Primeval Series 6!

It's what we all want to happen (new world not included) and here is how I think it should go….bringing back old characters, probably my favourites experimenting on ideas from previous episodes and I s'pose we will just see how it goes!

Disclaimer: I don't own Primeval! Or other mentions of famous things though out the episode…places will be ones near me and not necessarily in London.

Episode 1:

Last part of 5.6, we see Matt drive off into the Anomaly. From here to the end in italics I don't own. It is purely as an introduction

I don't own primeval. This next fanfiction is purely for fun, and is for non-profit purposes.

Do you think we did it? Do you think we changed the future? -Connor

Yeah, I think so. -Matt

Matt what about my truck? No. Oh well I guess we'll just walk back to the ARC. - Becker

How's Lester? -Connor

He's going to be ok he is already threatening to sack the medics! -jess

Abby, can I just have a word? -Connor

Yeah? - Abby

Um I wanted to…you know the whispered thing? -Connor


Well yeah, you said that when we were back and you know when all this was over you said you were gonna, you said you would. Great you don't remember! -Connor

Connor… Temple. Will you marry me? –Abby (Aww so cute I had been waiting from the very beginning from that line but preferably from Connor)

I'll have to think about it. -Connor

Forget it! -Abby

Yes! So yes! -Connor

Oh please for goodness sake stop fussing I am perfectly capable of walking by myself! -Lester

How are how are you feeling Lester? -Becker

What an idiotic question how do you think I am feeling? -Lester

So good to see. -Abby

I take it this means we won then? ... You did it! … Guess this means we are stuck with you then?! -Lester

I guess it does. -Matt

I think we should keep the whole man from the future thing to ourselves the minister is confused enough as it is.-Lester

Well this is turning to surprisingly good then with us saving the world and… -Connor

Well then I s'pose that is the end of the anomalies? - Lester

It is possible; Philip's machine might have closed the anomalies forever. -Matt

Be really weird being normal again. -Connor

Phone rings

Ahh only two people have that phone number ones the minster, the others my wife either way I think I am in for an earful ... James Lester! … Understood. … So much for being normal Connor train just left kings cross disappeared into thin air. So does that sound familiar to every one? Anomalies? Chop chop. -Lester

Everyone grab a black box. -Jess

Let's go! -Becker

They all run off

Well don't just stand get back to work. -Lester

Emily coms are still down, going to get my phone. … Hello? … Matt walks towards mystery man -Matt

Go back, you have to go back! –Other Matt

Matt what's wrong? -Emily

Nothing I'm fine. -Matt

We are ready to go. –Emily

I know it is not really necessary to have the names of people who sad things but I thought it would just make it easier….so incorrect grammar but it more depicts the way the say it… twisting the first episode it will be more of a flash back for Jess

La la la primeval theme song music…

Jess was sitting at her desk in the Hub of the ARC. She should have been doing the latest anomaly report but instead she was currently glue to her book and could not be bothered at the moment. You know how it can get when the book is just so good that you try to put it down but you just can't because you desperately want to know what happens. Well Jess was currently suffering from that.

She was so close to finishing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and she really wanted to know what happened. Now currently she only had a few pages to go and in light of recent events she was even more eager to finish.

The latest anomaly one week ago that Minister had phoned Lester about was no ordinary Anomaly. At first a train disappearing of Kings Cross station was nothing new or even exciting for them.

'Everyone get their phones too!' Matt had called out to them just as they were leaving the ARC. 'The coms are still not working.' Quickly everyone ran off to get their stuff. Matt of course had had a small and unpleasant encounter with himself but he still had not found a way to tell anyone about it so that was still secret.

They all then met at the cars and casually drove to Kings Cross Station. There was lots of chatter and arguments even as to what they were going to do about all of the eye witnesses and also about all the people, who were now stranded on the other side of the anomaly. They could only wait. They had to assess the situation before they could make any real decisions. 'On the bright side' Connor mumbled seemingly to himself but soon had everyone's attention 'there have been no incursions yet.'

'Don't jinx us mate' Matt said, as it seemed to him that Connor had an unnatural talent of jinxing things when it came to anomalies. 'Let's just hope it stays at no incursions as I think we have had enough.' And that was all he said and what needed to be said. Everyone in the car (Matt, Connor and Emily were in one, Becker and Abby in the other much to Abby's dislike) nodded knowing that Matt was talking about the convergence.

Minutes later they pulled up, Abby and Becker already unloading the EMD's and the locking device out of the back of the ute. The anomaly was down the track a little and there were not many eye witnesses on this side of the anomaly, which was lucky for them.

They all set out to find the anomaly when they came across a rather odd train. You see this train had a whole bunch of what appeared to be teenagers younger and older. But that was not what shocked them the most. On the front of the old steam train was some writing.

Right at that very moment Jess was sitting in the hub trying to find out what was wrong with the coms. She was trying everything she could think of to fix them. Eventually she decided that she would just simply turn off the entire system, leave it for a while and then come back to it. in the meantime she was going to see if there was any chocolate in the kitchen, something the ARC just never seemed to have enough of.

