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When you're younger you picture you having the picture perfect life. We all do it you know with the happy family and the perfect job etc. but as you get older life just have to come and punch you the face that's what happened to me, Spencer Hastings.

What happened is well first off I have a pretty messed up home life. My parents are both lawyers and have nothing but the best planned and expected from me and my sister Melissa. You think that would bond me and my sister, you know a way to get away from the pressures to be perfect but of course with my luck it's the exact opposite. I'm pretty sure my sister hates me but honestly I could care less as long as my parents noticed me I was happy, but with a sister they saw as nothing but perfect ,which is far from the truth, its sort of hard to be noticed as anything but a disappointment.

So it was only natural that I never felt perfect but starting November 6th I felt perfect when I was around Toby Cavanaugh. It had been two years we broke up once because of some dumb bitch named "A" and the time we were apart killed me. I knew I loved him for a while, but I couldn't get the words out because honestly I was afraid that if I finally said it, it would all go away so I didn't say it for a while. But when I did it felt so right .I loved him so much so I gave him the most precious thing I had, myself. It was perfect in every way shape and form, he was so gentle and loving it couldn't have been better nothing could bring me off the pedestal I was on absolutely sure of that, but of course reality had to come and put me in my place.

It had been about a month after I gave him that gift, but weird things had been happening like I'm always throwing up and I'm always hot or I crave certain things. After about a week I knew what was going on I mean come one I am a Hastings I'm not retarded. That didn't stop me from being scared though so I called my best friend, Hanna. Hanna and I had always been closer out of my 3 best friends the others are Aria, and Emily. She came over in record time about 5 minutes in a 10 minute drive. She came over and barged into my room with three tests in hand and immediately ordered me to take them. I walked into the restroom with Hanna on my tail I had to push her out of the bathroom, and sat down and took the tests. My heart was thumping out of my chest it startled me when I heard Hanna banging on the door screaming "Hurry up Spence; it doesn't take that long to pee on three sticks!"

I almost panicked that Hanna screamed that but quickly calmed down when I remembered my parents were in Europe for the next two months. I came out of the bathroom to see Hanna sitting on my bed shifting constantly she looked at me and said "So?"

I replied quickly "I don't know I haven't looked I'm too scared. "She looked at me and gave me a toothless grin, do you want me to look I looked at her and handed her one test.

"Only one." She quickly took the test from my outstretched arm.


She looked at me and said "Little pink plus sign"

My stomach dropped and I quickly turned the other two around, two more little pink plus signs so all in all three little pink plus signs, which is ironic because well you will find out later. Anyway I quickly collapsed on the floor Hanna was by my side in 2 seconds flat she was kissing my head I kept whispering reassuring things to me. In that moment one thing was going through my mind what was I going to tell Toby?

I walked to the front door of the Cavanaugh's house I swear you could hear my heart beating from 5 miles away. I rang the door bell when I heard footsteps I almost took off but it was too late I turned and saw by life saver, everything Toby Cavanaugh.

"Hey Spence what do you need?" he was obviously confused to why I was on his front porch.

I dint say anything I was too busy trying to hold back tears which I was successfully doing.

"Spencer?" and after a few beats of silence he spoke again "Shit did we have plans?!"

I smiled at his thought I wish that was the reason I was here "No" I spoke quietly "I-I need to tell you something my voice cracking at all the emotions I was holding in.

He walked to my side and tiled my head up so I was looking at him 'Hey what's wrong?"

I grabbed his hand and sat him on the steps I collected myself and muttered these words "Toby I love you so much but I hate that I feel like I am messing up your life by telling you this nut I have to tell you I am pregnant" there was silence between us for a while

He looked over at me a simply said "I'm sorry"

I took his hand and said "Hey don't be sorry it takes two to make a baby"

He looked at me because he had turned away from me "Spencer I'm sorry because I can't be a father"

I quickly retraced my hand and asked him "what do you mean?"

"I mean what I said Spencer I'm sorry but I can't be in that child's life"

Stunned at his words I pushed myself up from the stairs numb from what he just told me I walked away I didn't look back not once.

It has been 2 weeks I heard Toby left Rosewood probably for the best no one needs or wants him here that was the biggest lie but I told myself that to be strong. Everybody knew by now I told my parents over text and so far no reply. My sister came over to talk to me about my options but of course I shot her down when she said abortion but she did offer to adopt, she wanted a baby really badly but she just lost her own baby and her husband. But with the history we had I couldn't give her my child. So it was decided I was going to be a single mom life fun isn't it? Anyway it was my first sonogram and Hanna was going with me to hold my hand during it. But we weren't expecting we had we got we had 3 tiny heartbeats.