Intex and Czaph's meeting with four heroes…

"Intex! There you are!" I turned, my brother approached me.

"I thought you were in Oaklore?"

"I was but something came up… I'll tell you all about it later"

"Come on, let's go get something to eat"

"Great, I'm starving" I said goodbye to Twil.

"What else is new?" He chuckled.

We went in the Inn, and saw a young woman with blonde hair and green eyes. She greeted us.

"Welcome to my Inn"

"Could I offer you a room?"

"Or something to eat or drink?"

I looked at Czaph, his mouth dropped. I snickered, and he closed his mouth.

"Something to eat, please" I said.

"Coming right up, take a sit"

"We aren't really that busy today"

We sat down on one of the tables, it was near a window. We chatted a bit, and I told him about my adventures. I told him about how I met the priestess and saved Twilly, also about the Black Dragon Box. Then I told him about the hydra I defeated to get here, and Sir Pent. I added about the dragon that wanted to eat me, after much hesitation. He was a bit worried about that, but he got over it. Suddenly a group of people came in, we turned and looked at them. They saw us and started to whisper, a wimpy guy approached us.

"Excuse me, this is our table" He told us rudely.

"Doesn't have your name on it" I said, the rest of the group approached us.

"Why don't we just share? It's big enough" The eldest among them said.

"Good idea" Czaph said.

They sat down, and after they ordered they introduced themselves.

"I'm Seher" the kind woman said.

"Tech" the other woman said.

"Xavier" The young man said.

"I'm Des" The wimpy one said.

"I'm Czaph and this is my sister, Intex" I nodded at them.

The food arrived and she put our food on the table. Czaph drooled, she didn't notice and left.

"Way to play it cool, Bro" He glared.

"By the way, you still have some drool right there"

I pointed to where true enough, there is drool drying. He wiped it away with his sleeve. Suddenly everyone broke into laughter, Czaph joined in after awhile. We all shared stories and a few good laughs, it got dark and I yawned.

"Time for bed" Czaph stated.

We got up and said our goodbyes, but we made plans to meet again the next morning. Czaph took the room key from Serenity; He was able to play it cool this time. We went up the stairs. We got in bed not bothering to take off our armors. I looked down; my armor is gold with black trimming, while Czaph's the opposite. It wasn't planned, so we got a good laugh from that. I got in bed, and he did the same.


"Night" I fell asleep wondering what lied for us tomorrow.

Quest Complete