Lost City in the Sands

Chapter 1 – The Mission and The Reading

So I finally decided to continue this story. I am so, so, so sorry to all of those I have let down, but I did say I would be back. Anyway I am rewriting this story, mainly because I feel ashamed of what it used to be. Just like before this story is one I'm writing for The Lollipop Assassin... Who used to help me when I got stuck, so I would like to give a shout out to her:

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It all started at the guild with Nab in from of the request board, Natsu and Gray in one of their renowned brawls and Cana sitting at the bar with a big barrel of wine in lap. But unlike all the usual mornings there was something amiss within our dear Fairy Tail… You see our lovely Cana was not acting as she usually did. She stared off into space, the wine sat, filled to the brim with wine. With not a single drop touched it was as if she forgot the barrel even existed. Perhaps we would better understand the situation if we went slightly back in time. Let's go back to this morning:

At Fairy Hills, in Cana's bedroom

"Huh, what's this?" Cana asks while doing her daily card readings.

She had just flipped the top card of her deck and already gotten a strong premonition that something was wrong.

As she flipped a few more cards it became clear that they were warning her for her friends safety. Slightly worried she grabbed out 2 new decks (her special Fairy Tail deck and her destruction deck). Before touching those decks, she drew out 2 cards. The first was a card was the two of spades which suggested towards the hardworking, sociable and quick thinkers of the guild. While the second was the Jack of hearts (or eleven), he is of good charisma and charity also known as the sacrifice. These cards suggested the amounts she would draw for each deck. First she drew from the destruction deck to see the danger and element of danger. Drawing two cards like the spades told her, she got a card with a picture of sand and the number 10 and another card with the character of poison with the number 10. 'Oh just great, it had to be a double ten.' Ten was the worst number you can get within the deck.

Moving on she grabbed her Fairy Tail deck (which depicts the images of her fellow guild members) she drew eleven cards, began flipping them over and read aloud one by one.

"Lucy's card shows sadness"

"Erza's card shows loss of hope"

"Gray's card shows anger directed towards himself"

"Happy's card shows worry"

"Natsu's card shows…"

As she sat in the guild hall without her notice she found that her eyesight had drifted towards her worries. Then like thunder a voice called allowed the words, no the names, she had been dreading to hear all day.

"Natsu, Happy, Carla, Wendy, Gray, Juvia, Erza, Lucy, Levy, Gajeel and Pantherlily report to my office at once," Master yells from the top floor.

And just like that her premonition was set into motion. Her brain span and unconsciously she found herself standing. 'And so this dreadful future begins; I should warn them before they leave,' Cana thought sorrowfully.

Gray was the first to question, "What's up Master?"

"Um, yeah what's going on?" Wendy asked timidly following his example.

"I have decided to send the 11 of you to Yūhi on a very difficult S-class mission," the Master spoke simply.

This simple reply quite bugged Gajeel so in a bored tone he urged, "Oh, so where's Yūhi and what's the mission gonna be about?"

Macarov turned to face Gajeel, his stare hard and cold as he pondered a reply, "Hmmm, I'm not sure if I should tell all of you."

Gray pushed himself off the wall he lean against strolled across the room and stood next to Gajeel in order to get Macarov's attention. "And why not-" Gray stated with a loud voice.

"Because it is dangerous to speak of Yūhi, especially to those who know not its origins," Natsu answered cutting Gray short.

"What the hell do you mean Flame Head?" Gray asked

With a slight exhale Natsu calmly looked at Gray and replied, "Like I said, it is not a place to talk about, ok?"

"Oh, so you're familiar with Yūhi, are you Natsu?" Master asked.

"I am sad to say, that I know more than you think, about such a place," Natsu vaguely responded.

Macarov's eyes flashed with interest as he inquired, "such as?"

Natsu looked hard into the Masters eyes and turned his head away and in a quite almost muted whisper he stated "I am one of the few aloud within the walls."

The Master's eyes flashed with questions, but he made no move to ask them. Gray on the other hand looked angry and yelled at Natsu to explain. In which Natsu quietly and calmly replied that it was a long story. Unfortunately it was not dropped there as Gajeel decided to butt in, demanding, Natsu to trust and tell them.

"I can't, its forbidden," Natsu suddenly screamed bordering on hysteric's.

With startled eyes the two boys looked at Natsu, and bowed their heads slightly in apology. After a few minutes of awkward silence, Natsu calmed down.

"I used to live there, at one stage in my life it was my home," Natsu mentioned as a means of accepting the apology of his friends.

"What?" Erza, Gray and Lucy yelled at the same time. They each turned to one another then glanced back at Natsu worriedly. Levy and Wendy also looked at Natsu with worried and curious eyes. While Gajeel just turned away.

Natsu avoided eye contact with them as sad smile played on his lips. Master caught his actions and announced.

"Very well then Natsu, you are the only one who I will inform of the mission details and as such you will be in charge for this mission. You will also act as the guide."

Snapping out of his worry, Gray whined, "What? No way, why are you trusting The Flame Head with such an important job, he's bound to muck it up."

"Yeah, I'm with the Ice freak, you shouldn't trust Pinky with that kind of information." Gajeel added.

Annoyed at their complaints, Natsu glared at them and in a dark tone he scolded, "Gray, Gajeel you do know having knowledge others don't, isn't always a blessing. Right?"

"Y-yeah ok, whatever Flame Head" Gray stuttered, rather scared of how Natsu was acting… Jumping around from one mood to the next.

Then like the ever valiant commander Erza ordered "everyone out" and you should be able to guess what happened next…

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