10 minutes later she reappeared back at the hub, with what appeared to be a very small fragment of chocolate. She restarted the coms and got everything ready before taking an earpiece with her to lesters office.

'Lester' Jess said as she poked her head in the door 'I need you to put this in and help me test if they are working again.' She said now walking towards his desk. Placing the com on his desk she left to go out of earshot before hearing a muffled voice. It was Lester complaining to himself she thought.

'So does it work Miss Parker?' Lester said sarcastically with extra emphasis on Miss.

'Yes Lester. Thanks I will come and get It.' she said already walking to his office again to collect the com.

Once she was back at her desk she turned on all the coms and turned them all on. 'ok guys they are working again.' She said and a chorus of yes and awesome and cool came back through before Matts voice came through and it did not sound impressed.

Back at Kings cross the Field members were standing there in confusion and awe. They had just been wondering how Jess had failed to miss this massive incursion. Right in front of them was the train they had been talking about. But like they had mentioned before it was not just any train, because in big letters on the front read Hogwarts Express.

'Jess' Matt said 'we have an incursion, it's a train. How did you miss this?' Matt asked.

'Sorry I was testing the coms with Lester. What's the incursion? Do I need to send extra people?' she asked.

'Well Jess we should be fine. It's only a train. Problem is it's a fictitious one. You see it's the Hogwarts Express. For when we get back I want all the anomaly information brought up!' And with that he turned to his little problem.

For a while they all just stood there looking at it, wondering what they were going to do. It was not until they decided that the train could just drive back though that they remembered the train on the other side. They would have to guide both the trains through to the correct sides.

'You can't go through the anomaly it's against the rules.' Becker annoyingly pointed out.

'What's going to be on the other side Action Man? Voldermort?' Connor side. He knew the nickname would annoy Becker which was why he chose to use it. It took the rest of the team after Connors comments that it would be fine for some people to stand just on the other side so they could all communicate and manoeuvre the trains back through.

Minutes and many arguments later Connor and Abby were situated on the other side of the anomaly; the others close by but in the present time. They had already told their plan to the Hogwarts driver and now were just waiting for a conformation from Connor that the other driver understood.

Then Connor finally appeared and gave them the all clear before running back through yelling that he had a surprise to tell them when he got back.

So with the all clear they moved the Hogwarts train aside and though the anomaly came the missing train. Once the train was safely back in its normal time, the Hogwarts train was being guided back through by Matt.

This one took a little longer as it was harder to communicate to its driver as it was not all human but soon it was back where it should be and Abby and Connor had returned and the anomaly was closed.

'So what's this surprise then?' Emily said nearly bursting at the suspense that Connor had caused.

'Well' he began 'the other side of the Anomaly was Platform 9 ¾ the very one from the book. It was filled with wizards and parents and we even saw some other strange things! How cool?' He finished clearly excited by this novelty of an anomaly.

'Well mate its over so let's get back to the ARC.' Matt said and they all began to walk back to the cars.

Later back at the ARC they retold their story to Jess and she had decided that she was going to quickly finish off the series now.

'Jess are you reading again?' Mat said as he brought the anomaly report to her.

'I am finished now.' She said closing the book.

Right then Matt walked up. Jess had prepared herself for the past week for any questions she thought Matt might ask. 'Jess have we ever had an anomaly leading to a fictitious place before?'

'No, not to a place. There was an Egyptian god thing but turns out it was actually a real dinosaur then. It sounds confusing.' She said feeling proud that she had thought to answer that question.

'ok well I will look into this new type of anomaly then. I'll be back later to get all the data from your computer. Ok?' Matt said, walking off into the distance.

Later Emily was sitting with Matt in his lab. 'So you need to go back?' she said to Matt, confused and upset. So many things were running through her mind. She continued 'Where do you go back to?' tears were now forming in her eyes. Both of them had feelings for each other and it was not until after New Dawn that they actually got together. The thought of losing him now was too much to bear.

'At this stage Emily I don't know. But I want you to know that never leave you if I did not have too.' He said voice cracking as this matter was obviously distressing him. And with that he kissed her and grabbed her hand and pulled her into a hug.

Later they were standing in the hub with Jess and Becker. Everyone but Becker could see that Jess loved Becker and matchmaker Emily had decided to do something about it. 'So where should we go to dinner? The two of you, us and Abby and Connor of course. I think in light of recent events we deserve it.'

'I don't know but it sounds like fun.' Jess said and then she started to ramble again about all the place they could go and how exciting it would be. The others knowing what she was like zoned out. Matt turned around to see Abby and Connor walk in hand in hand. Waved them over and turned around to alert the other.

When Abby and Connor arrived she said 'Where's Lester? We have something to tell you.' She was shocked when a voice from behind alerted her of his presence and Lester came over muttering things sarcastically as usual.

'We, Abby and I that is are getting married!' Connor said.

'Congrats mate! I guess you finally popped the question hey.' Matt said clapping him on the back.

'eer actually Abby was the one who asked.' Connor said very quietly. There were sniggers all around. Luckily Emily could see where this was going interrupted and voice her plans that they should all go to dinner tonight in celebration.

It was agreed that they would then meet back at the ARC at seven and go out to dinner, hopefully for a peaceful night.

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