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Xavier's back story

"Catch me if you can" I said to Bronx.

The reddish-brown wolf barked and chased me even harder, he tackled me and we fell, I laughed. When I was young, my parents left me in the forest. Silver, the leader of the pack took me in as her own. I got up, and we head back to our den. Bronx was my younger brother; He was Silver and Jamie's real son. Also he's the next pack leader, he's immature and fun-loving but he was also wise and has good judgment. He was exactly like dad. When we got in, Mom seemed to be crying, Dad comforted her.

"Mom? What happened?" I wrapped my arms around her.

Her fur is sliver, which was how she got her name. Dad nod's at her, and she looked at me. Her sky blue eyes met my own. My eyes are the only thing we had in common; we are very different but much alike.

"Xavier we feel that you should be with your own kind"

"I don't understand" I brushed my hand over my black hair, which messed it up.

"Son, we are letting you go to stay with the humans" His brown eyes were sad.

"What? I don't want to" Mom nuzzled my neck.

"Our word is final" That's what he said, but he too was holding back tears.

"There is a town near here, start there" Mom said, I let her go.

"Oh, but first you need some more… human like clothes"

She handed me some kind of outfit, and I put it on. I looked down; it's red with black trimming. She then handed me a pair of daggers, I took it. Dad handed me some human money.

"Good luck, Son" I hugged him.

"Come and visit soon, ok?" I nod and hugged my brother.

I said goodbye to everyone else, and walked away. I turned back one last time, to see the home I lived in since I was a child. Then I walked straight into the forest, without another look back. I walked through the forest for what seemed like a long time, until I saw another human.

"Hello young man, I am Sir Pent"

"Excuse me is there a town near here?"

I asked slowly, trying to say it in their language. It wasn't too hard.

"Aye, there is a town across this bridge but beware of the hydra"

"O-k, thanks"

"Welcome, lad"

I continued through the bridge without seeing any "hydra", I entered the city. It was full of my own kind. I looked around in wonder, a boy with brown hair and eyes saw me and greeted me.

"Hey, you look new here, I'm Ash" He extended his hand, and I looked at it.

"You have to shake it" He said.

I took his hand and shook it, what a weird custom.

"Need any help?" Suddenly my stomach grumbled.

"Oh, you're hungry, why don't you go in the inn for some food?"

He pointed at the door, and I went in after I thanked him. A blonde woman approached me.

"Welcome to my inn, my name is Serenity, how can I help you?"


"Do you want to rent a room or dine in?"

"Dine" I copied how she said it.

"Alrighty then, I will bring you your food, the special right?"

I nod, even though I didn't know what a special was. As long as it was food, I didn't mind. I found a table and took a sit, soon the woman from before came and put the food on my table. I took a bite slowly, it's delicious. I stuffed the food in my mouth, and burped when I was done. Suddenly, a young woman about my age came in. Her clothes which were completely white are torn, and she had the same lost look that I had before. She had a bow and a bag full of arrows strapped to her back, and a pair of daggers at her sides. She looked around and spotted me, she approached me.

"Can I sit here, all the tables are taken" I nod.

She sat down and I pushed the plate of unfinished food toward her, she took a piece with a smile.

"I'm Tech" she said while she ate.

I smiled for the first time, since I left home.

"I'm Xavier" I said, translating my name into their language naturally.

"It's nice to meet you."

"Y-you t-too"

Maybe… just maybe this wasn't as bad as I first thought.

Quest Complete