Episode 2:

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He was late. Becker was supposed to be at Jess' flat at six thirty to pick her up for their date. It was now six thirty two. Why was he not here yet? Pacing backwards and forwards in the entrance hall of her flat would not help she knew but she was really paranoid.

Just then the doorbell rang. That was him she thought. She calmed herself down and opened the door. 'Hello Miss Parker. How are you?' Becker said, very calm and collected and looking rather laid back. This was a new side that Jess had only really begun to see in the last few days. He continued 'You look Stunning this evening.' And with that he kissed her sweetly and tenderly

'Thanks Captain.' Jess replied, now under control and ready to go on another date with him. 'Shall we go then?' she said as they had now just been standing at the door for a number of minutes. Since Emily had arranged for them all to go out to dinner after the incident with Philip, Jess and Becker had gotten together and were now about to go for dinner and a movie for their second date. Becker then escorted his date to the car and they drove away.

(La la la Primeval Theme Music)

'Emily' Matt called down the corridor. 'Come here for a minute.' Since Matt had learnt that he was supposed to go back he liked to always have Emily by his side. She worked in the menagerie with Abby, very close to him but nothing was like having her with him. Most of the field ARC team were working late tonight still trying to recover from the convergence, desperately trying to finish the last few reports tonight.

'Yes Matt?' Emily asked as she walked into Matt's lab.

'Oh nothing in particular, I just wanted to do this because I miss you.' Matt then took Emily by surprise and kissed Emily. It was passionate and long and would have continued if the ADD had not gone off. 'There is something I want to speak to you about later so remind me ok?' he said as the turned now hand in hand to walk towards the Hub.

Unfortunately Jess and Becker were out on a date thanks to Matchmaker Emily so Connor was dealing with the ADD. When he finally got the coordinates he phoned Becker to alert him of the Anomaly.

Once inside the movie Jess and Becker sat down. Becker not being the romantic one yet did not do anything special so Jess had to grab his arm and put it around her. He looked slightly put off for a moment and also slightly embarrassed for not knowing to do that but it was too late now.

The movie began to start. They were watching one of the Jurassic Park movies that was being replayed at the cinema at the time. Becker thought it might be good fun to watch a movie about dinosaurs and see how accurate they were. Jess just wanting to be with Becker really did not mind.

The movie progressed fine until the bit with the Triceratops came along. It came from the back entrance to the theatre, just. Everybody turned around and clapped thinking it was some kind of a show in the show to make it more like Jurassic Park but Jess and Becker just looked at each other.

'Connor, where exactly is that?' Abby asked after he read out the coordinates.

'It's at the Movies. The one that Becker and Jess are at tonight.' Connor replied. A smug look on his face. It seemed that whenever the ARC tried to have a private life they never managed to have one. The anomalies just seemed to follow them wherever they were and tonight was no exception. The all raced to the armoury and then to the Utes and drove off to the Cinema, calling the young love birds on the way.

There was chatter in the car about the newest of the romances at the ARC. Everyone was laughing about how long it took them to get together, only for Connor to make a reference about how long it took Abby and himself to get together.

When they arrived they ran straight to theatre number 13. That was where Becker and Jess were and unfortunately an incursion.

Jess very quickly, with the help of Becker of course had all the people outside and the Creature locked in and were now waiting outside for the others to arrive when they heard them yelling.

Becker tuned around, gave the no hello or anything looked straight to Connor and said 'I think you will like this one. I want to know if you ever saw one of these in the Cretacious' as he was opening the doors. Standing there on the flat part of the floor near the screen stood a baby Triceratops, about a metre and a half long. It was a tiny thing compare to the approx. 7 metre adults and there were silent thanks that there was not adult…yet.

'So what do we do now?' Matt asked. He did have to admit though it was very cute.

'We still have not located the anomaly.' Jess added in then suggesting that she and Becker go find it while the others dealt with the people and the baby dinosaur.

They parted their separate ways only for a few minutes later Jess to come running in bare feet (she took her heels off this was an emergency!) calling to Matt. Once she got back she quickly explained that her and Becker had found the anomaly and then it started to fluctuate. Then a huge (about metre long) triceratops came through. It saw them and ran at them obviously distressed. It cornered Becker but Jess had managed to run.

That was all Jess had to say Matt and Connor ran to help Becker, leaving Jess with the girls to babysit.

When they got to Becker Connor just stood still. He could tell by looking at it, how stressed it was, and its frill it was female and highly probably that it was the mother of the Baby. The colours of the frill were dull brownish colours with some pattern on it.

'So that's probably the Mother then which means we need to get the baby here.' Matt said, since Connor was too amazed to say anything. 'Girls do you think you could get the baby to us?' he finally said through the coms. He could hear chatter and then they finally agreed to attempt to bring it.

It was only a short distance that they had to move the young triceratops but it took about half an hour to move it. you see apparently they are very stubborn animals and was very hard to move.

When they finally arrived with the baby triceratops, suspicions were confirmed. There was a reunion with mother and baby, mother who had decided to not be angry at Becker anymore. Now they were near the anomaly and together it left only one problem. They had to get them back.

'Any ideas?' Abby questioned. The anomaly would probably not be open for much longer so they needed to get a more on. General talk then begun amongst them discussing what they could do to get the triceratops back through.

Finally they all decided to try and just 'shoo' them back through the anomaly, how hard could it be? So with them all making shooing noises flapping their arms around like birds the mother began to move back towards the anomaly, now fluctuating. They had to get them back, and fast. They shooed louder, finally getting them back just as the anomaly closed, a very close call.

'Well, so much for our date then!' Jess groaned. 'why does this sort of thing always happen?'

'I don't know Jess but I wish it didn't. it has happened to Connor and I too so don't worry.' Abby replied in complete understanding.

So with the anomaly closed and dealt with they turned and headed for the cars. Went back to the ARC and went home after a long day.

The next day when Matt got to work late Lester came up to him and said in his usual demanding tone 'I want to speak to you again in my office. I have more to add to what we were talking about this morning.

'But I only just got her Lester.' Matt was now feeling very confused.

'this is no time for jokes Matt' Lester replied annoyance in his voice, walking off into the distance.

So if Lester had already talked to Matt then who had he actually talked too?

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