the next card

"This card is 11" she says 'but that's still not what I asked for' she thought, as she flipped over the next

"Ah, Lucy's card shows sadness," she reads aloud 'now were getting somewhere'

"Erza's card shows loss of hope" She spoke in a worried tone

"Gray's card shows anger, anger directed towards himself" she whispers

"Happy's card shows worry"

"Natsu's card shows…..

She found that her eyesight had drifted towards her worries but before she could finish remembering the last thing she read, a loud voice echoed in her ears…

"Natsu, Happy, Carla, Wendy, Gray, Juvia, Erza, Lucy, Levy, Gajeel and Pantherlily report to my office at once" Master yells from the top floor.

'And it begins; maybe I should warn them before they leave' Canna thought

"What's up Master?" Gray asked

"Um, yeah what's going on?" Wendy questions

"Well I've decided to send the 11 of you to Yūhi on a very difficult S-class mission" Master said

"Huh where's Yūhi and what's the mission" Gajeel asked quite bored

"Well, I'm not sure if I should tell all of you" Master said

"What, why not- Gray started yelling

"Because it is dangerous to speak of Yūhi, especially to those who, no not its origins" Natsu answered cutting Gray short

"What the hell do you mean Flame Head?" Gray asked

Sigh "Like I said, it is not a place to talk about, ok?" Natsu replied

"Oh, so you're familiar with Yūhi, are you Natsu?" Master asked

"I am sad to say, that I know more than you think, about such a place" Natsu answered

"Such as?" Master was interested

"Well, there's the 7 guardians, the ritual, oh and the fact that I am one of the few aloud within the walls" Natsu listed

"What, Natsu how do you know that much about Yūhi?" Master questioned

"That's a long story" Natsu whispered

"Then tell us" Gajeel stated

"I can't, its forbidden" Natsu said

"Yeah right" Gray whispered

"Fine, all I can say is that I lived there, at one stage in my life" Natsu yelled.

"What?" Erza, Gray and Lucy yelled at the same time.

Natsu avoided eye contact with them as sad smile played on his lips. Master caught his actions and said...

"Very well then Natsu, you're the only one who can know of the mission details. Oh and you will be the guide for this mission" Master announced

"What, why are you trusting The Flame Head with such an important job, he's bound to muck it up" Gray whined

"Yeah, I'm with the Ice freak, you shouldn't trust Pinky with that kind of information" Gajeel stated

"Gray, Gajeel you do know having knowledge others don't, isn't always a blessing. Right?" Natsu said in a dark tone.

"Y-yeah ok, whatever Flame Head" Gray said rather scared of how Natsu was acting.

Then Erza ordered "everyone out" and you should be able to guess what happened next…

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